Fall Foliage

I love fall.

Smarter Travel has a slideshow of the worlds prettiest fall foliage shots….
so lovely! Our leaves are just starting to change, so this made me feel a bit excited! I love, love, love fall.

Safe Kids

Just got this in my email…and it’s odd, because my boss was just complaining because she got in trouble at a recent car seat inspection because of how poorly the seats were installed, and how awful she felt. I was thinking, how many other moms out there don’t know how to put in a car seat properly? I don’t! I always bring them to the police station- I never feel like I do it the right way. (no self confidence, what can I say!)

9 Day Taffic Jam

When we think we are having a bad day, let’s all try to remember this….


China has a 9 DAY LONG TRAFFIC JAM going on right now. Yes, 9 day. DAY.
Read on! Have a fun Tuesday! Stay away from Beijing!!! LOL….Just kidding! If you are in Beijing, send pictures! But not from traffic 🙂

China’s nine-day traffic jam stretches 100km


China's nine-day traffic jam stretches 100km AFP/File – Vehicles on the road through the central business district in Beijing on August 4. Thousands of vehicles …
Mon Aug 23, 9:18 am ET

BEIJING (AFP) – Thousands of vehicles were bogged down Monday in a more than 100-kilometre (62-mile) traffic jam leading to Beijing that has lasted nine days and highlights China’s growing road congestion woes.
The Beijing-Tibet expressway slowed to a crawl on August 14 due to a spike in traffic by cargo-bearing heavy trucks heading to the capital, and compounded by road maintenance work that began five days later, the Global Times said.

Ancient Greek Statues- how cool is this?

How cool is this??? You have got to love science (sometimes, haha).

So, original Greek statues were brightly painted, but after thousands of years, they have faded. How many times have you wished you could see what ancient Greece, Rome, Persia (insert country and time of choice here) looked like? Well, now you can get an idea!

Cheesequake State Park

This weekend, we went to Cheesequake State Park in NJ. It is part of the NJ Coastal Heritage Trail. The kids had a blast- the weather was great, the beach was super, super clean, and the water was calm. The weird thing is, with state parks- no trash cans. You have to take all your trash out with you. It is like this in every state park I have ever been to. This one had a small area for camping- we didn’t camp this time, though. We will have to come back another time. Little Man wants to try out his Spiderman lantern! There was a nice park on the beach grounds, as well as bathrooms and shower/changing areas. It was all very clean.


To fly? Or not to fly?

Well, they don’t make it easy, do they? First, some companies charge you baggage fees for the very first bag, now this

My kids at Kings Island, Ohio

Here we are at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. This pic is of my kids (and DH) on their very first roller coaster ride! “The Great Pumpkin Coaster” is super cute, and just enough thrills to keep them happy and excited without scaring the pants off them! It was in the specially designed area of Kings Island called “Planet Snoopy'”, for kids who may not be able to enjoy all the “bigger” or faster rides and attractions. We spent a LARGE part of our day at Planet Snoopy, and the rides were fun not only for the kids, but for mom and dad as well. Most of the rides were family friendly, not just for the kids, not just for the grown-ups, but that we could all enjoy together. And really- isn’t that why we went? They also had a water park called “Boomerang Bay” which was really fun- and they almost constantly sprayed you with water, so even while waiting on line on a hot summer day, you didn’t get too hot!

First Pic from our road trip

Just getting into PA, our road trip begins!

We spent 4 days traveling though PA and Ohio.  We spent time in Lancaster County, PA, and Cincinnati and Kings Island, Ohio primarily.  I will post more pics when we finish unpacking and getting settled- it has been a whirlwind few days!
Little Man and Kamikaze had so much fun, and were generally (and surprisingly!) well behaved.  Yay!