Review of the various Mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes

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When you are climbing a mountain, it’s not about choosing the route that will get you there fast, rather, it’s about choosing the route that will give you the best mountain-climbing experience ever.

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, is one of the most renowned tourist attractions worldwide. A trip here will give you a complete view of the wildlife and nature, but only if you use the best route. The following is a review of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes:

Major routes

There are 7 established routes for climbing Kilimanjaro. The routes start off alone from way below but they later join up as you approach the peak. They are:

  • Lemosho Route
  • The Northern Circuit
  • Machame Route
  • Rongai Route
  • Marangu Route
  • Shira Route
  • Umbwe Route

Lemosho Route

The recommended days for getting to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro using this route is 8 days. It can be described as a medium traffic, tough route with exceptional scenery. It is a good route to take if you want a body wrangling experience sure to sweat it all out.

Approaching from the west, Lemosho route crosses Shira Plateau right from Shira ridge to Shira camp. Climbers will encounter low traffic before reaching the Lemosho-Machame route intersection. This route is a favorite for many people due to the low traffic, breathtaking views, and high chances of reaching the summit.

Save Money While Booking Your Next Vacation

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When traveling,it is important to realize that timing is one of the most important factors when it comes to getting a great deal. No matter if it is timing your trip around meets at work, the kid’s school vacation, or someone’s destination wedding- timing is key. While you are looking for the best deal, remember that the best prices on flights are available to many locations but only if you take the time to do some careful research. You can even find a great price on a flight clear across the country from Los Angeles to New York, across the globe, or anywhere in between. I would suggest you check multiple dates and sites when looking for the best deals- prices can vary wildly from day to day. Many sites offer comparisons in this manner. As with all shopping online, of course you have to be careful  where you actually buy your tickets and where to leave your information. In this day and age, you want to keep an watchful eye out for fraud.

Top 10 Toronto Attractions Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

Whether you are traveling to Toronto for business or pleasure, there is every reason to bring the entire family along. Flights to Toronto can be both affordable and enjoyable, so why not give the kids something to remember always by booking a flight on one of the only airlines on earth still operating with the amenities now long a thing of the past? Make this a part of the fun when you try booking on because even the stewards will be wearing retro costumes as in days gone by. This may be where the fun begins but read on to find a bit of information on those Toronto attractions your kids will absolutely love.

1. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

World-famous Lego building blocks have been the delight of children for decades. In fact, mom and dad as well as grandma, grandpa and the great-grandparents probably grew up building forts, castles, homes, trains and so much more with LEGOs. Not only is the park themed after iconic LEGOs but there is a MiniLand Toronto and 4-D Cinema for those kids to enjoy. If you think LEGOLAND is only for kids, guess again. Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia?

2. Casa Loma at Christmas

One thing about Toronto which has long been ‘secret’ is the fact that there really is a castle in the city. While you may recognize the castle from many movies and television shows you’ve seen, as it is a popular film shooting location, you may be amazed at its history and how it came to be. In the 1900s, one of Canada’s leading financiers had the castle built because of his long-time dream of living in a castle. Unfortunately, the man soon lost his fortune and the castle stood abandoned. Visitors love to tour this real-life castle, but never more so than at Christmas time when it is decked out in splendor only appreciated in places like this.

3. Ontario Science Centre

Perhaps the most common piece of praise you’ll hear from parents who have taken their children to the Ontario Science Centre is they are awed at just how much their kids enjoy learning there! In fact, they have so much fun with all the hands-on activities that they, themselves, don’t even realize that they are learning new facts and new skills! From exhibits on the Rainforest to the Science Arcade’s physics experiments, there is something for children of all ages to keep them busy – this includes mom and dad too!

4. Canada’s Wonderland

While this is a seasonal amusement park only open in summer months from May through October, this is a must-see for any families traveling to Toronto during the summer. Here is where you’ll find jaw-dropping thrilling rides like:

  • Riptide
  • Leviathan
  • Psyclone
  • Behemoth

And then, after all that excitement, it’s time to take a look at Dinosaurs Alive and then experience a fun-filled afternoon at the Splash Works Waterpark where there are 20 acres of water fun to enjoy.

5 RV Road Trips For The Ultimate Family Adventure

Deciding on where to go for your RV road trip often depends on where you live, the amount of time you have set aside for the trip, and when you plan to go. To make the trip a success, plenty of time is needed so you can enjoy yourself and create those happy family memories.


If your trip is during the fall season, you might want to travel to the southern part of the country, to avoid unpredictable weather. If you’re hitting the road during late spring or summer, you may want to head north. The weather could be more favorable during those months.


The destination options for your road trip also depends on your start location, but it doesn’t really matter where you begin in most cases. One major road trip must is to avoid big cities, large popular events, and tourist traps, that is unless you love being in crowded areas, spending more money, and enjoying crazy traffic. Probably not!


To get you moving down the road on your next family adventure, we compiled the following five RV road trips.


  1. Route 66 Road Excitement


This is one of the most iconic roadways in country that‘s dotted with amazing photo opportunities and Americana from the Midwest to the Pacific Ocean. It may not be much of a nature excursion, but there are benefits.


You will frequently eat in nostalgic diners and ice cream shops you pass along Route 66. Tap into U.S. nostalgia and have access to RV friendly campgrounds each mile of this historic road.


  1. Natchez Trace Parkway


Natchez Trace Parkway is another one of the country’s most popular destinations when it comes to National Park Service road trips, especially for those who are traveling via RV. It’s closed to commercial traffic, as well as big rigs, but RVs less than 55 feet love the scenery, winding roads, and rich historical stops of Native American burial mounds and Civil War battlefields.

