Great Books for Kids to Inspire Conversation For Black History Month

As a black owned business, A Kids Book About was built on the foundation of diversity. These books cover important and real time trending societal topics in a way that is engaging for all of the curious kids in your life. Additionally, each book is written by a different author, told through the perspective of their own expertise and experiences creating unique opportunities for diverse voices to be heard. Inspired by the history and the influential figures who paved the way, A Kids Book About is the perfect way to start conversations and celebrate Black History Month with your kiddos.

In addition to each book being available for individual purchase for the price of $19.95 A Kids Book About has created a limited time bundle for a collection of books that are written by Black authors to celebrate Black History Month. Staring on February 1st this bundle will be available for purchase on including the titles:
• A Kids Book About Belonging
• A Kids Book About Failure
• A Kids Book About Gratitude
• A Kids Book About Empathy
• A Kids Book About Divorce
• A Kids Book About Emotions
• A Kids Book About Suicide
• A Kids Book About Diversity
• A Kids Book About Systemic Racism
• A Kids Book About Climate Change
• A Kids Book About Adoption
• A Kids Book About Racism
• A Kids Book About Voting

Ingredients to Look for Healthy and Natural Skin Care Regime

Beauty trends come and go, but taking care of your skin never goes out of fashion. For this reason, you need to rightly choose the appropriate ingredients for your skin’s health. 

The beauty domain is filled with a lot of high-tech devices and cutting edge ingredients. With the availability of diversity in the components, it becomes even more difficult to choose proper constituents. 

When it comes to food, a preference for organic food is given. On the contrary, the logic doesn’t seem the same when you have to choose beauty products for you. A study shows that the usage of chemicals, in the long run, gives birth to a lot of skin problems and diseases. 

Importance of natural skincare

We use a wide range of skin products in our daily routine, be it a soap bar, moisturizer, or sunscreen. Our skin is porous and absorbs the components applied to it. The diverse range of skincare that’s free of toxic ingredients has a good effect on our skin’s health and overall well-being. Despite that, most of the products contain synthetic and harmful chemicals. The long-term effects of these applications and cumulative effects are directly linked to cancer, birth defects, genetic mutation, and reproductive harm. This is why, adding natural ingredients to your skincare regime boosts your general well-being with healthy and glowing skin. Below we have listed some of the best ingredients which have no harm to your skin. 

Natural Skincare Ingredients for healthy skin

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a versatile plant that is widely used in many organic beauty products from cosmetics to lotions. It contains a host of biologically active components such as vitamins B1, B2, B6 glycoprotein, phenolic substances, and a range of amino acids and salicylic acids. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which means, you can use it for sunburn and redness caused by sun exposure. Over that, it is also used as an antifungal and antiviral regenerating agent. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

This ingredient is an extracted liquid distilled from apple cider. You can ingest it or apply it to your skin. It contains active components of acetic acid that works as an effective cleanser for treating acne due to its exfoliating properties and balance sebum. It even removes hyperkeratosis (outer skin cells that are replaced with keratin)

Argan Oil 

Argan oil is obtained from the Moroccan argan tree. This non-fragrant oil is used in cosmetics for maintaining strong, supple, and elastic skin. It contains a high percentage of lipids and fatty acids, vitamin A, E, and other components such as polyphenols, sterols that assist hydration. It regulates and balances the production of sebum and repairs the skin’s barrier function. 

Avocado Oil 

This is a nourishing ingredient that is derived from the pulp that surrounds the avocado pip. It contains essential nutrients and phytochemicals such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, D, and E. Avocado oil is also used for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Bentonite Clay 

Bentonite Clay is an aluminum-based clay found in nature, mostly consisting of montmorillonite which is a group of minerals forming crystals. It is used for treating irritant and allergic dermatitis. The beauty products containing bentonite clay as an ingredient have a greater ability to absorb UV light. It can also be used as a moisturizer. 

Cedarwood Oil

This is an essential oil derived from woods, roots, and a variety of conifers. The therapeutic properties of cedarwood oil make its use in medicine and cosmetics. It is used for treating acne, eczema, and other skin eruptions. 

Cetearyl Alcohol

As the name suggests, it is not some harmful chemical, instead, it is naturally derived from coconut. The presence of a mixture of fatty acids makes it a handy emollient and emulsifier. It is also used as a texture enhancer which helps in foaming the product. 


