Great Tips for Traveling While Studying

Many of us dream of seeing the world. In truth, there is no better time to do it than while you are at college. You’re young enough to enjoy it, experience everything, and have no responsibilities at home, but old enough to appreciate all the world has to offer and be safe while you travel. Unfortunately, however, many students are put off traveling due to the rising costs of both travel and tuition, as well as the worries that they won’t be able to commit to their studies while they travel. This doesn’t have to be the case; if you want to travel while you are at school, you can. Here are some great tips to help you.

Study Online

There are some great options when it comes to online study. With so many courses now available, there is bound to be something that suits you. Degrees available include addiction studies online from the University of South Dakota. Courses such as this in growing industries could offer you a fantastic future career, but studying online gives you the opportunity to study flexibly, and on the move, while you travel.

Travel Out of Season

Avoiding the main holiday seasons is the easiest way to save money. You might be surprised to learn just how much you could save by moving your vacation dates by just a week or two. Traveling out of season also allows you a more relaxing time, and a better chance to experience local life.

Avoid Tourist Spots

Another way to save money on your travels is to avoid tourist hotspots. Traveling to quieter destinations will save you money, allow you to relax, and give you a more authentic view of local life. Eating away from touristy restaurants and instead opting for local, family run eateries is another excellent way to save money.

Plan Ahead

Think about when you should travel. If you’ve got big exams or assignments coming up, either avoid travel completely, or head out for a relaxing week away. Save the exciting adventure breaks for after exams. Use it as a way to celebrate and unwind after all your hard work.


Technology can be exceptionally helpful when it comes to traveling while you study. Especially if you are intending to travel for long periods of time and study while you are away. A lightweight laptop means you can study from anywhere, without losing any ease of use or connectivity. An eReader is also incredibly useful, as it allows you to take all your course books away with you, without worrying about the weight or baggage.

There are also some great smartphone apps, which can help you to study and aid your travels. These include maps, translators, budgeting tools and itinerary creators.

Traveling while you study isn’t just possible; it can also be incredibly rewarding. Travel can help you relax and blow off steam, both of which can improve your focus, making you more likely to succeed at school. You may even gain experiences on your travels, which will help you secure a great job upon graduation.

Follow – new app for travel and roadtrips

Have you ever been tasked with going someplace new, or had to follow behind another car to go someplace? (Meaning you had to follow another person driving?)  This can be a stressful situation for both parties.  Red lights, other drivers, pedestrians, re-fueling.  All this can lead to losing the other person getting lost, and in general can be cumbersome and down right unnerving.  Luckily, there is a new app called Follow, where it is easy to set up each person as the leader or follower and have others follow or lead you to your destination.

With both map based GPS locations and an audible notice when the trip changes, it is easy to follow or lead your trips.  This is great for short trips and long road trips as well.  Instead of being right on the leader car’s bumper, it is now possible to follow a safe distance away (even if other cars get in between you as you drive) while still getting to your final destination on time.  The app is breeze to use and after registering, makes for some fun trips with friends.  This is perfect for a group of friends in high school just learning how to drive in an area, a real estate agent trying to bring clients to more then one house, some friends going on a trip, or even out of town relatives who you are trying to show around a bit.  No matter what the reason, this app is very helpful.  Best part is it is is free to download.  If you want to have more then one follower, there is a 0.99 upgrade fee.  Follow allows you the ability to assign yourself or another as a leader and invite users to be followers.  It also gives you instant alerts when leader changes course.  It offers  hands-free navigation with verbal directions, and even easily turn off follow tracking for user safety.

Follow is available now on the Play store and the iOS store as well.

Five Family Friendly Destinations for 2017

It always takes a little extra thought to plan a holiday when you have kids. Long gone are the days when you could jet off at nary a day’s notice. As parents, we need to make sure any destination is child-friendly and suitable for the whole family. But taking some extra time doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the best destinations that the world has to offer. In fact, why not make a point this year to take the family on an adventure somewhere new? To help offer some inspiration here are five super places you should consider for a holiday in 2017.

