bblüv Püre – 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier Review

Clean Air is a Top Priority

Our most important and a immediate need is to breath and providing clean air free of allergens and other impurities is something we all want in our homes. No matter what our age this is important, but for a baby’s new lungs definitely consider bblüv Püre – 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier.

image of Püre – 3 in 1 HEPA Air PurifierThe ionizer in the Püre and HEPA+ filter work with activated carbon. The filter removes up to 99.7% of allergens and pollutants like bacteria, mites, mold, viruses, (hopefully not in the air but…) smoke. Even odors, pollen, and pet dander can be taken out of the air. My dog may be a non shedding breed but that doesn’t mean he is dander free or doesn’t carry in allergens from rubbing up against all kinds of nature on our walks. 

On a technical level the bblüv Püre 3 in 1 HEPA Air Purifier removes particles larger than 0.3 microns, which sounds really, really tiny. Go science! Even indoor allergens can trigger asthma year round not just tied to growing season. Mine are so much worse when the citrus trees go into bloom, but that doesn’t mean I am every fully allergy free. Reducing exposure is the first step, but not always possible if you want to step outside your door. You can however control the air in your home.

Honeywell Air Genius 5

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Honeywell have been makers of fine electronics for years. Especially various air purifiers and cleaners. The new Air Genius 5 is one of their more recent additions to their product line up.


The Air Genius has a ton of nifty features but the two which caught my eye right away were cleanable filter and its quiet. In our house there some of us who suffer from allergies. In the Spring/Fall/ Summer we go through about a box of tissues a week.

These allergies are not only segregated to the outdoors. Indoor air quality also effects allergy sufferers as well. Pet hair, dust, pollen and mold spores can all be present in your home thus setting off an allergic reaction.

The Air Genius cleans the air with three stages of cleaning. Stage 1 is a pre-filter. Stage 2 is a permanent washable ifD Filter followed by an electronic ionizer. Stage 1 also gives the user options, you can either put in a odor reducing pre filter, which is disposable and lasts approximately 3 months or a washable pre filter. Both pre-filters work quite well and we usually keep the washable pre-filter in unless there is a funk which needs to be removed from a room. Then we break out the odor reducer.