Charcoal is a simple form of carbon that is used to absorb the impurities from your skin. It draws excess oil, dirt, bacteria, and chemicals from your skin. Due to these unique qualities, it is widely used in beauty products as a face mask to remove that extra dirt.


Cocoa has great benefits when applied to the skin. Its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties boost the protection of the outer layer against the sun’s UV rays. It inhibits the production of collagen and elastase which slowdowns the aging process and the formation of wrinkles. It acts as a fantastic moisturizer. 

Now that you know the effects of the natural component on your skin, it is time to treat your skin with more respect by staying away from products that contain tons of toxic chemicals. These natural ingredients show you all the love which your skin deserves. The only thing you need to do is being consistent with your routines to make them more effective.

Ways to beat boredom

The following is a Guest Post. All opinions are those of the author, and do not represent my own. It was 100% written by the author, I made no alterations. 

Ways to beat the boredom of traveling

The problem with traveling is that it’s a good idea. Still, you often find yourself at 10 a.m., sitting on a Y-front on a box-spring crib mattress, wondering what you can do about it distract yourself from the hangover that is about to break out. . Generally preferable is something that doesn’t involve the combination of hangover oppressive heat in a combo that will send you straight to the bar for a slice of carrion pie. So here we are to discuss some major ways to deal with the boredom that travels bring. Some important tips are discussed below.

With its few lifeless brochures floating around, the wine and sand stained tourist office doesn’t inspire much of a sense of adventure. There are also no “to-do lists” on the web. 

First of all, remember that you cannot expect any place or thing to bring you unlimited joy on a plate. Historic monuments are cool and all, but they barely make you laugh for a minute, right? 

Ways to beat the boredom of traveling

Play dice.

You decide six different ideas; They have to be a little quirky, they don’t have to relate to a particular place, and you have to think about them immediately. Whether it’s crabbing on a rocky beach or finding the strangest food sold at the local market, you need to write down the ideas, roll a die, and pick the dice to choose from.

Throw a coin

If you don’t know where to spend the day, take heart, and let things occur to you as you explore the city. Pick up a coin, decide which side = left and which side = right, toss 5 or 6 times, then save the results.

(Probably the closest greasy cafe, but still, at least you got out.)

Do something nice.

If you can talk to the residents of the town or city where you are staying, find out about local soup kitchens, schools where English lessons are needed, orphanages, or farms where more hands are needed. Welcome. It may seem crazy to offer to work during the holidays, but you will meet new people, always remember the experience for the good feeling it brings, and maybe learn something new. All free!

More information: Why hostels are better than hotels!

The phrasebook game

This is primarily an evening game, as you will probably need wine to be confident, and daytime drinking cannot be socially tolerated on the web without a backlash. If you have one friend around you (or a friend from the time you met last night) and are bored with the same nights of drinking watered-down beers at beachfront bars, one option is to bring your beaten, forgotten. Phrasebook. Flip a random page, choose the most controversial or potentially embarrassing phrase, and pass it on to your friend, who should use that phrase within the next 5 minutes, with a human. And with a serious and dead face.

Ultimate Coffee Grind Size Chart – How Fine Should You Grind?

A great cup of coffee has a lot to do with the grounds that you choose to use. Pre ground or freshly ground? Burr grinder or blade grinder? Comical blurr or flat blurr? Below we will help you tell the differences between each and what’s best for what your desired outcome is.

There’s much difference between pre ground coffee beans and freshly ground. Freshly grounded coffee beans allow a large amount of flavor to be extracted from the bean because it is a fresh ground. Pre grounded beans don’t allow the same saturation of flavor to be pulled from the grounds.

Factor 1: Type of Grinder

The first factor is the different types of grinders. A burr grinder and blade grinder produces two different types of grounds and these produce different outcomes in your coffee. Knowing the differences between the two will help you to ensure you’re purchasing the right grinder for the job it is that you desire to get.

The burr grinder has a stationary burr and one that rotates on top of it. This helps to create a more precise and even grind on the coffee beans. This also produces different flavors from the grounds.

With the burr grinder you can also decide what material your burr is made out of in your grinder. Ceramic is the most durable however is also the most expensive. You can use stone or something similar however you have a chance it may crack. Steel is a cheaper option compared to ceramic however it needs to be sharpened more often.

