Ezy Roller – the award winning ride on toy #GiftGuide

11 12 2012 hurricane 193We here at Have Sippy love different toys and play things. Be them plush, interesting, or just a bit odd- all are welcome on our site. (Hey, who knows until you try it, right?) Today we present the Ezy Roller. This device is meant for just about anyone who has the ability to shimmy from side to side, suggested age 3 on through to adult. The minimum suggested height being 3’3″. The Ezy Roller is not a scooter, a bike, or a luge,but a different form of transportation completely. The Roller moves based on the principle of cambering motion, which is moving left to right in an action/reaction manner to move forward or backward, similar to a snake’s motion. I would suggest watching a video of how it works to best explain it in a visual manner.

EzyRoller PictureThe Ezy Roller was a mixed bag for Little Man. Upon first trying it he loved it, because it was new and shiny with an different look to it. Then he didn’t like it too much because it wouldn’t move forward easily, in a way expected. But after actually trying to move it left to right with his feet in the way described, he loved it. He was able to move quickly [Read more…]

Great Stocking Stuffers #Plush #GiftGuide

dec 16 065

With the New Year getting close it’s that time again to get rid of the old and welcome the new! It’s the perfect time to get rid of your kids old, broken toys and introduce to them new toys that can inspire them and aid in their growth. Kids Preferred, a toy manufacturing company, has the perfect toys that children will adore and will want to bring with them everywhere (and they are the right size, too). Check out Little Man and his Pal Buddy, sleeping the night away in Lake Placid, [Read more…]