10 Amazing Apps For Digital Nomads

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In this digital age it’s easier than ever before to work remotely while you travel – and even make a living out of doing so. There are countless benefits to working freelance and setting up temporary offices around the world while you explore it, but it can be tricky to navigate and plan your next move when you’re on-the-go.

We have rounded up the 10 best apps for digital nomads that will help with organization, planning meetings, finding places off the tourist trail, converting currencies and time zones, and even transferring money. Happy travelling!


  • Workfrom


For digital nomads who work on-the-go, Workfrom is a genius app that tells you where’s best to set up your office for the day, taking into consideration cafe opening hours, power outlets, WIFI, outdoor seating, co-working spaces, libraries and more. This is perfect for when you arrive in a new city, as you can simply enter in your location and a few keywords into the app and be answering your emails in a nice coffee shop in no time.


  • Trello


The project management app Trello is very popular in the digital nomad community because of its efficiency and ease-of-use. With Trello you can clearly map out your to-do list and categorize your tasks using labels to color-code. You can also allow other people to see your organization boards and assign work to them.


  • Hostelworld


With Hostelworld you can find, compare, review and book hostels last minute as you travel, saving you hassle and lots of internet research.


Traveling to Madrid with Kids: 3 Tips That’ll Make Your Trip Perfect

Madrid is a spectacular city that children of all ages can enjoy exploring alongside their parents. However, a perfect vacation there isn’t only a matter of choosing the best places to see. When traveling to Madrid with kids, you have to plan, prepare, and stock up on the essentials that will help keep your children safe, happy, and well-fed during your adventures.

3 Tips to Prepare for Traveling to Madrid with Kids

Consider Dietary Requirements

If your children have food allergies, are picky eaters, or have some other dietary requirements, you’ll need to plan the trip well. The delicious Spanish cuisine is one of the main reasons travelers enjoy this country so much. However, it’s not really dietary-friendly. You also aren’t likely to take kids on a tapas bar crawl.

The most important thing to do if your children have special dietary requirements is to prepare a list of foods they can/cannot eat. It must be in Spanish and preferably laminated as you’ll be showing it around quite a bit. It’ll also be wise to learn how to make specific food-related requests. You can use online translation services or traveler forums in case you don’t know anyone who can translate them for you.

You also need to research cafes and restaurants in the neighborhoods you’ll be visiting. Pick which are safe to try beforehand so you don’t waste your time on this during the trip. If dietary requirements or other health issues are a major concern, plan your entire journey around them. For example, check out which places are safe for your kids when picking a walking tour in Madrid. Pick the one that will take you to the area where those places are located. If it’s a matter of timing, choose a tour that doesn’t take too long so your children can eat before and after it. Find out about the possibility of bathroom breaks for any activities of this kind.

2018 New York Times Travel Show Reports Highest Ever Attendance

The New York Times has announced that its annual Travel Show reached a new record of 32,398 participants—the highest attendance in the Show’s history. Attendance included 10,268 travel trade and 22,130 consumer attendees during the three-day event that took place from Jan. 26-28, 2018 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. 2018’s show marked the 15th anniversary of The New York Times Travel Show, the largest travel industry show in North America. Turkish Airlines was this year’s Presenting Sponsor.

The number of participating exhibitors also hit a new record with 600 companies representing over 176 countries, an all-time high. “Each year, more and more travel professionals and enthusiasts attend The New York Times Travel Show and for good reason,” says Maggie Kiselick, vice president of advertising and managing director, The New York Times Magazine. “People rely on the Show to provide both exceptional travel offerings and helpful information to help them plan their trips to see the world. We look forward to hosting even more people at 2019’s show.”

Highlights from 2018 Show included:

Trade Day: The first day of the Travel Show on Friday, Jan. 26 was reserved exclusively for travel industry professionals and members of the media, offering 20 Focus Conferences panels that covered the latest products, services, destination information and trends from travel industry experts.

Keynote Address: Given on Friday, Jan. 26 by veteran travel journalist and editor James Shillinglaw, in conversation with: CEO of Travel Leaders Group Ninan Chacko; Jennifer Tombaugh, President, Tauck; Alejandro Zozaya, CEO of Apple Leisure Group; Andrew Stuart, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line; and Guy Young, Global Brand Engagement Officer, The Travel Corporation.


Five Inexpensive Tips to Plan your Trip to Australia


1. Plan for the off-season


Australia (and most places, come to think of it) is the most fun for the vast majority of people when it is the height of the tourist season – that is normally when the sun is at its height, and there is lots to see and to do.


There is one slight problem with this, however, and it is that Australia’s tourist season is hideously expensive. Tickets are expensive, accommodation is expensive, food is expensive…


The best plan is to go in the offseason, when things are cheaper (and quieter!). You will have more options as well, such as these stunning chalets set in the forest, rather than having to take what you can get.