Travel for Exposure, Adventure, and Memories

According to the US Travel Association, 74% of all domestic travel is done for leisure purposes, with travelers logging 1.8 billion leisure trips in 2017. Families, couples, and singles travel for different reasons. However, the same study noted the top five reasons for US domestic traveling as follows:


  1.       Visiting relatives
  2.       Shopping
  3.       Visiting friends
  4.       Fine dining
  5.       Rural sightseeing


When considering experiences; particularly for shopping, dining and sightseeing, it makes sense for travelers to take their sippy cups to as many different locations as possible. This enables travelers to enjoy new shops, taste new cuisine, and see new sights. Each travel location contains its own atmosphere with specific conditions, circumstances, and climate that enhances each of these experiences.


In most cases, travelers have relatives and friends across the nation (and globe), which offers an endless array of places to visit, experience, and collect for their memory book.


Having a timeshare contract limits exposure, adventure, and memories while keeping owners tied to a single destination, pre-determined schedule, and the same surroundings. These limits represent the opposite of what travel is designed to do.


Aboriginal people tend to focus on their connection with the land more than anything else. There are many sites that come along with a sacred meaning for each of the Aboriginal tribes. A sacred site is usually a place of some ceremonial importance or a place of feasts, settlement etc. There are certain ceremonies that a person has to get involved into if he wants to enter into such sacred sites. The reason behind this is that one is assumed to offer positive energy, good wishes and harmony to the ancestors.

The following are 8 Aboriginal historical sites in Australia which every tourist ought to visit.



  • Kakadu National Park


Kakadu is considered as the “Oldest living culture on earth”. For more than 65000 years, it has been home to Aboriginal people. Kakadu’s rock art ( Gunbim ) and the paintings that are of 20,000 years old acts as one of the important records for longest historical records of any group of people in the world is one of the major reasons Kakadu has received the “World heritage status”. The paintings also provide deep information on the Bininj / Mungguy people.



  • Tower Hill Wild Life Reserve


The Tower Hill Wild Life Reserve, off the Great ocean road is on the most popular tourist route from Melbourne to South Australia and is the home for many important Aboriginal sites. The wildlife reserve, is located at 14km from Warrnambool ( where Aboriginal people lived 32,000 years ago ), is a wonderful home for kangaroos, emus, koalas and many waterbirds.



  • Kata Tjuta


Kata Tjuta also known as Olgas is located in Central Australia is considered sacred to the Aboriginal people of Australia. Kata Tjuta is comprised of 36 domes and covers an area of about 21.68km². It is located at about 25km from Uluru and the duo forms the major landmarks within the Uluru- Kata Tjuta National Park.

4 Foodiest Destinations In Europe Everyone Should Visit

European destinations are the most preferred holiday destinations in the world. The palate is full of fusion food along with authentic dishes that not just eye-gasmic but are also mouth-watering. 

If the groom is a hardcore foodie, then Europe is the place to visit on the stag do. Be it a Stag do in London or a French-themed stag weekend; research thoroughly before you create your itinerary because with power comes responsibility, i.e. more tourists encourage more options, and not every restaurant will enhance your dining experience.


Read on to know about Europe’s foodiest destinations and get a mouthful on your next getaway:


  1. Copenhagen


Ever heard about the ‘New Nordic Cuisine’? Copenhagen is the place that brought back the trend of using seasonal produce and local ingredients to create elegant and simple dishes with traditional techniques. Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer started this evolution in the food industry; encouraging many Michelin-starred restaurants to follow their lead. This approach has made Copenhagen one of the great food cities of Europe.


One such dish is Smørrebrød, which is an open-faced Danish sandwich. It has the right combination of ingredients, such as egg and shrimp, marinated herring, beef tartar, and cod roe, beautifully placed on top of buttered rye bread. Other must-have dishes include smoked and pickled herring and Danish cheeses.


Local cuisine options:

  • Noma Restaurant by Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer
  • Spisestedet FEED
  • Restaurant Schoennemann
  • Grams Laekkerier
  • Basso Kobenhavn

2. London

A fantastic blend of modern innovation and traditional tongue can be deliciously experienced in London. The famous afternoon tea is a world-renowned must-have of London; becoming a tradition for every traveller nowadays. The quality and flavour of the food in London is incomparable; proved by the surprising month-long wait to reserve a table. This is applicable to both upscale hotels, and cheap-bites. However, London has so many great options that it can happily serve as many tourists and locals as required.

Beating Homesickness and Making Your New Digs Abroad Feel Like Home

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We’ve all been there. You’ve just arrived at your abroad abode, and suddenly it strikes. That familiar feeling of melancholy that comes with being far away from the comfort of your own home. Pair that feeling with culture shock, and you’ve created the perfect recipe for a case of full blown homesickness.


Missing home is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s only natural to feel an affinity for the places you’ve left behind. Still, there are many ways that you can make your new digs feel like your home away from home. Here are a couple tips and tricks to combat the melancholy of homesickness.


Keep It Cozy


A great way to make your new place feel familiar is to make it your own! The best way is to customize the space with your own personal touch. You can do this by purchasing accent pieces, such as throw pillows, blankets, and decorative vases. You’ll be surprised at how one simple item can make a room feel homier. Keep in mind that location matters when it comes to decorating. The tips for decorating your winter lodge will differ greatly from tips for decorating your beach condo. As such, you want to add a personal touch while making your home design mesh with your new location.


Fill Your Digs with Some Familiar Faces


If you don’t have the budget — or the luggage space — for throw pillows, then you can always bring smaller items from your house. Pack some fun photos from home that you can decorate with. This will let you look at familiar faces for when you’re feeling the blues. You can even add character to your new fridge with quirky magnets. All you need are small touches to remind yourself that this is your temporary home away from home.