How to Travel with No Money: A Guide to Help Fund Your Adventure- Guest Post

The following is a guest post. The opinions are those of the author.

Thinking of traveling but don’t have adequate money to facilitate your trip? Well, don’t worry yourself too much. There are many incredible ways to travel with no money and in an affordable way.

You don’t need to be rich to travel. You just need to be creative on how to travel with no money. And the best way to do this is by learning smart ways to find and save money for travel.

Read on to discover some of the best tips to help you travel for free or save tons of money on your adventure:

1. Discover Ways to Earn Free Flights

The biggest hindrance when traveling, especially abroad, is the cost of flights and accommodation. If you can find a way to do away with both of these factors, you can travel to almost anywhere in the world.

There are many ways to earn free flights today. You can sign up for several travel credit cards, use them to collect points, and get mileage for free. Credit cards have many rewards that people fail to explore because they aren’t aware of them.

Sign up for an airline card plus a general rewards card and collect points on both of them. When traveling, combine the bonus balances from the two cards and earn yourself a free or very cheap flight to your destination.

2. Hunt for Free Accommodation

It’s easy to get free accommodation today at your destination if you’re willing to do a thorough search. Many people are trying this technique and find it to be one of the best ways to cut travel expenditure.

There are many reasons and services that locals would allow you to stay at their house for free. Various websites link travelers with such locals. Couchsurfing is a good example.

Your host may offer you a room, couch, or even an air mattress during your stay. Don’t be shy to ask for free accommodation, even on your social media site. Today, a simple statement on Twitter such as, “Hey guys, I’m traveling to this city on this date – does anyone want to host me?” can get you free accommodation and a tour guide.

3. Take Advantage of The Sharing Economy

In recent years, people have become more willing to share services that make traveling easier and cheaper. Aside from sharing accommodation, it’s now easy to find fellow travelers willing to share rides, meals, gear, train tickets, and more.


What Are The Benefits Of An Annual Travel Insurance Policy?


There are millions of people around the world who love to travel and take a trip at every chance they get. If you are one of these people you are most likely very aware of how important travel insurance is. But were you also aware of the option to buy an annual travel insurance policy? This type of policy is perfect for anyone who travels frequently and is looking to save money on travel insurance. A lot of companies will have different annual policies available, so it is certainly worth looking into if you are a frequent flyer.


You may be wondering if an annual insurance policy will be the right choice for you, as there are some benefits and some drawbacks depending on your travel frequency. A lot of this is going to depend on the numbers and figures, but there are other things to consider too. We have put together a few things to think about before you decide on your travel insurance policy.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of buying travel insurance on a yearly basis.


Who Doesn’t Like Saving Money?


This may sound pretty simple to most people, but who doesn’t like to save a few bucks here and there? Depending on how often you travel, an annual policy could end up saving you big time. If you take numerous trips per year look back at your records and add up how much you paid for insurance on each individual trip. The number you come up with may be larger than you think, as things can add up fast. With an annual policy, you know exactly what you are going to spend each year and will be covered for every trip you take. This may add up to big savings when comparing all the separate insurance purchases.

Ireland – a travel guide

So you are planning to travel to Ireland but have no idea on what to expect? Well, you need not worry as this is just a destination like any other. Having said this, it is always important to understand the traditions of a country and their way of life to avoid misunderstandings and awkward situations. The Irish people are known to be laid back, relaxed, and genuinely welcoming. However, it is important to understand the dos and don’ts in Ireland to help you socialize much better.

Meeting and greeting people

When meeting new people in Ireland, always keep it casual. You will be surprised to learn that the Irish are generally talkative and love engaging even with total strangers. In most cases, such discussions will revolve around the weather as there is so much to talk about the weather in Ireland. However, you do not want to touch on politics unless you want to engage in a long and heated discussion on the same.

Handshake or a kiss?

The Irish may use several forms of greeting, but the most preferred is a casual handshake. This is especially so for strangers. However, friends and relatives may go for a kiss on both cheeks. So unless you are already acquainted, keep it casual to the handshake and you will be good to go.