Cape Verde

If you’ve ever fanciest taking the family to see the natural beauty of the Canary Islands, but were put off by the high-rise hotels and throngs of tourists, then Cape Verde is for you. With all the beauty and more of the nearby Spanish archipelago, Cape Verde makes a fantastic alternative to Tenerife and Lanzarote. The laid-back African island nation offers some of the finest unspoilt beauty you’ll find anywhere. Across its ten islands you’ll discover stunning beaches like Mindelo beach on São Vicente, ordramatic mountains like as Pico do Fogo on Fogo island. The island’s beguiling culture blends Portuguese and African influences and is worth visiting for in its own right.


Don’t doubt this Balearic Island’s family-friendly credentials. Ibiza may conjure up images of super-clubs and party beaches, but this multi-faceted Mediterranean gem has plenty to offer children. The island’s beaches are worth the plane ticket on their own, and there are enough of them that it can feel like you have one each! Visit Cala Llentrisca to enjoy some seafront seclusion, or take the wee ones to Cala Tarida for a more activity filled day by the beach. If lounging in the sun gets to much, then why not take the kids zorbing, or on a trip to one of the island’s waterparks? After that take a trip to the colorful Hippy Market in El Cana to pick up some mementos of the trip.

Sri Lanka

For the more adventurous families out there a holiday to Sri Lanka offers an unforgettable experience. Embodying the mysteries of the orient, the island still has the power to amaze and enchant. Few destination offer as much opportunity to discover amazing wildlife, and a trip to Minneriya National Park is a must. Here you can see herds of elephants roam in their natural environment, and even spot leopards, crocodiles, and the odd monkey! For some history take your children to Sigiriya and teach them about the county’s ancient civilization and colorful past. For family’s with older children, a hike up the famous and sacred mountain of Sri Pada will offer views and memories that will endure long after you get home.

St Lucia

If you have the picture of the perfect Caribbean island in your mind, then it probably looks like St Lucia. This stunningly verdant isle, offers the archetypal Caribbean experience thanks to the blue waters, golden beaches and lush greenery. The island’s most famous sites are the two Pitons. These towering volcanic stacks are a must see, and a trek up the larger of the two – Gros Piton – should be doable for older children and teenagers. Families with younger kids can just enjoy the breath-taking views from the beaches below.


This Indian Ocean nation is more than worth the long-haul trip. With unbeatable natural beauty, this tropical paradise has a world of things to experience. Thanks to its well-developed tourist network it is easy to get around and its turquoise coastline is peppered with first-rate resorts. Make sure and visit the amazing Seven Colored Earths, and enjoy a visit to one of the island’s many nature reserves. Keep a lookout for its colorful bird life, especially the famous pink pigeon! Thanks to the island’s Chinese, Indian, and French influences, the food isn’t bad either.

Top Destinations Rave Fans Have to Visit in 2017

If you’re a techno fan like some of the Holiday Transfers team are and are looking for an awesome vacation, you have a lot of towns to paint red! The following cities are known the world over for their excellent parties and clubbing, and they’re on everybody’s list of “Best Rave Cities” this year. Check them out and get ready for loads of fun and the most electric nights ever!

Bristol, England

While some may consider London as a hot destination for clubbing and dancing, Bristol is a central node for contemporary techno and dance music. It has a legacy in dubstep and the prices here are considerably more affordable than almost any venue in London, allowing a healthy population of electronic music fans to grow and prosper. The beloved Idle Hands label is in Bristol, and promising producers such as Killing Sound call this place home as well – not to mention top-notch events and festivals like Simple Things just waiting to get you movin’!

Warsaw, Poland

Bustling with after-hours gigs and experimental techno happenings, as well as bigger nightclub events, Warsaw has built a name for itself not only on the Polish dance music scene, but also all throughout Europe. The capital’s art scene is flourishing too, and the historical and cultural landmarks here will ensure that not only your nights out in the city will be exciting, but your day trips as well.

