Heading to Niagara Falls on a #RoadTripChip @CapeCodChips (and you can win a gift package)

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Niagara Falls

Recently, my son and I decided to head north for a visit to one of the natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls.

cape cod chips

We packed up the car, and headed out. It took us about 10 hours to get there, but that’s nothing that can’t be done in a (very long) day.  Of course, when taking a road trip, especially with kids, you can’t forget the snacks.

cape cod chips

Always bring the drinks, a few things to play with, and stuff to eat- because no one likes a cranky kid. We took all sorts of things, including Cape Cod Chips, which are having a fun summer road trip hashtag this year to encourage you to get out and see some cool places.  It’s a fun way to see what your fellow Cape Cod Chip lovers are up to, as well.


While visiting Niagara Falls, we made sure to visit some of the most famous places. The falls themselves, of course, as well as taking a White Water Walk and a Journey Behind the Walls.

cape cod chips

We also took the newly-turned-100 Whirlpool Aero Car 3,500 feet across and over the rapids and gorge. We had to take a Hornblower boat cruise into the falls to really experience the power they possess- and how beautiful they are. That was really a highlight for us all.

white water walk

We visited the Butterfly Conservatory at Niagara Parks, which was spectacular and honestly so much fun and very much a special experience, with butterflies of all colors and species floating about and landing on each of us.

niagara falls night

While Niagara Falls is amazing ad stunning during the day, we had to stop by and see it at night, when it was all lit up. Did you know that they light up the falls every evening? You can also take a night boat cruise- you won’t get as wet, but the photos are beautiful.


During our time in Niagara, we of course kept our Cape Cod Chips handy- we had to keep the “hangry” monster away.
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Watersports to enjoy in Benidorm


Benidorm, on the eastern coast of Spain, is nestled in the small region of Alicante. A former fishing village, it is now a popular Mediterranean destination with tourists looking to soak up some sunshine. What’s more, its miles of uninterrupted coastline make it perfect for water sports, and here are three of the best.

Sea kayaking in Marco Polo

If you have tried your hand at kayaking before and are keen to try something a bit different, then sea kayaking could be the sport for you. Marco Polo Expediciones on the Avenue de Europa offer a 2-hour sea kayak leaving from Benidorm’s main harbour and is the perfect way to explore Benidorm Bay. Stop off at some of Benidorm’s most popular beaches like Levante and Poniente. Prices start at 28 euros for children under 12 and 35 euros for adults; this includes kayak rental and insurance.

Scuba diving in Avda La Vila Joiosa

Benidorm is a fantastic place for those who love to scuba dive, as there are a number of diving facilities which cater both for people who have never done it before, and those who want to book themselves on to specialist courses and gain further certification. Nisos Dive Centre is in the Avda La Vila Joiosa, and offers guests the chance to explore the Bay of Benidorm’s marline life in style. Head to Poniente beach, where boats leave every 5 minutes, transporting visitors to the centre.

Sea trekking in Paseo Colón

Diving Stones in Paseo Colón is located directly in the harbour, so there is no need to carry around heavy diving equipment (which is especially hard if you are visiting at peak season, as it can be very hot). The centre offers a variety of courses, both for first timers and experienced water sports enthusiasts. If you find the thought of scuba diving a little intimidating, sea trekking can be a great place to start. Visitors are given a helmet to wear (your face and head remain completely dry and you can breathe normally) and are submerged at around 15-20 feet under the water. It’s a great opportunity to give underwater diving a try whilst remaining at a reassuring depth below the surface.

Benidorm holidays are available all year round, but if you are looking for the best weather for water sports, try visiting mid to late august, when the sea is warm. Make sure you check out the weather conditions in advance, as many sports could be called off if the sea is a little choppy.

See Europe By River: More Variety Than You Could Dream Of


When it comes to visiting a place on holiday, there are a lot of factors that make one place more or less desirable. Perhaps you’re a gastronome and want to sample the local cuisines at their most authentic. You may be a historian and fancy the opportunity to see the very places where pivotal moments went down. You may just be someone who loves beautiful scenery, which is not lacking in this world.

Whatever it is you crave, the chances are that Europe is at an advantage in providing it. With the continent closely connected in a political and transport sense, Europe is a place where you can hop from country to country. In each stop along the way, you will find each place has its own unique character. Europe has been a hub of population and travel for many centuries and, as such, has accrued a lot of culture and history.

