Things to Pack for Your African Safari

No matter where you go on vacation, experience has taught you that it’s better to make a packing list well in advance instead of the night before. With this in mind, it’s clearly more important for some trips than others; after all, you’ll need more stuff if you’re on the way to scale Mount Kilimanjaro than it is if you’re headed to a theme park.


Not everything you’ll pack should be considered a must-have; some of the things will be for creature comfort and convenience. If you can’t pretty much live without music, for example, and are traveling with a treasured group of family and friends, then your JBL speakers will help you rock out to the latest jams even when you’re several continents away from home. Now that we’ve got the accessories for a full day of jamming out of the way, there are some things you’ll definitely need if you’re headed to the land where it all started: Africa.


Packing the Proper Clothing is a Must


Although this varies from person to person, there are some important constants in the choice of apparel. You want to avoid all black clothing because of the heat and the vicious tsetse fly biting, which is attracted to dark surfaces – they can bite through even thick clothing if it is dark and attracts them. For this reason, khaki and other earth tones are recommended for clothes, shoes, socks, packs and even hats.


As you can imagine, the weather on an African Safari is hot. Quite hot, most days. However, this doesn’t mean you need shorts and tank tops – in fact, you definitely need long-sleeve apparel and pants (no skirts or shorts) to travel through the bush and grasslands. Pack the shorts and skirts if you want to relax while at the lounge – but on the actual safari, these are no-nos.

Must Have Travel Items

Choosing your travel accessories can be a challenge, even for those who travel regularly. With so many products to choose from, it’s hard to decide what’s necessary and what’s better off left at home. To keep your bags lighter and your trips more convenient, we’ve put together a list of 10 items that belong in everyone’s luggage:

1. Travel Converter

A travel converter allows the use of North American electronics overseas with charging conversion from 220V to 110V. For non-dual voltage items like your hairdryer, flat iron, laptop charger, etc., your travel converter is going to be a lifesaver. Many travel converters also feature commonly used overseas plug adaptors as well as USB ports, so no matter where you’re staying, you can still use your own products.

2. Theft Prevention Bags & Wallets

When you’re abroad, it’s wise to keep identity protection in mind. In 2012, the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that financial loss due to identity theft in the United States alone totaled a staggering $25 billion. While identity theft can occur anywhere, traveling with credit cards, passports, ID’s and other personal items can put you at a higher risk. Tourists are an easy target, and it’s best to stay vigilant to avoid theft.

Travel bags have adapted to meet these security needs. Many include tough, cut-resistant straps, tamper proof zippers, and even material that blocks credit card and passport scanners to protect your information.

3. Travel Garment Steamer

Tight packing is inevitably going to lead to wrinkles in your clothes. Solve the problem with a travel-sized garment steamer, easier to use than an iron and without the worry of burning your fingers. Compact, light, and simple to use, travel garment steamers let you look your effortless best while you’re traveling.

The Top Tours in NYC

hop on hop off

Traveling can be exhausting enough without having to do all of the planning to make sure every minute of your tour is perfectly prepared. A lot goes into creating a successful trip, and sometimes it’s best to leave the planning to the experts. Luckily, there are a lot of great tours in New York City that take the stress out of traveling and let you focus on the fun. Here are the top tours in NYC for travelers visiting the city!

Hop On / Hop Off Tours

New York City Hop-On / Hop-Off tours are the best way to see everything in a short amount of time. If you’re only visiting New York City for a limited amount of time, a sightseeing tour that allows you the flexibility to hop on and off as you please is the best way to make the most of your short time in the Big Apple. The biggest advantage of these guides are that they are led by a knowledgeable guide who provides a much-needed commentary while you explore the city free from crowds.

Food Tours

New York City is one of the top foodie destinations in the world for a reason. With a strong international culture, there are top eateries in this city representing cuisine from around the world. There really is something for everyone, and there are tours that take out the guessing when it comes to choosing the best place to eat. It doesn’t matter what kind of food you like to eat because you can choose anything from chocolate tours to Chinese food tours.

4 Tips to planning a Greek holiday on a budget

Any serious traveler dreams of seeing the Greek islands. After all, who is not enticed with the blue and white aesthetic of the beautiful Santorini, or the cliff side beaches in Zakynthos? Most people think that you would need to prepare a lot of money just to enjoy a vacation getaway in this beautiful archipelago.


But that is far from the truth. While it will be more expensive than a vacation in your country, there is a way to travel to Greek while still on a budget. Check out some tips you can follow so that you can start planning a trip to Greece soon without having to break the bank.


  1. Book as early as possible – if you’re already experienced in traveling, especially abroad, then you know that the earlier you book your flight and accommodation, the better deal you can have. Especially if you plan to go there during the summer, the more expensive it will be. So start your search as early as now. Find good deals on accommodations. Look for travel blogs that give tips on places to stay other than the famous hotels in the area. You might be able to find affordable hostels and the like. If you plan to travel around the islands using a plane, you would also need to book early as they can be sold out if you wait until the last minute to buy.
  2. (more…)

Packing Tips for Ladies Who are Planning a Luxurious Getaway

When you’ve booked premium vacation rentals in an exotic place, you will need to pack accordingly. After all, you’re not off to a safari adventure, nor are you going to Europe flitting from museum to museum. You’re also not backpacking your way to a rundown beach. You’re off to a luxury holiday and you need to make sure you bring your glam stuff with you to make the most out of your stay.  

