Ugh, Mondays…..

Grrrr…..I’m feeling cranky today, bloggy buddies…..No sleep, and crying children, make momma a crazy woman. 
So, instead of moaning and groaning (who needs that?  You have your own Monday woes, lol)
I am going to post a cute picture to make us all smile.
And then I am going to take a shower and get this day off me!  LOL…..
See you tomorrow!

This is Little Man at about 3 months old….sigh!  He’s such a big boy now!  I love looking at his baby pics. 
OKOK, one more…

Awww….OK, now I feel better  🙂
Happy Monday is pretty-much-over!  Hehehe….

Never Forget.

So many people lost.
Maybe say a prayer, or send good thoughts, or whatever you in your home, for those who were lost, and those who miss them. 
Lets make today a day about love, and tolerance.  We don’t need to like the things people do or think to “live and let live”.
Where were you?

I think it is something that we will all always remember- where we were, who we were with, when we found out.

I was in a VERY early class, when a scared student ran screaming through the college halls that we were being bombed, and that a war just started.  It was a long, scary day for a bunch of kids, and the college shut down.  We could not leave, and no one could come.  So we all went to the library and just watched, and cried. 
Most of us knew someone who worked or lived there, and were terrified.  We were at a college in Northern NJ.  We didn’t know what was happening, and our phones didn’t work, so we couldn’t call our family and friends to see if they were OK. 
Where were you?
I pray to God that none of our children (or grandchildren) will ever know anything like that.  
Love to you and yours, Bloggy Buddies.

Our 1st Grader!

Kamikaze started 1st grade this week…, how time flies!

Hoppin’ Balls!

Just got this in my email- and I figured I would share it, in the spirit of the new Yo Gabba Gabba contest!
(You totally entered, right? LOL)


Do you like to HOP? Do you like to BOUNCE?

Happy Labor Day!!!

Enjoy your extra day off!  Or your extra day with family!  (or both!)


Enjoy the last days of summer!  Here we are, visiting great-grandma’s condo for a pool party, having a summer-y good time.  Have a great day, everyone!

Summer Reading Program

Our library is great.  They always have these really fun programs for the kids.  This summer was “Make a Splash at Your Library!”  It encourages the kids to keep reading, with sticker charts and cute arts and crafts.  I love to read- if you have not noticed, lol.  And we do a LOT of reading to and with the kids. We finished our charts on Sunday- which can only mean one thing- summer is pretty much over!  🙁 
Well, it was fun while it lasted!  It’s almost Friday!  See you!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

And the winner of the UPrinting Giveaway is

Libby’s Library said… Email subscriber 🙂

Tooth Fairy

How cute is this?
I got an email today from Grace at , and it had the cutest site on it!
It is called “I Caught the Tooth Fairy”. You take a picture of your child sleeping, and they transpose a little fairy over their heads as if they are being visited by the tooth fairy! How adorable!