Amazing Temples in the World

There are approximately 4,000 different religions practised in the world today. I find it quite fascinating that while we’re all human, we’re so different from each other. And these numbers are only what seems like a proper religion. There are many tribes practising different traditions which act like their religion. While some places are cordoned off for outsides, there are some temples you can check out to get a sense of the people and their beliefs there. If you’re respectful, I see no harm in exploring around.

Learn about a different side of history

While most of the history is composed of wars and conflicts, along with new discoveries and such, another side of it is the religion. I think it’s interesting to learn about different traditions and beliefs as well as the reason behind it. Some religions evolve with time while some stay the same. On my trip to Bangkok in Thailand, I visited a few of their temples and pagodas. The huge Buddha statues and the utmost respect people have for him. It was fun to tour around and learn about it all. If you’re interested then book your flight from and explore around yourself.

Wat Rong Khun, Thailand

Located in Chiang Rai, it’s also known as the white temple. The colour white actually symbolizes the purity of Buddha. Looking like something out of a wintery fairy-tale, the architecture itself symbolizes a lot of things. The glittering glass used in places is a representation of the infinite wisdom of Buddha. Due to Thailand’s culture, architecture is a mix of Thai and Hindu. The overall vibe is very serene as there’s a tranquil lake upfront. There are many paintings of Buddha inside and new ones are being added. 

Tigers Nest Monastery, Bhutan

Lodged on the side of the cliffs in the upper Paro Valley, this is one of the most sacred locations in Bhutan. The second Buddha who introduced the religion in Tibet, Guru Padmasambhava, is said to have meditated here for a long time. Built back in 1692, this monastery is 3000 meters above sea level. As you can tell, people have to go on a long challenging trek just to get here. But I personally think that the whole mystical vibe and the views are worth the effort. If you want the full experience try to visit during the festival of Tsechu, which honours the second Buddha.

Mystique, Mediterranean and the luxuriously magical land of Morocco

In this fast-paced world, all of us are in a headlong rush to achieve our goals as fast as we can. For students it is achieving the highest marks, for some adults it means working longer hours for that Christmas Bonus. However, in the end, it does take a toll on you and the sheer stress of it can drive anyone crazy. That is why you might need a good long break that relaxes and revives you for the next quarterly. And what better way to relax than dive deep into the heart of comfort and pampering by opting for the best villas to rent in Morocco, ones that massage away the weariness from your bones?

Located at the Northern part of Africa and lining the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, Morocco can offer you just that and then some. Pastel hued with its turquoise waters and palm trees and ceramic arts, Morocco continues to rise in demand amongst people who want something different from the European experience. 

At the heart of its seemingly boho and eccentric cities, are resorts and villas lined up to offer you that luxurious experience that you have been craving. Many of these exude the local culture yet combine with it the world class luxury of exotic gastronomic delights by master chefs and sensually deep massages and restful evenings at the sauna. And if you wish for some privacy and a place away from the din of the city, here are our favourite luxurious villas that combine the best of all these worlds:

Villa Acqua

This stunning villa has three bedrooms with three ensuite bathrooms that can accommodate up to six guests. It is located in a secluded area within the one of the medieval cities of this country. This seclusion offers you privacy to enjoy your luxurious getaway in peace. It is an ideal vacation spot for a large group or a small destination wedding. There is an L shaped pool lined with lush olive and palm trees and you can dive in to wash away the sweltering heat of the day. Or maybe an afternoon of music and Barbeque calls more to your soul. Head to the Petanque court invites you for afternoon games or enjoy golfing the lush golfing fields. After a full day of spas and massages and wines that make your taste-buds dance, link arms with your partner and watch the sun set beyond the palm trees, as you sip on delicious cocktail concoctions that the staff brew for you.

5 Best Places To Visit in Italy

According to travel experts and tourists, Italy is one of the best and the most famous travel destinations for all the people around the globe. The historical sites, the mouth-watering cuisine, and the art, Italy is truly a tremendous place that one must visit at least once in a lifetime. Most importantly, if you are someone who loves cheese and wine then yes, Italy should be a must on your travel bucket list.


