The Quintessential Idaho Road Trip


Idaho is an ideal place for a road trip. It’s chock full of scenery, attractions, great eateries, and fantastic places to stay. Virtually every route you take in Idaho has benefits, so to help you get started, here are some of the very best places to take in during your Idaho road trip.


Boise is a great place to be if you have a family. There are many museums in the heart of the city including a fabulous art museum. There’s also Zoo Boise and the Idaho Botanical Gardens, both of which make a good half-day’s fun. If your crew is more historically inclined, you could try the Old Idaho Penitentiary. There are self-guided tours, and some visitors have reported seeing ghosts!

No trip to Boise would be complete without taking in some of the city’s gorgeous natural wonders. There are plenty of riverside trails for a leisurely stroll or bike ride, and it truly takes you some of the best places Boise has to offer. There’s also the World Center for Birds of Prey, which is a bit off of the beaten path, but your kids will learn a lot about various birds of prey and the staff is fantastic.

Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area

Hell’s Canyon is widely known for being the deepest river gorge in North America. If your family likes adventure, this is the perfect spot to travel to. There’s so much to do here: hiking, biking, camping, fishing, winter sports. Make sure to schedule a float trip if your kids are old enough as it’s a great way to truly experience the canyon.

Traveling To India With The Kids: 6 Useful Tips

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India is a beautiful and dazzling country, brimming with culture and tradition. It makes for an interesting and educational trip. Children will love it. There’s so much to do and see. To make the most of your vacation, follow our family-friendly tips.

  1. Before You Go

Before you leave, plan your journey carefully. Find areas that are family-friendly. Read as many India travel tips as you can, and check out online reviews.

Research travel destinations and put together a rough itinerary. Leave some space to be flexible. You’ll find you encounter lots of new things when you arrive. It’s worth leaving some free time to be spontaneous.

Budget accommodation generally means tiny rooms with pull out cots. Check with the hotel before traveling. Online reviews are invaluable.

  1. Prepare For the Climate

Check out the weather before you travel and ensure that you have adequate clothing. High season is between December and March. During those months the days are warm and the nights are cool. April and June are the hottest months. The mountains are cooler at these times but can be crowded.

  1. General Precautions

Always check out the US Dept. of State Alerts and Warnings before traveling abroad.

Pickpocketing can be an issue in some regions. Take precautions and keep valuables secure. Padlock your luggage for extra security.

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Fighting Boredom is One Key to a Happy Family Vacation


Traveling with kids can be a lot of fun. If you don’t believe me take a trip to Disney World with a six-year-old. The way their face lights up at every turn will make every mile traveled worth it. But struggles along the way can make taking a vacation with kids seem like a prison sentence.

Kids’ patience can wear thin when they’re stuck in the car or on an airplane and just want to start enjoying the vacation. If they don’t have things to keep them busy boredom will set in followed by cries of “are we there yet?”

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in this scenario. Packing the right supplies for the trip can keep boredom at bay so everyone stays happy.

A Steady Power Supply

Today, most kids can be entertained for hours with electronics. It’s actually amazing how quiet a car or plane ride can be when kids are engrossed in a game on a device. But then the battery icon turns the dreaded red. Right when they’re at the best part of the movie or about to beat their top score the power finally gives out.

Packing a powerbank in your bag (or even two) can help you keep electronics charged when there’s no electric outlet in sight. Powerbanks store power and have ports so that devices can be plugged directly into them. This isn’t just a matter of having endless entertainment. Being able to charge cell phones and navigation systems on the go make them well worth the cost.

Relax With Reading Material

Even if you have an ample power supply there are times when electronics can’t be used, like during the first 20-30 minutes of a flight. Kids and teens that aren’t used to being without their devices will need another distraction. This is the perfect opportunity to get them to pick up some old-fashioned entertainment – books.

