Energize Yourself!

It’s summer, our kids are home….we are being run ragged! Us moms need to take a break, and remember to heal ourselves and our senses. The more pure consciousness you have, the more potential you have to create, the better moms we can be (wives, sisters, friends, SELVES!). Remember to take time for you today- do your yoga, take a walk, go running, read, meditate- do what makes you happy. Just for a few minutes 🙂

Costumes4Less Giveaway

Great Contest for 30$ to Costumes4Less, giveaway by MonniesAngels


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Giveaway Link

Hello Friends,
One of my very favorite bloggers is doing a GREAT giveaway for Laura’s Lean Beef- beef raised with no anti-biotics and no feed-lot conditions. Those of you who know me know how I feel about pure food- thy body is thy temple- and you are what you eat!

First Post!

Welcome to my new blog!
I am a mom to my Little Man, 3, and Kamikaze, 6, as well as wife to my Dear Husband.  I am a teacher, and graduate student part time.  Here is a little window into our lives, and we hope to get to know you as you get to know us!  We live and learn with our family, friends, and pets Chaac the wonder-dog and Precious the guinea pig.  Anyone who can suggest anything or way to improve my venture, please share!  I’d love your advice.