Moscow, Russia

Because of the harsh political conditions in Russia, Moscow’s rave and techno scene often has to operate more underground, so you may not hear about the most exciting happenings unless you’re “on the inside” and you know the right people. But this only makes things more thrilling and appealing if you’re the adventurous type, right? Plus, the dance culture here is truly promising, with names like OL (Oleg Buyanov) or Nina Kraviz calling Moscow “home”.

Mexico City, Mexico

Thanks to a growing number of young talented creatives sick of expensive clubs opening up their own underground venues, Mexico City has become more and more attractive for rave and techno music fans. The rise of experimental artists such as AAA and the punk-oriented NAAFI collective has turned the Mexican capital into a top destination for those interested in the electronic underground scene.

Bogota, Colombia

South America certainly doesn’t lack places to go clubbing, but what’s excited everyone lately is the healthy and flourishing dance music scene in Bogota. The city has managed to create a perfect balance between importing talent from abroad (bringing names such as Anthony Naples or Discwoman to play for the welcoming crowd here) and fostering local artists, such as the Downpitch Recordings group, bringing the excellent venues here to life when the sun sets.

Leipzig, Germany

Having made a name for itself as a hub for underground electronic and dance music, Leipzig has become one of the most exciting and promising scenes in Germany. With excellent clubs and anti-authority venues such as Conne Island, the city boasts an ideal infrastructure to promote and support local musicians. If you’re into experimental techno, Leipzig is the place to be in 2017.

These are just some of the best rave destinations to check out this year, with a vivid dance culture and a lot of surprises in store for you. Start planning your trip, book your transport and accommodation in advance, and get ready to party!

Why Traveling Makes You Creative

Traveling is a hobby for a number of people around the world. And, it offers amazing number of benefits to people too. Some of the points why traveling is significant are:

  • The ability to travel from one location to other is the main virtue that a person can have. Traveling provides you an additional virtue of experiencing and learning and this is reason what makes traveling enriching and contenting.
  • Traveling doesn’t just take you to distant lands and acknowledges you with different people, but also eradicates the dullness from your life.
  • There are people who feel that traveling is a waste of time, money and energy. A lot of people find traveling boring. But, a majority of people want to travel, rather than sitting at one place. Traveling has made tourism one of the booming, money-making and fiscal sectors of the world.
  • Different people travel for different purposes. Some go for business trips while others plan a vocational tour and there others who travel for mental peace. Though people have their own reason to go on a tour, but it is important to notice that traveling itself offers inherent rewards. For few people, going to a new place means taking a break from daily routine. It refreshes their body, mind and soul.
  • Traveling to places and checking out the places of attractions and doing amazing things can refreshes a person who when comes back home is ready to take on new challenges of work and home. It makes him forget all his worries, problems, fears issues and troubles and provides him an opportunity to think wisely. Traveling doesn’t just heal a broken mind, but a damaged heart too.
  • Traveling is also a way to get knowledge or you could say a quest to get answers to your questions. People prefer to go to lonely places to search for inner peace. They love to go for pleasure and happiness.
  • People also travel for culture, ideas and opinions. When they go from one location to another, they are bound to see new culture, meet new people and share their experiences and thoughts. This exchange of ideas widens the outlook of a person. Cultural influences and exchange impact your style of living, your language, food and more and tend to add spice to life. Discovery of new and unknown values is always fascinating and engaging.
  • Traveling adds to your memories. Whether you travel alone or with friends and family, the experience you get is thrilling and nice. You have a lot to share with your colleagues and friends, when you are back. A good holiday with friends and family is enriching and restores your family and friendship bonds.
  • Personal health is one of the best benefits of travel. Tours and travel stimulate hope in people. As people travel and reach to another destination, they develop a hope of living a preserved, secured, smooth and healthy life ahead. Traveling boosts confidence in a person. It inspires people to retrieve the life quality. So, just allow the travel bug to infect you and enjoy the serenity of traveling and come back as a new person altogether.