Traveling With Kids In Hot Weather

Sometimes, travel occurs in the hotter months, or in the summer. This can be hard work when you’re on your own, or with a friend or partner. But when you’ve got a kid, or kids, and are taking them along with you? It is a totally different ball game. Whether you’re traveling to steaming hot sunshine in Hawaii or a hot New York afternoon, you’ll need to be prepared.

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Here is how to make traveling kids in hot weather more bearable for everyone. Here is a clue; It’s all in the preparation.

First off, be sure to give some careful consideration to how you are traveling. Taking your own car is great, as you get to decide when you travel and how. But if that option isn’t available, bus travel is a good alternative. Buses now have good air-con, which will keep everyone cool when it is hot outside. Many have toilets on them too, which can avoid other types of discomfort. Also, be sure to book your bus tickets in advance. You can pick them up on online these days, which is really handy. Get bus tickets from Shofur, for example, and they guarantee clean, safe and pleasant travel. All of which are great words in a parent’s vocab!

Travel Light, Pack Right

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When you are taking a family vacation, you want to be ready for anything.  You also don’t want to pack everything and the kitchen sink.  What do you really need when you are headed out?


A good cell phone is key.  I know some people are die hard apple fans, but I love Samsung.  In my opinion, it is the better option and I have preferred them for years. The new Galaxy S7 is amazing, you won’t want to put it down. The photos are sharp- which is a must for not only travel but anyone with children, the apps you can download are great and varied (nearly everything comes in an android version now, and if it doesn’t there is something similar), and most of the new versions are water resistant, which makes them that much more durable.  They tend to last longer then other brands I’ve had as well, without getting “glitchy” or throwing as many errors or slowing down as much as they get older.  (Yes, I keep my phones for the long run, then I let my son play with them on wifi only when I upgrade.) Sprint, the network that I’m using, also pairs really well with the new Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge  and has some really awesome offers at the moment for both new and existing customers, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade.  Summer travel is only a few weeks away, check out all that you can get with these new phones and services. No one likes to be in a dead zone, or “out of range”.   Options and prices vary, visit your Sprint store for details.


While your phone will likely be your main source of photo taking, lets be real- you need a camera for all the “big stuff”.  You don’t want to take your phone into a lake, the ocean, the pool, or ziplining- at least I don’t.  The photos might be awesome, but I don’t want to lose the phone (or ruin it) in the process of getting those “must have” shots.  The new GoPro HERO4 Session is the smallest, lightest camera that has come from the GoPro family yet, and the price point is doable at $200.  It has an app that lets it connect to your phone (for free) and you can see your photos and videos right away if you would like.  Smart remote sold separately. You can hold it, mount it, wear it- really, anything you’d like.  It’s waterproof, so you can take it jet skiing, snow tubing, kayaking- whatever suits you.  It’s really a camera that is ready for any adventure, and provides high resolution, sharp, professional-looking video.  Charge it up, and it’s ready to go capture some memories.   Pick yours up at .

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Unique Summer Getaways in Idaho and Utah


If you’re looking to visit Utah or Idaho, there’s no shortage of options for a fun, outdoorsy trip. Here are four great options to consider:

Wind Caves Hike in Logan, Utah

This 3.5 mile trail is used for hiking and is open from March through November. The trail is described as moderate, so this might be just the right trail to attempt with children who enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind walking.


With children in tow, the hike should still only take about around three hours.

The path is well marked.

There are wildflowers along the trail, and the views of the canyon make for a beautiful hike.


There are steep areas, and some parts of the trail are narrow, which can be hard for smaller children.

Hardware Ranch in Utah

If you take a little drive to the east of Logan on highway 101, you’ll find Hardware Ranch. In the summertime families can see an amazing variety of wildlife while roaming around the ranch, and winter is the perfect time to see elk up close and personal.


The people at Hardware Ranch dedicate their time to helping others learn about animals and wildlife. This destination has the benefit of being fun and educational, hopefully sparking a child’s interest in animal research and nature.

Around the same area as Hardware Ranch are places to fish, camp, and hunt.


Winter storms may wreak havoc on the roads, so it’s necessary to check conditions before attempting the drive to the ranch.