Due to the gifts nature has bestowed, major European cities and holiday destinations are easy to reach in a number of ways. Perhaps the most rewarding way to see these is by river. One could argue for hours over which is the best European river cruise. Everyone will have their own opinion, and plenty of reasons to back it up. One thing is for sure, at the end of the conversation you’ll be struck with wanderlust.

River cruises are such a special way to see Europe because rivers played such a pivotal part in its history. As with anywhere else, towns and cities grew up around these, and in Europe they became home to such eras as the Renaissance.

Its modern history and the further-off periods have seen war, peace and industrial development. All of this has created cities with art, architecture and culture that must be seen.

A trip along the Danube, for example, will take you through such delights as Vienna, Budapest and Munich. The former two were once major centers of European power and although this has receded, the history remains. Spectacular views, sumptuous cuisine and wines. And if you visit at the right time, the chance to sample Munich’s famous Oktoberfest. All in all, it’s a trip of a lifetime.

Perhaps, though, your wanderlust will take you further West, to the delights of the Seine and the Rhone, from which you can see France and Spain. Trips to Paris are never wasted, and there’s much to see in Provence, a region that people visit once and then decide to move there. With Barcelona a short train ride away, you can experience some of Europe’s most unforgettable cities.

With the Rhine and the Mosel available too, you can see less talked about gems. The castles and cathedrals of Luxembourg, Nuremburg and Prague are all more than worth a visit. You’ll be well advised to pack extra film for your camera or a spare memory card for your phone. You certainly won’t run out of things to photograph, eat or visit.

In short, Europe is home to many countries, languages and ways of life. In one week or fortnight, you can take in enough for several holidays and you’ll still have more to save for your next trip. What more could a voyager ask for?

The Best Spots In Asia For Your Next Vacation

The continent of Asia is magical, mysterious and thoroughly modern. From the pristine beaches of Thailand to the temples of Hanoi to the modern world of Beijing’s famous shopping districts; there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the most popular, exciting places you should consider for your next vacation.

Siem Reap In Cambodia:

Siem Reap is the capital and sits in the northwestern region of Cambodia. Many travelers believe this is the perfect destination because it’s so easy to get around, the people are incredibly friendly and there is something to do at every turn. Siem is also known for its rich history, culture, nightlife, museums and markets. You Must get up at sunrise to watch the golden light brush across the temples and ruins of Angkor Wat, it will take your breath away! The ancient ruins and buildings are housed in the largest complex in the entire world, this 12th Century Angkor Thom royal city is one of the major attractions for visitors. If natural history is on your agenda, you must visit the Cambodian Cultural Village.

China’s Capital Beijing:

Beijing has been the capital of China for 800 years and is a wonderful blend of modern and historic. It is home to the finest ancient remains from their imperial past. Their historical past includes the Ming Tombs and the Mausoleum of 13 emperors during the Ming Dynasty. Visit the Forbidden City, The Great Wall and the Hall of Preserving Harmony. The Great Wall was built between 220 and 206 BC by the first Emperor of China and is considered one of the most visited places throughout the country. Tiananmen Square is the largest square in the entire world and is a must see along with the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. Other popular tourist attractions include their shopping districts such as Wangfujing Street and Qianmen Street for a huge variety of goods.

Hanoi – The Capital of Vietnam:

Unlike other Asian capitals, Hanoi is home to cultural influences from French to Chinese but still maintains it’s deep rooted Vietnamese ideals. Running between Hoan Kiem Lake, the Red River and the ruins of the Hanoi Citadel are a maze of streets that date back over 1,000 years. Enjoy the incredible blend of ancient monuments and colonial architecture along side a very modern world. Hanoi is very easy to get around by cab, you can enjoy beautifully kept parks, gorgeous lakes and more than 600 temples and pagodas.

Seminyak, Indonesia:

Situated in Bali, Seminyak is very proud of their gorgeous beaches and famous sunsets. While their beaches are the biggest tourist draw, they are also known for their upscale fashionable eateries, bars and restaurants that spread from Seminyak to Kerobokan, directly to the north. After a long day of sightseeing, why not indulge yourself in the finest spas anywhere in the world.

Bangkok, Thailand:

A city of old and modern, East and West, Bangkok is a very popular destination for visitors. Visit golden palaces, floating markets and glorious porcelain-laid spires. The Grand Palace houses palaces and temples that’s a must to visit. A trip to Bangkok is incomplete without visiting Thailand’s most precious relic – the Emerald Buddah from the 15th Century and is completed sculptured in Jade. Stop by the European styled gardens of Dusit or enjoy shopping at Siam or Pratunam Squares.

