Staring Into the Sun

I was sent this book, Staring Into the Sun, by Joshua Fields, to review.
It is a book of poetry, described by the author as “a celebration of life’s greatest gift- LOVE”.

 Guys, I’m sorry, but I really disliked this book.  Like, a lot.  I felt like I was trapped in some bad coffee shop poetry jam session….all smokey, with a very angry man, trying very hard and thinking he is very cool, shouting his strange words at me….I didn’t feel the love.  I felt a little wierded out, like when you hear a little too much of someone else’s conversation?  and not in a good way?  Like that. 

To me, this seemed like a creative writing assignment gone awry. Written with one line in male, one line in female dialogue alternatively, which was interesting. Written like casual dialogue, with focus on love. A poem-conversation. For me, this didn’t work. It just seemed like random thoughts scribbled. There was no “flow”. 
After the first few poems, I didn’t want to read anymore. As I continued with the book, they got more tedious. They seemed just jumbled thoughts of everyday conversations, chopped from sentence form to fit into the author’s poetic verse. Perhaps the intent was to find amazement and grace in the little things, the daily grind and small conversations. That is laudable. I very much disliked the lack of flow and energy in the book.
It was a light, fast read. 

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400 lb Monkey

Hello, Bloggy Buddies!
This week I am trying something new. I am introducing “Daddy’s Corner”, where, once a week, my husband can talk about some “manly” things that might interest the males in your life. Or, for my male readers- a little more testosterone once in a while on the blogosphere, LOL….
Everything written in “Daddy’s Corner” was written by my Dear Husband, and the opinions are 100% his. I have not even proof read! LOL….
Anyway- I hope you guys like the addition. Let me know what you think! And here ends my writing! ~Samantha

Today I will be reviewing a beer brewed by Left hand brewing company called 400 pound monkey. It is an English India pale ale. A good friend of mine brought it over for a dinner party at my house. He said it looked like something we would like. First of all the label is very eye catching. Lots of illustrated monkeys monkeys, the first thing that pops into my heads was Victory’s golden monkey, a great beer that I enjoyed so much I actually stuck the label on my fridge so I wouldn’t forget it. So my hopes were high for this one. Before I get to tastes I have to say I am not a big fan of the overly [Read more…]

Apple Crisp

I love baking 🙂
It is one of my favorite things to do.
Concord Foods sent me this box of Apple Crisp to try out. I actually had never tried it before!

We were going to the local farmers market anyway (we go on weekends- you know how I feel about organic foods and local produce!) so we bought some great, farm-fresh apples to go into our Apple Crisp.

As you can see- Little Man is “helping” pick out produce, lol…
The Apple Crisp was SUPER EASY to make. All you needed was the Apple Crisp mix, butter, (mmmm, butter) and 6-8 fresh apples. You just mix the apples and butter together and sprinkle the Apple Crisp on top! Little Man helped- Kamikaze was at her friend’s house. That is how easy it was. And it was ready in just 25 minutes!

Here is Daddy and Little getting ready for [Read more…]

Sebastian Professional Volume Collection Review

I received the new Sebastian Professional Volume Collection to review.

I was sent the Volupt Shampoo, Conditioner, and Spray.
I tried the shampoo and conditioner right away, and I love the smell. I don’t notice a ton of difference in the volume at first, but some is better then none! 🙂
My hair is shiny and sleek, so I love that.
I continued using the shampoo and conditioner, and did see some volume added to my hair. I have fine hair, so it is great to have something that works for hair like mine. In addition, the one time I did try to style it, it was fantastic! The spray worked wonders- it did not dry my hair out at all, [Read more…]

101 Ways To Meditate- a book review

I was sent a copy of “101 Ways To Meditate” by Linda A. Lavid to review.

As many of you know, this mommy finds it very necessary to take time for “the calm”. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, deep breathing, etc. I find it makes my mind function better, it increases flexibility of the mind and the body, and in general makes me a better me. (A better “me” also makes a better wife, sister, daughter, friend, and most importantly, a better mommy! Remember to take time for “you”, mama’s! I’m going to keep saying this- to you and to me!)

As as
sasI really enjoyed this. I find meditation important to finding balance and calm in my life. Linda Lavid truly did give you step by step, vivid explanations and visual imagery to assist you in your meditative journey. This small book is well written and easy to follow. Author is knowledgeable on the subject, resourceful, and helpful. My one qualm- [Read more…]

Rattle and Roll Giveaway!

In honor of Little Man’s birthday, I wanted to give a gift to you! It seems like many of you have young children at home, so I have selected on of Little’s favorite toys to get for this giveaway.

It is a Bruin Inflatable Rattle and Roll,

He loved this. It is for ages 9 months and up. He loved, loved,loved it as a baby. He used to chase it around the house, giggling his little baby laugh. It is an inflatable tube, that has toys and rattles inside it. There is a cute little window, letting him see what makes all the noise inside. When it rolls or moves, it makes noise (rattles), making the baby curious. It encourages baby to move to and with the roller, which in turn encourages the baby to crawl. [Read more…]

Aviva Wild Water Slide Review

Thanks, Energizer Bunny Mom! We won a GREAT prize from her blog,
(Check out the sidebar for her button, or my blog list for her link!)

We won the Aviva Wild Water Slide!
And if that were not cool enough, we also got a foot pump to go with it 🙂
Thank you so much, Magic Cabin!!!!

It was after 5pm when the UPS man came by, and they started begging me to open it. I knew what it was, so no way was I opening it until after they ate! Otherwise, dinner would never happen. After dinner, they kept going to the box (they knew what was in it, too, haha) until I finally opened it. Kamikaze grabbed the box and started jumping up and down and screaming.

So, Dad began to set it up while I got them into their bathing [Read more…]

Kids Book Review

I was sent “Professor Barrister’s Dinosaur Mysteries #2: The Case of the Armored Allosaurus” by Stephan Penner to review. This is the second book in a children’s series, where again Professor Barrister enlists the aid of Nate and Emily to solve a mystery related to dinosaurs. (First of series was “The Case of the Truncated Troodon”.) Does Allosaurus really have armor or not? This is the mystery, and the main characters get to travel back in time! How fun is that? I read this to Kamikaze and Little Man, 6 and 3, and they enjoyed it. Little man didn’t make it through the whole thing, but that’s OK. He left and started smashing his dinosaurs together 🙂 So [Read more…]