The blade grinder has different blades that slice the coffee beans. This produces both finely grated and largely grated grounds together. If there are both large and small grounds then the coffee will be extracted differently from each because of particle distribution. This in turn creates an inconsistent flavor.

Choosing between one or the other can come down to price or even storage space. Burr grinders are typically more wanted because of the particular distribution it produces. Another factor can be the settings available on the grinder.

Settings on grinders can often allow you to change the determination of how finely you want to grind the coffee beans. Some make not grind it fair enough for espresso and others may not grind it large enough for a French press.

Factor 2: Which Type of Coffee Are You Preparing?

Knowing how finely you need to ground your coffee beans is determined by what you’re trying to make. Extra coarse grounds are for cold brew and percolator. Coarse grounds are for French presses. Coarse to medium grounds are for chemex and clever drippers. Medium grounds are for pour over and drips. Medium to fine grounds are for aeropress and V60. Fine grounds are for espresso. Knowing which method you plan to use to make your coffee will help determine how finely you need your grounds and which type of grinder is best for your needs.

Factor 3: What Type of Burr?

Another decision is what type of burr, conical or flat? Many seem to think that they bring out different flavors in the outcome of the coffee. However, that isn’t necessarily proven. They may function differently though. If you’re able to try out both you can then decide which one you prefer. However it’s not recommended you get stuck on that decision.

Get Grinding 

Due to the size of the grind and the technique used on the grounds, attention to these details is essential. To find the best grinders on the market that will be the best for you, read more here. Knowing which process you’re planning to use and what outcome you wish to achieve will be the deciding factors for which type of grinder you decide on.

Be Aware of the Rising Number of Car Accidents as You Travel This Summer

All 50 states began some process of reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic caused the country to enter lockdown in March and April. Even while several states have begun to impose restrictions again, as you travel the country this summer, you will notice that the rate of car accidents is on the rise.

This expected rise in car accidents comes after reports of relatively low numbers of car accidents during the coronavirus lockdowns. As many states begin to resume operations, officials predict that there will be a sharp rise in car accidents and injuries over the next few summer months.

 Expect Summer 2020 to See an Increased Number of Car Accident Fatalities

 Summer often brings an increased number of car accidents. Not only is the weather often more suitable for driving, but people also tend to travel more during long holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Additionally, many holiday celebrations as well as other summer festivities will involve the combination of alcohol and an increased number of vehicles on the road, which will lead to more accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports more car accidents occur daily between July and August than any other time of the year. Some experts even refer to the period between Memorial Day and Labor as the “100 deadliest days” due to the large number of car accidents that occur then. When these factors are combined with antsy drivers eager to hit the roadways once again during the COVID-19 reopening’s, travelers should be aware that the number of deadly car accidents that occur in the U.S. this summer is likely to be higher than ever.

How a Re-Opened Economy Will Lead to More Car Accidents

Many people anxiously await the day when the United States can begin moving past COVID-19 and we can travel the country as freely as we once did. In the interim, however, we are seeing a sharp increase in car travelers this summer, as many are not yet ready to board an airplane.

Tips on Staying Safe While Road Tripping this Summer

Some of the helpful strategies that you can follow to reduce your risk of ending up in an accident while on a road trip this summer include:

  • Routinely check your vehicle’s tire pressure. Well-maintained tires can protect motorists from unexpected breakdowns.
  • Pack safely, which includes not exceeding your vehicle’s payload capacity.
  • Take steps to manage both glare and heat. This could always include keeping sunglasses nearby or using a sun shield beneath your vehicle’s windshield.
  • Rain showers can occur suddenly in the summer. If you find yourself driving through the rain, remember that roads become particularly slippery soon after rainfall.
  • There is often an increased number of bicyclists and motorcyclists on the roads during the summer. Remember to safely share the road with these drivers.

Speak with a Knowledgeable Car Accident Attorney

Even if you try your best to stay safe while traveling this summer, the risk of car accidents is still likely to go up over the next few months. While the moments following a car accident can be overwhelming, it can help greatly to speak with a knowledgeable car accident attorney from the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe. Contact our law office today to schedule a free case evaluation.

How Traveling Helps You Become a Better Person

The claim is that traveling can make you a better person, yet from the outside looking in, some people fail to realize the opportunity that exists when they visit new and exciting places. Don’t be amongst those people and miss out on the chance to better yourself. Whether you travel near or far, in the U.S. or abroad, you’ll find a myriad of opportunities to make improvements.