Shanghai, The Oldest City In China:

This prosperous city is an incredible blend of the past, the present and the future and is well known for its cultural and economic centers. The Huangpu River divides the city into the districts of Pudong and Puxi. The skyline of Pudong looks like something out of a science fiction movie with its huge Oriental Pearl TV and Radio Tower. Perhaps you’d prefer to walk along the Bund riverside to experience old Shanghai. This is a city that never sleeps so there is always something going on after dark. Whatever your taste, there’s something for you: nightclubs and bars that are open all night, theaters with Chinese and foreign films or theaters for dance, opera, puppets, drama and acrobatics. Shanghai is a paradise for shoppers looking for absolutely anything or everything, so shop till you drop!

Tokyo, Japan:

From amazing temples to the modern world of karaoke bars, what’s not to love! Although the city has an enormous population and is rather expensive, it’s also one of the cleanest cities anywhere. The residents are very friendly and extremely polite to everyone they meet. There are more 5-star restaurants in Tokyo, then throughout all of Paris! Enjoy delicious, fresh dishes such as sushi, udon noodles and wagashi. This a wonderful, vibrant city that should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

Hong Kong, China:

This city is known as the Special Administrative Region of China and is a world leading financial, banking and trading center while being the gateway from the East to the West. Visit the beautiful Chinese architecture in Ngong Ping village then jump on a tram and go up to Victoria Peak for the most spectacular views. Visit their unique floating islands or stop for a snack of dim sum, which is a Chinese dish in small bite sized portions and served in a steamer basket. The city has more than 200 offshore islands including Lantau Island which will give you a peek into Hong Kong’s rural lifestyle. After dark, the skyline comes to life with a magical show of lights and wonderful soundtracks, along with a spectacular real life show of Disney’s Electric Light Parade.

Taipei, Taiwan:

This active, vibrant city is a contrast of the old and the new. From tranquil parks to busy, fashionable streets for shopping to traditional Taiwanese markets. Taipei is as convenient and modern as Wi-Fi to discovering it’s wonderful, rich history. When it’s time to hit restaurants, you will find some of the most perfect dishes of superior foods anywhere. Not only will you be overwhelmed with the variety of foods but they are all very inexpensive. Enjoy Taiwanese dishes or other cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Indian. Don’t judge eateries by their cover! There are many places that might look like holes in the wall, but the food will send you to heaven!

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South England Interactive Travel Map @dreamlodgegroup


When going on a trip, one of the most important ways to prepare for it is with research. Research is a whole lot easier with the right tools and a wealth of information pertinent to your trip. One great tool which I was recently introduced to is the South England Interactive Travel Map. When visiting the UK, it can be difficult to figure out what places to visit, what things to do, and where to find them. This map helps do just that in one place, broken down by area and destinations.

This map brings various locations in Southern England to your fingertips, and is broken down into four categories: directions, activities, food and drinks, and local attractions. Each category is broken down into bite size nuggets of information with just enough to whet your appetite to visit locations for yourself. Each destination also has a picture included with the short description, to give you an interesting sneak peak. Some of the locations included are: Berkshire,Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Sussex, Devon, and Cornwall. What I really like about the site is the local attractions section. This area includes not only historical and cultural locations like castles and cathedrals (tours Americans typically love, being as we don’t have much in the way of those here in the USA) but also family friendly fun locations like adventure parks and beaches.

I also like the food and drinks section, which includes local dishes available from both small family owned restaurants and pubs as well as upscale restaurants. (Always try local favorites and whatever the area is famous for!) The combination gives visitors a great overall taste of the area. This is the perfect tool for planning your next trip to England. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a short visit like a long weekend or a more in depth trip, the interactive map of Southern England is a valuable tool when planning and doing research and will help you find all the local hot spots.

Is It Time You Booked A Beach Vacation In The UK?

Wales Beach

I know what you’re thinking. The UK isn’t perhaps the most obvious beach vacation destination. But aside from the unpredictable British summer, it has plenty to offer those who crave lazy days at the seaside. Do fish and chips, attractions aplenty, and the odd day of sunshine sound appealing? If so, here are some of the best beach resorts to visit in the UK.