So, if you too are a travel lover then plan your trip to some great places and explore the place to its fullest. There are many people who find it hard to plan a good trip due to bad financial condition or they might be struggling with some debt issues. Now you can consolidate credit cards and make things easy for yourself and lower your worries and live a tension free life. Get things under control and have a peaceful life ahead.


Why Should You Travel When You’re Young?

Traveling is a sheer pleasure and divine experience to see different phases and styles of humanity. It is when you travel you see things which aren’t are you imagined to be. Traveling allows your imagination to run wild and helps you witness things with a new perspective. And whilst, they may be a sufficient reason to travel, a lot of people are still new to the idea of traveling.

People travel to wonder and wander, some go out to explore and enjoy what the world has for them and experience the best moment of their youth. Now the question arises, why should travel when you are young? Well, you have several reasons to travel young, and some of them are mentioned below.

Traveling is more like recreation a form of vocation and commitment, but eventually it is a responsibility. People when they are young, they have health and wealth to travel with enthusiast to see the world.

  1. With traveling you get a sense of adventure- traveling allows you to enjoy as much as you want without worrying about the other people. You don’t have parents and peers to judge you or warn you. You can be wild, free and young. Life is an experience and traveling helps you experience it.
  2. With traveling you learn to be compassionate- apart from the life long memory, souvenirs and pictures which traveling gives you, you also acknowledge the real situation and concern for people, sometimes not even your own kind.
  3. With traveling you get culturally diverse- if you think traveling is about looking at the places of attraction and checking out the wonders every nation has, then you’re right. But traveling teaches you more. It helps you to be culturally diverse. You learn about other cultures, traditions of other nationalities.
  4. With traveling, you become appealing as a person- it is said that the most appealing people of the world are those who have witnessed it. This is for the simple reason because you experience immeasurable and invaluable experience from your travel which makes you a good person or better from what you were and become more charming.
  5. When you’re young, you can travel more- the truth is as you grow old, you lose your health. But when you’re young, you’re at the peak of your health. Thus, you can take advantage of it when travelling.
  6. With traveling, you make new friends- back in your hometown; you stick to your own group and do not intermix with others. But, when you travel, you have the best advantage of make friends and create bonds. Think again, wouldn’t it be great to have friends all across the world.
  7. With traveling you become a great storyteller- you may not notice it, but when you have kids, you have a lot to tell them about your young age experience. You can tell them about the places you have visited and take them there along with you. It gives you a lot to share with your friends, family and colleagues.

It has been seen that there are many people who want to plan a trip but are unable to do so due to their not so good financial condition. It is of course the right thing to plan things as per your budget but if you are struggling with credit card issues then to consolidate credit card debt can be a good option to get things solved and get them under control. You can then plan your trips with free mind and go out on a holiday with fresh mood.


Great Brisbane Destinations for Young Travelers

Young, wild and free? Here are some of the best Brisbane destinations that are perfect for young travelers (or anyone who’s up for the challenge, really.)

Some tourists may be hard pressed to find rental car once they arrived, which is why it is recommended to book before arriving. The car hire in Brisbane by DriveNow, for instance, allows you to easily and quickly book car hire online and get behind the wheels right after arriving at the airport.

Tree top walk. Found at Lamington National Park, this trail of suspension bridges is the closest you can come to walking on air. The structure was built 25 years ago and features 180 meters of suspended bridges, which sways 15 meters off the ground. Conquer your acrophobia (fear of heights) and burst through the canopy by climbing up to one of two observation decks along the way. The highest tower reaches 30 meters above ground.

Games night out. Put some supersized fun into your next board game by playing with your buddies using a giant version of classic board games. Game Night is held in King George Square every last Thursday of each month starting at 5 PM up to 9 PM. There are giant versions of Connect Four, Jenga, Dominoes, Chinese Checkers, as well as a selection of regular board games. What’s best is that joining is free and you can bring your own games.

Moreton Island glamping. Love camping but not the gear-lugging, latrine digging and tent-pitching? Take a trip to Merton Island and take advantage of their “glamp,” which is a collection of permanent two and four-person tents which are splendidly furnished with a queen size bed, veranda and other necessities. No more creepy crawlies! You can choose to rough it by cooking your own meal at the communal kitchen and barbecue area or glam it up by simply strolling to the on-site restaurant.

