Pro Travel Tips For Visiting Tourist Places Near Mumbai

Located on the Indian west coast, Mumbai has a natural deep harbor. It is surrounded by natures beautiful places which are perfect for a weekend getaway or a mini-vacation. The city is home to seven islands and aesthetic sites which were built during the pre-independence era and are major tourist attraction sites. If you are a resident of this town, wouldn’t it be more exciting if you plan a trip to a destination which you have never been to? 


There are multiple places to explore near Mumbai, such as widely famous hill stations for Trekking and Hiking. The adventure experience sounds perfect for throwing away your stress, problems, and to get a peace of mind in the allure of nature. The fresh mountain air, cold climate, long walks comes to our mind when we think about such places, but there’s a lot more you can do. 


Things to do when you are leaving for a weekend getaway, short/long trip. 


Amid the excitement for the trip, there is a tension of things like packing the essentials, and fear of forgetting something important is constantly on the mind of most travelers. We are here to reduce your stress by providing a list of everything you need from leaving for a trip to coming back. Here are the tips for you when you visit famous tourist places: 


  1. Pre-plan 


Never put afoot outside without prior planning about the trip. Chances of missing out essential things in a hurry might be high, and you want your trip to go as smoothly as possible, don’t you?

– Places you want to visit

Select the places you want to visit convenient with your time, transportation and expenses. Be it summer, winter or a monsoon season, the places Lonavala, Khandala, Panchgani, Alibaug, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, etc. can be visited throughout the year. The natural beauty, picturesque green surroundings, grassy hills are the blessings of these places and are the most popular getaways from the hustle of cities like Mumbai and Pune.

– Pack accordingly

The number of items should be packed according to the days of your visit, like clothing and footwear. The temperature drops when you go the higher altitude. Pack a decent amount of clothes like woollen, leather jackets, mufflers, sweaters, gloves, beanies, leg warmers and comfortable pair of shoes for hiking and to walk around. Don’t forget the first-aid box, medicines, and a camera to click and record the beautiful scenery, which you can cherish later. In case you are visiting it in monsoon season, carry an extra pair of shoes, umbrellas, raincoat.

– Book tickets and Hotel rooms

Unless you are travelling in your own/rented car, book tickets a few days prior when travelling through roadways by bus or railways. Find good hotels and book the rooms online in advance, this not only saves your time but makes your stay easy, relaxing and you can spend the rest of your time exploring. 

Experiencing Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park

With its vast variety of holiday destinations, Hawaii allows you to discover more unique locations in a single holiday than most other destinations worldwide. Taking the opportunity to explore the Volcanoes National Park will prove to be one of the most memorable destinations Hawaii has to offer.

General Information

Protecting some of the most unique biological, cultural, and geological landscapes in the world, the Volcanoes National Park also houses two of our planet’s most active volcanoes. Kilauea, which erupted in 2018 and Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano.

Measuring from 18,000 feet below sea level at its base to its summit at 13,677 feet above sea level, Mauna Loa stands taller than Mount Everest. With its gentle slopes covering a volume of approximately 19,000 cubic miles, Mauna Loa is also the world’s largest single mountain.

The Volcanoes National Park offers everything from Mauna Loa’s wilderness area, difficult lava trails, and freezing nights to Kilauea’s breathtaking rainforest, fresh lava deposits, and the windy Kau Desert. The shoreline is riddled with jagged cliffs and periodic lava flows.

Exploring Possibilities

There are numerous activities such as auto routes and hiking trails available in the Volcanoes National Park. The availability of these activities may be affected from time to time due to the active volcanoes. Here are some of the most popular attractions:

  • Crater Rim Drive – Hug the edge of the Kilauea Caldera and visit the stunning viewpoints where you can stare into the mouth of the volcano.
  • Chain Of Craters Road – Meander through 20 miles of volcanic deposits between the Holei Sea Arch and the Kilauea Caldera. This trail also allows you to view the alien-like scenery of the Mau Loa o Mauna Ulu lava field.
  • Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail – Embark on a 175-mile coastal journey taking you around the Big Island. This trail features sites significant to Hawai’ian culture and history, such as Pu’uhonua o Honaunau and Kaloko-Honokohau.
  • (more…)

Airbnb not helping hosts during COVID-19 emergency

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the toll the virus has taken on small business has been substantial. As a real estate agent and property owner of several vacation rentals, Janice Overbeck has experienced the effects on her business first hand. The financial crisis that Airbnb has left their 650,000 hosts in is getting attention all over the world thanks to Janice’s petition on The petition is gaining traction and quickly making the rounds on social media groups and pages for Airbnb hosts. Unfortunately, the story is the same from host to host where Airbnb is overriding the host cancellation policy and refunding travelers 100% of the reservation with no support to the host whatsoever.