Cornwall is a beautiful spot, and there are so many stunning beaches that it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re after beach games, surfing, and a lively night scene, head to Newquay. If you fancy tranquil beaches and rugged cliffs, venture further down the coast to Praa Sands, Sennen, and Prussia Cove. Other highlights to enjoy during your Cornish getaway include St Michael’s Mount and the Eden Project. Visit Mousehole, St Ives and Padstow for charming harbors, traditional shops, and cobbled streets.


Dorset boasts countless beautiful beaches. It tends to be busy in the summer months, but there are secluded coves where you can escape the crowds. Bournemouth is the place to be if you’re looking for arcades, rides, and neon lights. Take your snorkeling gear to Chesil Beach or make for Lulworth Cove for a sunset dip in the most spectacular surroundings. Canford Cliffs is a popular spot for families.


Often labeled the Las Vegas of the UK, Blackpool is a traditional seaside resort with plenty going on. Experience the thrills and spills of Blackpool Pleasure Beach and take a tour around Blackpool Tower. Have a donkey ride along the beach or catch a concert at Winter Gardens. Ride the waves at the Sandcastle water park or enjoy a round of crazy golf. Visit during the illuminations for a spectacular light show on the promenade. If you are planning a visit, it’s wise to research Blackpool tickets online. You can often save money on the most popular attractions.


Tenby is a picturesque Welsh seaside resort in Pembrokeshire. It has a pretty harbor filled with traditional fishing boats and a lively al fresco cafe scene. This sheltered spot is perfect for families looking to enjoy leisurely days at the beach.

Sango Bay, Scotland

If you’re brave enough to face the elements, you won’t regret visiting one of Scotland’s most northerly beaches. Expect rugged outcrops, domineering cliffs and peace and quiet. This is also a fantastic base for exploring Smoo Cave, an enormous cavern complete with a 20ft waterfall.

Robin Hood’s Bay

If you’re looking for a quintessential British beach break, look no further. Robin Hood’s Bay is an old fishing village, which lies within the North York Moors National Park. This is the place to go if you’re searching for the best example of the British classic, fish and chips. Place your order and head to the shore to enjoy your dinner with a view.

If you’re thinking about booking a beach vacation, the UK may not spring to mind immediately. But hopefully, this guide has changed your mind! The weather may not be guaranteed, but there are some wonderful locations to discover.

12 Reasons Why You Should Take a Messenger Bag on your Two-Day Business Trip

travel light

As far as style and fashion are concerned, traveling isn’t what it used to be. Once upon a time, men used to dress up in classic vest-and-black-tie suits or take their tuxedos along airplanes and trains. They would bring along leather gloves, hats, canes and bowties and they wouldn’t have been caught stepping inside a means of transportation without their shoes being mirror-like polished. But times have changed and now we favor the casual and laidback style no matter if we get away for the weekend or plan a short business trip.

Travel fashion for men evolved and transformed together with the times. Men are packing light and they learned how to travel in full comfort, they became savvy of trends and travel accessories and they found a way of being practical without trading style for utilitarianism. In our contemporary times, packing light and being fashionable translates into using more and more messenger bags – the perfect hybrid between the sports bag, the weekender, the backpack, the duffle bag and the carry-on roller suitcase. Let’s see 12 reasons why you should definitely rely on one when you make a short business trip!

The Messenger Bag Is Your Answer to Functionality Needs

Everything is in the details and the quality of your chosen bag. Usually, messenger bags for men are crafted in leather or sport a combination of leather and canvas to meet your traveling, packing and styling needs. Experts recommend you to use a leather messenger bag as it is highly practical:

  • It is resilient to carrying, moving and handling around planes, cars or trains

  • It is safe for your belongings which need to stay safe and protected from mechanical impact

  • It doesn’t let rain reach inside

  • It doesn’t get damaged by stains or dust

If you are on a two-day business trip, your stylish leather messenger is the perfect companion to help you carry paperwork, your laptop, some hygiene products, and a small family of gadgets and a set of changes for the next day.

The Messenger Bag is an Answer to Your Styling Needs

If you have to pack light and not carry a roller suitcase for two days, the messenger bag is way more preferable than a duffle bag or a nylon hand bag. Imagine the following situation: you pass through the airport check out doors dragging a sports bag or a military duffle bag and you shake hands with the guy waiting for you there. He may be just a regular employee of the company you are about to visit, but he may be your direct contact, business partner or client. You will never take back that first impression.