2. Work in Australia


What many people are doing in order to fund their holidays in more exotic (read: expensive) locations is to work while they are there. Some people choose to move there, work full time for some time, and then spend time having a holiday afterwards, and others choose to go for part time work, which then enables them to have more free time to go and explore. There are advantages and disadvantages to each style

Trip to the Serengeti

Even before the word ‘safari’ became common parlance, Serengeti (translated means ‘endless plains’) was synonymous with the entire idea of witnessing large wild animals up close and personal. Since being brought to global attention in the early 1900s, Serengeti, situated in Tanzania and some of Kenya (where it is called ‘Maasai Mara), has always been a paradise in every sense of the word. In fact, it’s one of the oldest ecosystems on the planet, dating back to two million years and the first appearance of early man in the Olduvai Gorge. Every kind of geological feature is present here- forest, woodlands, plains, rivers and kopjes – those small hills that dot flat surfaces in Serengeti. Serengeti is home to two biosphere reserves and two World Heritage sites as well.

Serengeti is a mixture of the Maswa Game Reserve, the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Grumeti and Ikorongo Controlled Area, Loliondo and the Serengeti National Park. The region sees huge numbers of footfalls each year – more than 90000 people visit the place every year. You can use Tripindigo to book your tickets to Serengeti and for all regional flights in Tanzania and Kenya.

The most spectacular sight that so many people travel for is the annual migration. In October and November, up to 2 million animals, including 200,000 zebra and more than a million wildebeest move from the hills in the north to the plains of the south to make the best of the spells of rainfall. In January and February, the wildebeest give birth on the plains. Come April, May and June, the animals move north and westwards as the long rains cool the lands. This is a sight one should experience at least once in a lifetime.

Affordable Travel to Unfamiliar Waters with these Exclusive Coupons

Frequent travelers know that accommodations and transportation are the monster expenses that can quickly eat into the budget and ruin a trip. According to multiple studies done over the years by different research and travel experts, about 44% of the travel funds goes to transportation while around 26% is used for accommodations. The most common way to save on these expenses is to share expenses or hope for a free ride and free accommodations from generous friends or relatives. But this limits your options! Based on the average traveler, only 9% of the travel budget goes to entertainment and fun!

Enter “Bleisure.” In the last years, bleisure has become a trending option and refers to travelers who combine business with leisure mainly to save especially with the advent of exciting and value-worthy online travel coupons. There are 3 reasons for the growing popularity of bleisure:

  • Average ticket prices are lower
  • Additional nights in hotels are also lower
  • Coupons, coupons, coupons!

The best website to get valid and fresh coupons is couponcause.com where vacation deals pour in from top companies like Expedia which offers $20 off on $200 adventures using the code LXSHOP20 or Hotels.com which currently offers a $50 off for a $300+ with the code SLOPES50!

3 Ways to discover Thailand and muay thai in Sam Roi Yot

Located in the Northern part of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, central Thailand, Sam Roi Yot is among the top places and a must visit for travelers, muay thai and nature lovers. Thailand has a lot to offer tourists planning to go there on vacation. With a wide range of beautiful resorts to choose from, fishing villages, expansive sandy white beaches, street markets and a welcoming community and culture, you wouldn’t want to miss several things that you can do and have fun during your vacation.

Sam Roi Yot can be a great destination for relaxation and with a combination of muay thai, your vacation will be better and more fun. The culture and surrounding have a charm that helps you to enjoy and also learn something new. Here are ways that you can discover Thailand and muay thai in Sam Roi Yot.

Carry out some research

Whether you are visiting Sam Roi Yot on vacation, are there for muay thai training or both, it is very important to carry out your research well. There are numerous destination sites online that one can choose from but with this comes the challenge of encountering marketers that take advantage of online platforms and give dishonest information. If you are looking at training in a muay thai training camp, search for online forums and reviews that give honest opinions. This will enable you to locate the right muay thai camp and ensure that you get the best out of your vacation and training.

A cheaper way to see Barcelona – buy yourself the city pass

Many cities have city passes. Barcelona is no exception. The city pass, known as ‘Turbopass Barcelona’ includes many attractions – it really is excellent value for money; you can save €45,00 on free entry to some of the key attractions from the very start, before you start subtracting other benefits of the pass. From your top-notch holiday apartments in Barcelona you can travel the city and see the sites at a healthily reduced price.

Buying a city pass has plenty of advantages. You can see more and spend less at the major attractions and museums, veto through the queues, and get across the city from place to place for free.

Specifically, what you can get for your Barcelona city pass is free entry to La Sagrada Familia (a saving of €15,00) and the Olympic Museum. Also, you can get free entry to Casa de les Punxes (the ‘House of Spikes’, built in 1905 in Catalan nouveau art style by architect Sant Jordi), a saving of €12,50; a 35-minute harbour tour of Las Golondrinas (a saving of €7,50) including the Marina, fishing harbour and freight port. Finally, entry is also free to the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya, a guided tour on the race course in Montmeló (a further saving of €10,00).

Costing €79,90 for one adult for a two-day pass rising to up to €129,90 for a five day pass, the Turbopass is a must even for short breaks away. If you’re savvy you can book in advance at the Turbopass.com website. At Lugaris.com you can combine it with your hotel needs too.

The three, four and five-day city passes entitle you to a one-day ticket for a hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus tour with an audio guide on three different routes – a saving of up to €30,00. With 44 stops planned into the three routes by Touristic of Barcelona buses, you can find yourself entering a world of famous sights and the coastline. The audio guide is available in 16 languages in total. Buses leave every 5-25 minutes.