The petition points out the issues and is asking Airbnb to help small businesses during this crisis. “Airbnb is pulling rank and using their “extenuating circumstances” policy under the Coronavirus and refunding guests 100% of what they paid. This is a good thing and what they should be doing! What is not good, is that regardless of the Airbnb hosts cancellation policies, the host is left without any income from this booking and many hosts on Airbnb all over the world, (an estimated 650,000 small businesses) are being left in terrible situations right now, possibly unable to make mortgage payments come April 1st.

The top luxury safari destinations in Africa

Are you looking to experience a safari packed with the raw wildness of nature and pure luxury? Well, the Big 5 and exclusive accommodation are waiting for you. Here are three ultra-luxe safari destinations in Africa. 

The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

The archipelago of Zanzibar is located in a region of Tanzania in East Africa. It consists of numerous small islands and two large islands named Unguja and Pemba Island. The latter is home to the Manta Resort that boasts a triple-level floating utopia known as the underwater room, located 250 meters off-shore.

The bedroom is on the bottom level, which lies underwater; you’re literally surrounded in an underwater world that has 360-degree views of shoals of fish. At night, the room’s spotlights attract other marine life such as octopus. It’s a must-have experience for those who want to leave the fast-paced world behind and live in the moment.

The resort also offers an amazing safari opportunity in East Africa. Be prepared to see some of the most beautiful animals on the face of the earth. 

Pondoro Game Lodge, South Africa

Pondoro Game Lodge provides the quintessential lavish safari experience. It’s located in a pristine private conservation in the Balue Nature Reserve.

These tips can help you avoid theft as you go backpacking

Most frequent travelers often assume that they are immune to getting robbed since they have a lot of experience in backpacking. Having such a mentality can make you disregard the importance of travel security. No matter how many times you take a vacation in a year, you should never let your guard down when it comes to issues to deal with security. 

Research reveals that a significant percentage of travelers deal with losing their luggage from time to time. Thieves are always on the lookout for small daypacks belonging to travelers on boats, buses, or trains. You should, however, learn how to stay safe when travelling to avoid such incidences. The following tips can help you during your next journey. 

Enhance backpack security

The choice of the backpack that you choose to travel with can determine how vulnerable you are to theft. You should, therefore, take your time to choose one that offers some level of security. For instance, choosing a backpack that has some secret compartments can help you secure some small items such as your credit cards. Though such compartments cannot prevent someone from stealing the entire bag, they can make it hard for a thief to access crucial items easily, especially if they are in a hurry. 

If you don’t get a bag that has such features, you should consider upgrading backpack security by getting padlock for it. If you like travelling alone, you can reduce the chances of being robbed by investing in a simple padlock for your bag. Getting a combination padlock can boost convenience for you since you don’t have to keep on worrying about misplacing the keys. A small padlock can help you lock some individual compartments on a large backpack. 

Alternatively, you can also boost backpack security by getting a wire mesh for your backpack. Wire locks come in handy while travelling with big bags since they can help you anchor bags to fixed objects such as a pole. The wire mesh can easily prevent an opportunistic thief from getting away with your bag. A good wire lock is a combination of a metal string and padlock. 

Check on your packing

Packing is a skill that every frequent traveler should learn. Rather than packing a lot of things without following any order, packing the most critical items deep is the secret to secure travelling. This can hinder a thief from accessing them quickly. Be careful when packing such things beneath since you don’t want any valuable item to get damaged during your journey. 

Information About Travel Documents

The following is a guest post. The opinions and writing are NOT my own. 


If you are wondering about applying for travel documents when traveling, here is some information. 

  • The electric EVisa is eligible for citizens of about 49 countries. There is no need for you to visit the embassy and do the process. 
  • As everything is taken into consideration through Saudi Online E-Visa Application Form
  • After your application is approved and accepted, you will directly get your visa on the registered address. 
  • It is compulsory for most visitors to obtain for EVisa process without fail. 