Another thing that you must know is that if you are planning to explore all of the best places in Italy and if you really want to have the best time there then you should plan at least a 2 weeks trip because Italy is a big country and there are so many places you can cover here.


Even if it’s a 2 weeks trip, it’s not possible for you to cover all of Italy in a single visit which is why today we are here with a list of some of the must see places in Italy so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.


1- Rome

Rome is probably the best place you will visit in Italy and we can bet on the fact that if you are someone who loves visiting historical and cultural places then yes, you will love Rome for sure. It’s also the center of Catholicism and on top of everything, the food here is something to die for. In a nutshell, Rome is everything that’s perfect in Italy.


Best travel gadgets in 2019 to pack in your backpack

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Travelling is one of the best things a person can do to himself or herself. It helps them to take a much-needed break in life and think about themselves, new prospects and other stuff that can help them to grow. But travelling is not always for pleasure. It is sometimes business, and sometimes it is an adventure. There are also quite a lot of other reasons too such as to seek education, moving on in life, and etc. But one thing remains common in all sorts of travelling, and that is our items in the backpack.

When we are travelling, it is our instinct that we want to pack each and everything which is important to us. But this is not wise, as we are not only bounded by a certain weight limit on our ticket but also it is easy to manage a lot of weight. Carrying a heavy backpack will not only make you less mobile and agile but also cost you more energy. You should always pack those items that are most important to you. Every other thing is secondary. For this reason, it is highly recommended to pack multipurpose travel gadgets to keep in your backpack.

Best Travel Gadgets in 2019 to pack in your backpack

We have made some extensive research and learnt about some amazing travel tech and gadgets that are not only important to keep in your backpack, but they are also effective in many ways. It doesn’t matter what is the niche of your trip, you simply need to keep these items in your backpack for a safe and comfortable journey. These items will make sure that you have a great journey and an even better experience so that you can enjoy more. So read on, improve your packing, acquire these items and make the most of everything.

Smartphone /tablet with useful applications

A smartphone is generally not kept in your backpack. But it is still the most important item you need to keep all the time with you. It has everything you need, from personal contacts to your personal data, camera, camcorder, internet browsers, and useful applications. Tablet it another form of a smart device that is recommended to keep in a backpack. Smart and useful applications include maps, emergency contacts, currency converter, compass, weather update, language translator, internet browser, travel agency’s application, and etc.

These applications come in handy, and if you have a working internet connection you can practically make your travel plans from a phone. One of our colleagues had to visit Accra for a meeting. He downloaded a travel agency’s application on his phone, which he used to book his online tickets, hotel accommodation, car rentals, and other transfers. It made his journey easier than it should have been in normal cases because such swift affairs tend to throw you in a panic mode. So be wise and download important apps in your smartphone/tablet.

Kids & MoBay Jamaica: What to See & Do

If you’ve decided your tropical vacation this year needs to be family-oriented, be sure to check out all of the options available at MoBay Jamaica. Not just a tropical paradise for couples to celebrate marriages and romantic getaways, Jamaica also offers plenty of options for the young as well as the young-at-heart. Use this handy list to check-off all that you should see and do with the family when you head to Jamaica.

All-inclusive Resorts that Cater to Families

Most people tend to think of the adult options that are provided by all-inclusive resorts, but many are filled with activities and amenities for families of all ages. Some of our favorites include the Holiday Inn Resort in Montego Bay as well as the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach location. Both resorts have on-site activities for kids, as well as spa amenities for the grownups. Hilton Rose Hall and Sunset Beach Splash Montego Bay are two other popular family resorts that offer beach access and activities for all ages.

World-Renowned Golfing

You vacation to the beaches of Jamaica and not take advantage of one of its’ incredible golf courses. If you’re a golf fan, playing on a luscious green course surrounded by the ocean and exotic plant life is like nothing you can experience at home. Montego Bay has several award-winning golf courses; whether you want to do the White Witch Golf Course at Rose Hall or the Three Palms Ocean Course, you can find the challenge and the view you want to make your vacation complete.