Dr. Brown’s Breast Pump Caryall Tote Review

This breast pump tote is a great carryall for new moms.

Dr. Brown
has hit the market with another new product to add to a mom’s arsenal. With a baby to carry or push and all the items we need to take care of our little one’s needs, hands are at a premium. Good storage and mobility is a must, both of which are provided by this Breast Pump Carryall.

The name says it, carryall. With a section sized to fit most electric breast pumps and a bottle cooler bag this tote is prepared to handle what you need to carry. There is plenty of room for other items too that you will need for a day out. The bag has a nice neutral gray color that matches most outfits or at least doesn’t stand out and scream diaper bag. It can easily be carried into any professional environment discreetly for moms that need to pump at work.

ciao! baby Portable High Chair Review

Easy to Carry Baby Gear

Innovation has come to the table in the form of the exciting ciao! baby portable high chair. This product is as easy to carry as any collapsible pop chair with all the benefits of a traditional high chair making it a perfect package. The five point safety harness secures kids up to three years of age for a safe snack time and the chair comes all in one piece, no assembly required, which makes an instant set-up expert of anyone. Whether you are on the road traveling with your family or looking for an option suited to compact apartment living the ciao! baby portable high chair is a great match.

My favorite part about the high chair is the quick set-up and clean-up. With an easy to clean tray, cup holder, and ultimate transport capability the outdoors are an easy destination from the beach to camping trips or in my case just the back patio. For sunny spots there is even an umbrella that you can add on to protect against the afternoon rays.

The Top 4 Data Recovery Software Programs On The Market In 2017

In this day and age where almost all businesses are conducted through computers and smart technology, it is essential to install data recovery software programs on hardware that contain valuable data and information. After all, isn’t it smarter to be safe than sorry? You must be well aware that your business can suffer tremendously because of deleted, corrupted, lost, and inaccessible files and data. Reports published by Unitrends state that over 95% of companies shut down because of the loss of data and vital information.

Hence, in order to prevent that from happening and in order to ensure the smooth operation of your business, it is essential to arm your computers and other smart devices with data recovery software programs. Here are our picks for the best data recovery software programs on the market in 2017! The list isn’t in any particular order.

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional definitely delivers on its promise, allowing you to recover your lost data and files in a safe manner. In addition to that, the software can also prove to be extremely helpful when you are after formatted hard drive recoveries and hard drive partition recoveries. The software also largely benefits from its user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily recover deleted files and RAW files. There is even a version of the software that is compatible with smartphones.

Taste McCrea’s Caramels

Caramel lovers, McCrea’s is a must!

On apples, in desserts, or solo, caramel tops the charts as a fan favorite. McCrea’s Caramels take your expectations on what this sweet gooey goodness can be to a whole new level. The smooth creamy texture that melts in your mouth is just the beginning. The flavors offered are exciting and give these caramels an extra kick.

Ginger Fusion, Dark Roasted Mocha, Tapped Maple, and Black Lava Sea Salt are just the beginning of the options offered by McCrea’s Caramels. Each bite packs a punch as all of the caramels are truly infused with flavor. Classic options like the two salted caramels, Black Lava Sea Salt and the Cape Cod Sea Salt, are a perfect balance of sweet and salty while having subtle distinctions in flavor from the different salt sources. A side by side comparison is a fun activity to try.

Summer Drinks with Award Winning Vodka

An Icy Addition to Summer

The last days of summer are here so celebrate a season well spent with a cocktail. Two great Award Winning options are LEAF Organic Vodka and Khortytsa Platinum Vodka. Both offer a refreshing kick to your dry martini or mixed drink.

LEAF Organic Vodka comes in two varieties, Alaskan Glacial Water and Rocky Mountain Mineral Water. The difference is actually the source of Vodka’s main ingredient, Water! I was amazed that such a subtle difference can have so much impact on flavor. An in home tasting comparison was a fun evening with friends. Both varieties were popular with an even split of favorites for each. Rocky Mountain mineral water lends crisp clean taste while the Alaskan Glacial has a bit of sweet. Another plus is the fact that both products are organic, quality products from quality ingredients.

Roni Macaroni Food Truck

Comfort food and cheesy goodness.

Their slogan is “For the love of Mac n’ Cheese!” and their food lives up to it. Roni Macaroni serves exactly what you might expect, Mac and Cheese, but they do it in ways you might not expect. Their menu also goes beyond this crowd pleasing favorite. If noodles aren’t calling your name try the fries, or order up one of their stacked high sandwiches, a cheese burger, or a Roni Kosher Beef Chilli Dog.

Roni Macaroni’s menu has options within the Mac and Cheese category as well. The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Mac is one, a mix of their classic mac with shaved carrots and celery, Frank’s Buffalo Sauce, ranch dressing, and diced chicken. Beef more your style? How about the Steak Mac & Cheese with sliced rib eye, mouth watering grilled onions, and toasted bread crumbs. The floor reminded me of a Philly Cheese Steak in a bowl with a extra cheesy finish that had my mouth watering.

Brew Wings Food Truck

Wings and Waffles will make your mouth water!

Brew Wings has kicked it up to a whole new level with their take on the now classic chicken and waffles. Wings and Waffles adds spice to the sweet salty goodness that has attracted eaters to the original pairing. If you like Buffalo wings at all, you will love this food truck.

Chicken is a major feature, but the Brew Wings menu goes beyond what their name implies. Yes they have wings, great delicious ones that come in your choice of sauce, Stefano’s Original Buffalo or Brew-B-Q, and chicken tenders too. For those that want to keep their fingers clean there are options like the Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich or the vegetarian grilled cheese. You can also go sweet all the way and enjoy some crisp waffles in syrup. Add a few tatter tots and you have a meal that will hit all your tastebuds.

Wings and Waffles was a new experience and as a wing lover this new spicy element adds to my general craving for the lip burning goodness of Buffalo sauce. The wings are lean and large which makes for a healthy bite without dealing with tiny chicken pieces. The Brew Wings sauce is also a perfect blend of flavors that left my tongue and lips tingling in the best way. If you can’t handle a little heat definitely go with the Brew-B-Q sauce.

Enjoy these Luxurious Destinations When You Visit Sydney

Sydney is not just the destination for thrill seekers or tourists looking to visit popular attractions, it is also for travelers who are seeking out the finer things in life. We are talking about people who love a little touch of exorbitance in their traveling experience, couples who will indulge in a luxury spa in Sydney, and globetrotters going from one fine-dining restaurant after another all over the world.

You are already treating yourself when you go out traveling, so why not up the ante a bit and allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of inviting a little exorbitance into your trip. Sydney is definitely one of the best places to indulge in luxury, and to help you, here is a rundown of all the activities you can enjoy during your trip.

Take a ride at The Hiilani Boat at Sydney Harbor

Traveling on land is so mainstream anyway, so why not spend your time on a 95-foot Italian luxury yacht that is fully staffed and has three levels of awesomeness waiting for you. You and your travel companions can spend $5,800 to spend half the day lounging on the yacht and drinking the best wines and champagne, all while enjoying a breathtaking view of the harbor. Not only is this a welcome respite from the spending your trip in the urban jungles of Sydney, but this will allow you to get a genuine break from all the stresses of city life and take a moment for yourself to quietly soak up the sun.