Prior to the online visa process, the only way to obtain it is through the KSA embassy local visit. The Saudi government has allowed so far, the cities to apply online so there is no need to visit the embassy. The applicant has to provide the place where they will stay in Saudi and other details. Also, along with the Visa, there will be medical insurance needed, which cost different. 

Documentation Apostille for the UK 

You can get certain documents apostille and this is needed only when you have to show your documents as valid in a different country. This occurs and is required only when you visit a location for work purposes or for traveling in order to study. The legal representatives or official bodies will need your documents. 

And in this world were preparing a fake document is easy. In such instances, officials of the other country don’t want to risk out and so need an apostille which is proof of your documents being valid.


Last year around 2 billion people travelled to different locations around the world as reported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The reason behind this travel is different based on their needs like work, study, and holidays. One of the most noteworthy issues that they bump into was finding a safe and decent spot to park their vehicle before leaving for their destination. The journey and time duration vary so the requirements for parking is also different. For some travelers, this could be a bit challenging, especially those who are on tight budget.  Since, long term airport parking is expensive one so travelers and vehicle owners are always eager to find an affordable airport parking solution. Here are some low-cost airport car parking solutions that may help you save some money and also let you enjoy your trip inn a better way. If you want to compare the car parking rates, you will find a lot of competition, but if you follow these tips, you might find your dream car parking spot without wasting your time and money. 

Find Driveway Rentals

Parking your car at airport is now made more accessible through Parkos as it is one of the best sites to compare parking anywhere especially if you are looking to find a car parking place at Brisbane Airport. First of all you must find a place according to your requirement. The first option you may check is placing your car at car parks near the airport terminals., but even though this may cost less than airport parking, they are quite expensive if you are on an average budget. Driveway rentals has made it much simpler and easier for travelers on the tight budget. Most of these types of facilities offer parking spots inside their personnel properties for low-cost. Looking at the property owners prospective, it’s another advantage for them since they earn extra money by simple renting out driveways they don’t utilize normally. So, it is a win-win situation for both parties, travelers and rentals both enjoy their share. For better experience, find driveways near airport terminals so that you may easily park your car for specific period of time, take a short walk, or even ride a cab to the airport. 

Some of Tuscany’s Popular Towns

Tuscany is one of Italy’s spectacular destinations. Among the many attractions that bring tourists to this region, are museums filled with art, churches rich with religious statues, great wine, a diverse selection of culinary experiences and an array of medieval towns and villages.

No part of Tuscany is like the others and visitors have to tour the entire region to truly appreciate its uniqueness. Ask someone who has been to Tuscany to make a list of their best experiences and they will be lost for choice – this is understandable given that the region is rich in superlatives. The following places are just a guide for those who want an idea of what Tuscany is like. They are in no way conclusive but they are definitely among the top rated in the region:


You cannot say you have visited Tuscany, without a visit to Florence. The heart of the region, Florence is an important destination for history lovers. It is a Renaissance city and its buildings feature architecture and art that resonates with ancient Roma. The Duomo is a major landmark in Florence – if you don’t have the time to see it close up and view its baptistery which baffles architects to this day, at least make sure to take a photo from afar.


One of the medieval towns in Tuscany, Siena is a hill town famous for its Piazza del Campo – a piazza in the shape of a fan with a famous bell tower (the Torre del Mangia). Have you ever been to a horse race? Well, forget that experience because the The Palio di Siena gives your idea of a horse race a whole new dimension. Held once a year, on two occasions in the summer, it is nothing like the Kentucky Derby. Riders are not only bareback but they are racing along the streets. Nothing can take one back to medieval times like this race does.

Along the streets of Siena, you will find plenty of shops and restaurants. Make sure to stop by if you are interested in treating yourself to a bite of Tuscan Cuisine. If you pick one of these rustic trattorias, choose a spot near a group of Italians – they will entertain you with their fare as you take sips of locally made wine.


The most that many people know about Pisa is its historic leaning tower. Thousands of visitors flock to the location of the leaning tower of Pisa each year. A climb to the top and an opportunity to take a touristy photo is all the satisfaction that a traveller needs to take back home.