It doesn’t matter if you are an employee, your own company’s CEO or a freelancer meeting a potential project partner: the way you look will speak volumes, but fortunately, your messenger bag will be your international goodwill and style ambassador.

  • You can travel with a perfectly neat and tight leather messenger bag or you can sport a vintage canvas-leather one to match your bohemian and free style.

  • A good business bag is usually somber, darker in color and not flashy, pompous or sporting many adornments. Metallic clasps and discrete metal finishing is pretty much all you need.

  • You can work well with black, browns, grey or navy blue – and the combinations between them.

  • A leather-canvas bag is a good choice if you don’t want to look too uptight and buttoned-up but classy nonetheless.

The Messenger Bag is an Answer to Your Traveling Needs

A short trip doesn’t always involve just work and no fun. Even if you are on the clock, you surely can find some time to go out to dinner with your colleagues, client, business partners and so on or find a few hours to visit the city you traveled to, go to a show or walk the streets taking pictures or doing some shopping. The perfection of the messenger bag is that it helps you to pack light and looks insanely well not only with business suits, but casual outfits as well.

  • It can help you blend in among tourists, carrying around your camera, papers, wallet and gadgets, leaving room for souvenirs or gifts.

  • It offers you freedom of movement

  • It works great with sneakers, boots, T-shirts, gingham shirts, colored clothes and so on.

  • No matter how well you stuff it with objects or paperwork, it will still fit perfectly inside the hand-luggage compartment of the airplane (unless you get some shopping frenzy and need an extra luggage to bring back home everything you bought).

A good messenger bag fits all men’s ages and personal styles. It is versatile, trendy, casual chic and practical, turning you into a man of high taste and vision.

Touring the Natural Beauty of California

travel in CA

Those planning their very first trip to California probably think it is a state that is overflowing with celebrities and that the main attractions are theme parks and beaches. Actually, for many that may be the case, but if you have never been to this amazingly beautiful state that has some of the nation’s most diverse topographical features you are in for a real treat. Of course you may want to see Hollywood, LA and San Francisco with their nationally famous dispensaries, but you will not want to miss any of these five amazingly beautiful landmarks.

Sequoia National Park

Located in the southern Sierra Nevada area of the state, Sequoia National Park is a destination that attracts tens of thousands of visitors each and every year. What most visitors come to see are the gigantic old Sequoia trees among which is the famous General Sherman tree noted as being the largest tree on the planet. Along with contiguous Kings Canyon Park, Sequoia National Park was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the year 1976.

Kings Canyon Park

Contiguously neighboring Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon Park is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is thought to have one of the deepest, if not the deepest canyon in the nation. Here you can find miles and miles of trails upon which to ride horses, hike and camp. There are two separate parts to the park: Grant Cove in which you will find the General Grant tree and Cedar Grove where photography enthusiasts have a field day taking pictures of the magnificent Sequoias.

Napa Valley

Who isn’t familiar with some of America’s most famous brands of wine such as Robert Mondavi and Beringer that have both been award winning vintners year after year? If you are going to visit the natural beauty that is California, you will want to tour several of the Napa Valley vineyards and wineries. You can go on guided tours much of the year and some do allow self-guided tours but you must call ahead. Because of the amazing wines coming out of Napa Valley, American wines have begun to rival their European counterparts.

Death Valley National Park

With an odd distinction from all other U.S. national parks as the lowest, hottest and of course the driest of all, this is one park that is not for the faint at heart. Extremely cold in the winter and hot in the summer, Death Valley has some of the most remarkable scenery in North America. Even though it has a morbid name, an amazing number of species do survive and thrive here.

Yosemite National Park

Last, but certainly not least, Yosemite National Park is the one you must see if there is only time to visit one of these breathtakingly beautiful sites. Also within the Sierra Nevada Mountains there are also ancient Sequoias throughout the park and a number of waterfalls among which is the majestic Bridalveil Fall that measures a phenomenal 617 feet in height. With majestic trees and breathtaking waterfalls, it is no wonder that Yosemite National Park sees more than a million visitors a year.

Because of the sheer size of California, there is so much to see and do that you will want to spend an extended vacation touring the state. These are just 5 of the most remarkable natural landmarks to visit on your trip through the state but if you want shopping, dining, dancing and entertainment, California has that too. Whatever it is you are looking for, you’ll find it in the Golden State.