Sleep Well Before You Go

Before you leave on your trip, try to get as much rest as you can. You know you won’t be sleeping on comfortable mattresses when traveling. You’ll need that rest to feel energized to do all you want to do. When you arrive back home from traveling, you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and when done correctly, empowered to be a better person. 

Whoever comes home from vacation sad or disappointed? You’ll enjoy your trip so much more than those in the past now that you know the simple ways to discover yourself and improve your life. While coming home to sleep on the best mattress is a phenomenal experience, remembering all those great experiences on your trip will make it that much better.

Travel and Learn

What you’ll take home from your travels really depends on your willingness to learn, to open your mind and prepare to make changes for the better. Start with an open mind. Perhaps even write a list of things that you’d like to see, do, or discover while you’re out. When you ponder the idea of visiting a lake or a theme park (or other favorite location of your choice), you can get the full value from the experience. Maybe consider tackling a challenge that you’ve been afraid to try before. The world is in your hands if you’re willing to embrace it.

Appreciate What You Have

Take time to appreciate your travels. Be grateful that you have an opportunity that others can only dream of; simply appreciate what you have. Some people struggle for everyday essentials while you bask in the glory of a fancy hotel or dinner at an expensive restaurant. When you sit down and really think about how good life has been to you, you might reflect on things from a new perspective.

Live in the Moment

Vacations and getaways last only for a few short days. This gives limited time to check out the area and the things that it offers. However, you can certainly learn how to live in the moment and appreciate the opportunity to see and explore the things that you can. You’ll adapt mindfulness and a better appreciation of life’s best treasures. It seems we live in a materialistic world. When you travel, you’ll learn to live for the moment, the adventure, and the memory rather than a “thing.”

Learn New Lifestyles

Traveling allows you to learn more about lifestyles far different from your own. While the life lessons you can learn varies according to the area you travel, expect to pick up many new tidbits of information that you didn’t know until now. Life is much different in California than in Colorado, and Oregon is much different than Texas. From the east coast to the deep south, to the west coast and every location in between and across the ocean, you can learn so much when traveling to different areas.

Increase Your Knowledge

From state and city information to historical information and everything in between, travel can increase your knowledge. Choose your attractions and activities right and the chance to learn more information is a realistic possibility. You’ll return home with a plethora of newfound information to share with friends and family who share in the same curiosity.

Traveling is a hobby that fills many people’s lives, whether they travel for vacation each year or explore at every opportunity. No matter where your travels take you or how often you venture out, there is plenty of opportunities there to learn and become a better person than you were the day before. Travel improves your life in the ways listed above and so many others. Are you ready to become a brand new you? Perhaps all that takes is traveling a little bit more.

Still need an idea for Valentine’s Day plans? Medieval Times has got you covered

VALENTINE’S DAY is coming up very soon and you’re still looking for something different to do with your special someone?  Finally got a babysitter for that date night with your hubby or wife that you’ve been putting off for a while, but not sure where to go? No worries!
Take a trip back in time to 11th Century Spain to be treated like royalty as the two of you enjoy a delicious four-course feast and a thrilling tournament at Medieval Times!
For all shows from February 3 – 17, Medieval Times is offering a great Valentine’s package to make it a truly memorable occasion.  Use code VDAY20 for an all inclusive couple’s package that includes
  • 2 tickets
  • 2 branded flutes with champagne (non-alcoholic beverages will be served to minors)
  • 1 framed photo
  • 1 light up rose.  

These special packages can be purchased for $110 or as an add-on to individual tickets for $30. To make reservations and purchase this special package, please visit

Car Rental Insurance Guide in Europe

Driving around Europe is a great way to experience the continent. Renting cars in Europe can be tricky, however, as different countries have different rules.


Most rental car basic rates include liability insurance for damage to things or people outside the car, as well as to the actual vehicle. This is also known as collision damage waiver (CDW) or loss damage waiver (LDW). However, if the rental car gets damaged or stolen while it is with you — even if it is not your fault — the car hire company will charge you a certain amount for the damage or loss. With a CDW/LDW, the company puts a limit on how much excess it will charge you in case of damage to the car. The amount is reduced but you may still end up having to pay an excess amounting to EUR 1,000–3,000, or even more.