For the ladies, here are some tips that can help you decide what to pack for your vacation:

  1. Forget the labels and prioritize the fit. Just because you’re on a premium vacation doesn’t mean all your clothes need to feature snobby labels. The point is to relax, so you need decent-looking clothes that fit you nicely.
  2. Stick to the classics for your wardrobe. Fashion trends can be a finicky issue and what’s cool where you come from may not be considered stylish where you’re going. You will also obviously want to take pictures, and you don’t want to wear something that can looks foolish in just a few years, like 1980s shoulder pads.

So what this basically means is that you may want to go mainly with sheath dresses when you want to go out of your rented villa to have a fun night in town. Dresses are great because they’re very versatile, and you can adhere to any sort of dress code using the right accessories. For more casual occasions, you will just need nicely fitting tops.


  • Black is always a safe choice. It’s no coincidence that all ladies need a little black dress in their closet. For a premium vacation, you need at least one in your travel bag too. You won’t look out of place wherever you go, and it’s a classic style that will never go out of fashion. Black seems like a much dressier option, so it’s more suitable for luxury vacations.
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Visiting Niagara on a Budget

Most people think that visiting the more popular tourist sites like Niagara is prohibitively expensive for those on a tight budget. In reality, it is still possible to do it and have a good time. You just need to follow some of my tips and tricks below.

Choose your accommodation wisely

One of the biggest expenses you will face is your accommodation. If you want to, you can treat yourself to a single night in one of the big hotels like the Niagarafalls Marriott. Offpeak, they offer surprisingly affordable rooms and regularly have special offers. So, it is always worth checking what is available. That way you will not end up spending the same amount of money to stay in a hotel further away and can still enjoy a taste of luxury. If you are planning to stay in the area for longer you can always move hotels and stay somewhere cheaper.

Take the more affordable tours

There are numerous ways to see the falls. If you want you can just enjoy them from afar. You can get panoramic views from several viewing platforms and towers. The entrance fee for all of them is not high. You can see them for free by following the hiking trail near the edge of the falls.

Going Solo: How to be a Savvy Single Parent Traveler

Single parents are pretty resourceful people. They have to be. One of the situations, when that resourcefulness is called for, is the family vacation. You have to make all the decisions and do all the work, and from time to time it is tempting not to bother. But taking a vacation is an important part of family life, so are there ways that the single parent can make life easier when the occasion arises?

Getting Help

It is always good to have more than one pair of eyes on the children…and spare hands. Traveling with grandparents can smooth things out, provided they are the chilled and helpful type, and as often as not they will be happy to pay generously for the privilege.

Very good friends without children can be a boon on the flight, but their idea of a vacation may be different from yours. Other single-parent families may be good companions, but there might be sound reasons why you want to avoid vacations with your nuclear family friends.


Many parents have clear memories of their worst flights. These are usually in the early years before kids can be stuck in front of a tablet screen and left to their own devices.


Lombok, a surfers’ paradise

If you are one of the types that want to live something away more different from the well-known and bustling resorts of Indonesia, Lombok, on the east of the island, is a virgin place o and not as touristy yet equally impressive. Tourism has penetrated less threateningly, but this has its negatives, as visitors often feel invaded in a place that is perhaps unwanted or indifferent. Something to change soon, since these travelers who have already visited Mali start for “fresh lands”. This, in addition for the island’s main reason for visiting as a weddings in Bali destination and coupled with recent luxury hotel facilities, means that soon the island will cease to be the “hidden treasure” of Indonesia.
Exploring Lombok

With a variety of beautiful beaches, a larger volcano and a larger variety of scenery make it significantly different. Lombok is divided into three countries with three capitals. Mataram, to the west, which is also its largest city and the capital of Lombok, Praya in the center and Selong in the eastern part of the island.

The culture of the west side of the island is still heavily influenced by Bali. The eastern side is the base of the native Sakas, mainly Muslims. Although the cities are separated, Ampenan, Mataram, Cakranegara and Sweta are actually becoming one, in Lombok’s “city”.Mataram, to the west, which are also its major city and the capital of Lombok, Praya in the center and Selong in the eastern part of the island.

The culture of the west side of the island is still heavily influenced by Bali. The eastern side is the home of the native Sakas, mainly Muslims. Although formally separate cities, Ampenan, Mataram, Cakranegara and Sweta are actually becoming one, in Lombok’s “city”. Mataram is the largest city, Cakranegara is the old royal city and Sweta is the transport center and largest market on the island and Ampenan on the west, sometimes the main harbor, is now a point where one can find cheap accommodation and food.

At Mataram there are several local souvenirs, markets .You can also buy handmade sarongs made with hand-made and foot-operated looms as if nothing has changed. The Mayura Royal Palace is a lovely place for relaxation. The large artificial lake with the open gazebo in the center is connected to the coast with an elevated path. Statues and fountains decorate the park that surrounds it. Pula Meru, the largest Balinese temple, is located just opposite the palace. As in any mall, Lobok’s outdoor market is filled with people, locals and tourists, discovering small hidden treasures from spices and herbs to folk art and antiques.