City hopper ride. If time is on your side and wants to explore Brisbane’s inner centre, then jump aboard a CityHopper. A free service ride that uses reconditioned Brisbane City Council ferries and meanders along the river. The ferry stops at North Quay, South Bank 3, Maritime Museum, Thornton Street, Eagle Street Pier, Holman Street, Dockside and Sydney Street terminals. Catch the red-hued CityHoppers between 6 AM and midnight, seven days a week. They run every 30 minutes, so you and your travel buddies have plenty of chance.

Seafood. Craving for seafood? You can buy fresh prawns from the trawler in Cabbage Tree Creek at Shorncliffe.  The trawlers can be found mooring along the Sinbad St. stretch of the inlet, playing their ocean-fresh offering on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Rooftop Cinema. The rooftop bar of Fortitude Valley’ Lime Hotel has the best view in town. They screen classic films as well as recent releases on Thursday nights starting at 7:30 PM while you recline on couches and pillows or you can even set yourself up at bar tables. The bar opens at 5 PM, serving tapas and drinks, and stays open after the movie ends until midnight.

Tips for holidaying during cash crunch

A vacation, especially a family vacation means you need to be ready for many expenses like transportation, accommodation, food and drinks, and so on. Holidays are meant to be relaxing and comforting but unexpected cash crunch can ruin your mood completely.

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam, you can book cheap apartments to rent in Amsterdam for long term that are not only cost-effective but comfortable too. Enjoy the atmosphere of Amsterdam and discover the amazing museums, galleries, shops and café by comfortable tram rides. Riding a bicycle on the streets of Amsterdam can give you a very satisfying experience. You do not have to be a financial broke after visiting Amsterdam. There are plenty of tourism sites which give amazing deals on Amsterdam tourism. You do not have to sacrifice your enjoyment to make it cost-effective.

Amsterdam has the widest selection of accommodation. There are many options to suit every taste and budget. The canal homes and old-world hotels give the travelers the most satisfying holiday experience in Amsterdam.

Budget accommodations– As Amsterdam is one of the busiest tourist destinations, it is always better to book your accommodation in advance. There are plenty of budget accommodations in the city. For a pocket-friendly holiday in Amsterdam, you can look for studio apartments. Studios are an appropriate arrangement for couples visiting the city. Booking a self-catering apartment can also save your money. In a self-catering establishment, tourists can cook their own meals. Youth hostels are great for students and backpackers. Some of the hostels have separate smoking rooms. Bigger apartments are suitable for a group of families traveling together. The families traveling together can share the rent of the apartment. The holiday apartments come cheap if you book for a longer period.

Book early– To save some extra money during your holiday, plan well. If you plan early and book your budget accommodations early, you can get some handsome discounts. Use price comparison websites to check the lowest rate for rooms. Plan your vacation in the off-season. Usually, less number of tourists visits Amsterdam in winter. Hotels and apartments give great discounts during the off-season. Make the most of it.

Travel light– Keep your bags and suitcases as light as possible. Research on the weather and pack your clothes accordingly. When you pack light, you do not have to pay extra for your heavy baggage.

Public Transportation & Tourist Pass– Research on public transportation system of the city before arriving. The tram rides are quite comfortable in Amsterdam and suitable for sightseeing too. You can also book a sightseeing bus ride at an affordable rate. Get a tourist pass to travel through the city. These passes can save a lot of money. Travel passes are available for different durations (one day to seven days passes).

If you are short on budget you can easily skip the souvenirs. The t-shirts, caps or keychains are not the things that make your holiday memorable. Click lots of photos and take them back home as photos are one of the cheap ways to share fond memories. The cafés are the part of Amsterdam’s cultural heritage. Visit one or two during your stay in the city. If you are short on cash, you can try small cafes in the streets of Amsterdam. They serve amazing food for little prices.