To protect yourself from having to pay an exorbitant amount — which can leave a bitter taste after an extraordinary vacation — you usually have three choices:

  • Buy an excess waiver protection from the rental car company to reduce how much you have to pay to zero.
  • Use the coverage that comes with your credit card
  • Buy car hire excess insurance from a third-party seller


Some companies include CDW/LDW in their basic rates, so when comparing Europe rental car insurance quotes, find out what coverage is included in the baseline rate. This will help you make a fair comparison and determine if you need to buy additional insurance.


Note that in Italy and Ireland, you have to buy CDW or LDW from car rental companies. Credit card coverage and third-party insurance are not allowed.


Coverage from Car Rental Companies

This is the most convenient option, but also the most expensive, costing around $15–$30/day. In addition, the waiver does not include damages to some parts — such as tires, side mirrors, windows, windshield, undercarriage, roof, and interior.


To bring down the excess to zero, you will have to upgrade to the rental firm’s CDW/LDW and purchase “super CDW,” which costs an additional $10–$30/day. This additional cost may double the cost of you car rental (!!!)


Credit Card Coverage

Many credit card companies already cover car hire excess insurance, so if you pay for your rental vehicle using the right credit card, you don’t have to pay excess in case the car gets damaged or stolen.


Different credit card issuers have different policies, so check first if your card does include such coverage and ask about the following:


  • The countries covered
  • The types of vehicles covered
  • What car parts are excluded (if any)
  • If loss or theft of the vehicle is covered
  • The number of rental days covered
  • The maximum amount that can be reimbursed
  • The number of drivers covered


For a smoother experience, print out your credit card’s car rental coverage details (in the destination country’s language, if possible) and take it with you when you pick up the vehicle from the rental agency. Most European credit cards don’t include collision insurance, so rental car agents in Europe may not be familiar with it or may push you to buy their insurance nonetheless. Being able to present a document detailing your credit card coverage will come in handy.


To make sure that the coverage remains intact, check that you are listed as the driver and use the credit card with the coverage for all activities and expenses related to the rental car — from booking to pick-up to drop-off of the vehicle. Also, make sure not to accept the waivers offered by the rental firm, including the ones that are included in the base rate. Failing to do any of these will invalidate your credit card coverage.


Another important thing to know when using your credit card for Europe rental car insurance is that the rental firm may put a hold on your card. This may be a problem if you have a low credit limit and need to purchase other things during your trip, so it is advisable to bring two credit cards. Also, if the available credit on your card is not enough to cover the value of the rental car, you may be required to purchase the rental company’s Super CDW anyway.


In addition, in case of damage or theft of the vehicle, the rental agency will charge your card and it will be up to you to get reimbursement from the credit card company after your trip. To file for reimbursement, you need to present a police report and an accident report from the rental firm, then wait for the credit card company to finish processing your claim. Note, however, that many credit card companies file a claim with the client’s personal insurance company before reimbursing the excess, which may affect the client’s personal driving records and insurance premiums.


As you can see, dealing with credit card coverage is more complicated than just buying insurance from rental car companies. It is up to you to decide if the potential hassle is acceptable compared to buying the rental agency’s more expensive insurance policy.


Third-Party Insurance

Another option to have zero-excess coverage is to get your car hire excess insurance from a third-party seller. Not only will this cost you a fraction of what rental companies charge, the coverage may be more comprehensive. You can buy a policy for a single trip or for a longer period, such as a year. Just be sure to confirm with the insurer that all the countries you’re visiting are covered.


When using your third-party car hire excess waiver insurance for Europe rental car insurance the rental firm may put a hold on your card, in the same manner that we described above.


In addition, in case of damage or theft of the vehicle, the rental agency will charge your card and it will be up to you to get reimbursement from the third party insurer after your trip. To file for reimbursement, you need to present a police report and an accident report from the rental firm, then wait for the credit card company to finish processing your claim.


One of the major benefits of third party car rental excess waiver insurance, other than the fact that it is 70% cheaper than the Super CDW offered by the rental firms is the fact that these policies cover damages to some parts — such as tires, side mirrors, windows, windshield, undercarriage, roof, and interior, which are not covered by the rental firms.


Bottom Line

Having sufficient rental car insurance when you’re in Europe is a must for a stress-free trip. You can choose to buy insurance at the rental counter if you prefer convenience. For a more budget-friendly solution, you can just use your credit card benefits. For the best of both worlds, you can purchase a third-party excess waiver insurance policy before your trip.