Follow – new app for travel and roadtrips

Have you ever been tasked with going someplace new, or had to follow behind another car to go someplace? (Meaning you had to follow another person driving?)  This can be a stressful situation for both parties.  Red lights, other drivers, pedestrians, re-fueling.  All this can lead to losing the other person getting lost, and in general can be cumbersome and down right unnerving.  Luckily, there is a new app called Follow, where it is easy to set up each person as the leader or follower and have others follow or lead you to your destination.

With both map based GPS locations and an audible notice when the trip changes, it is easy to follow or lead your trips.  This is great for short trips and long road trips as well.  Instead of being right on the leader car’s bumper, it is now possible to follow a safe distance away (even if other cars get in between you as you drive) while still getting to your final destination on time.  The app is breeze to use and after registering, makes for some fun trips with friends.  This is perfect for a group of friends in high school just learning how to drive in an area, a real estate agent trying to bring clients to more then one house, some friends going on a trip, or even out of town relatives who you are trying to show around a bit.  No matter what the reason, this app is very helpful.  Best part is it is is free to download.  If you want to have more then one follower, there is a 0.99 upgrade fee.  Follow allows you the ability to assign yourself or another as a leader and invite users to be followers.  It also gives you instant alerts when leader changes course.  It offers  hands-free navigation with verbal directions, and even easily turn off follow tracking for user safety.

Why everybody is playing games on their mobiles

One thing that I’ve noticed over the past couple of years is how just about everybody seems to be playing games on their smartphones.

I’ve already done some posts about how the little ones can get lost for days on end playing games like Minecraft, but thankfully it seems as though the world’s games developers have been on the case making games for grown-ups too!

Whilst games like Minecraft have caught the attention of my other half, I’ve been keen to hunt down some of the games that are a bit more stimulating for adults. And love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian has released one of the most amusing mobile games I’ve seen: Hollywood.

This fun mobile game gives you the opportunity of climbing your way up the Hollywood star system by going to boutiques, dating celebrities, and appearing in various amusing photo opportunities. Although it’s more than a little superficial, it’s actually pretty funny and I’ve spent many hours customizing my avatar with some typically weird and wonderful shoes and clothing.


Spooky Fun in BADLAND

Badland is an award-winning game, and deservedly so. My young one first saw the captivating adventure on a friend’s tablet. Since then, he’s been playing on our home computer. In Badland, players control a bunch of mysterious winged creatures. They look silly, flap their arms to fly, and tumble along any path. Badland is definitely unique, and it’s definitely fun.

I should mention that Badland might be a bit too spooky for very young children (much like The BoxTrolls or Coraline). It’s not a haunting Halloween game, but it’s not as bright and cheery as Cut the Rope. Badland has stunningly pretty graphics, with a glowing sun that lights up a foggy, interesting world. Old trees are overgrown with alien-like flowers and oddly colored bushes. Withered branches hang from high above, occasionally covered in autumn leaves. The world in Badland is deeply imaginative, and it may provide a strong source of inspiration for our creative little ones.

Learning how to play Badland is easy. When gaming on a computer, simply click the main mouse button or press the “up” arrow key to fly. Every single movement stems from that one button. Flying, rolling, and climbing all happens by flapping your character’s arms.


Experience space as only NASA astronauts have before with the new, custom-designed Space Visor virtual reality headset and mobile applications available exclusively at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Available for purchase at visitor complex gift shops and online at, the Space Visor transports users to a spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS), where they can explore inside and learn about each module, and then to the surface of the moon on a rocky lunar rover ride.  Other experiences include visits to restricted areas at the visitor complex such as the Gemini IX and Apollo 14 capsules and more. The headset can be used while at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and then from anywhere else a user might be.

“At Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex we create immersive space experiences for our visitors,” said Therrin Protze, chief operating officer, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “The Space Visor is the next step to bring our guests an unparalleled experience at the height of current technology.”

Foodie Fun and More in Papa’s Sushiria

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Certain games get everything right. Papa’s Sushiria is one of those special titles, representing a winning combination of multiple genres. In Papa’s Sushiria, players will work every job at a sushi restaurant. Taking orders, cooking rice, and preparing desserts has never been this exciting.

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Papa’s Sushiria is the latest installment in a decade-spanning series of restaurant management games. First, there was Papa’s Pizzeria, followed by a dozen other highly specific diners. Where Papa’s Pancakeria and Papa’s Wingeria might’ve struggled, Papa’s Sushiria shines. That’s because there are very many ways to make sushi. And as the head chef, we get to discover all of them.

Playing Papa’s Sushiria on Poki is about so much more than making food. Upon starting a new adventure, players can create their own character. Surprisingly, this game offers more customization than I’ve ever seen. There are literally trillions of possibilities, thanks to hundreds of different hairstyles, facial hair options, glasses, and colours galore. Players can even adjust the eye spacing and mouth height, among other facial features, to create themselves in the game. Earning money opens up a whole new world of outfit possibilities, with different shirts, pants, shoes, hats, belts, and jackets. Basically, there’s an extremely detailed dress-up game within Papa’s Sushiria from POKI!

Pele: Soccer Legend

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Want a more wholesome game for your kids to enjoy? Pelé: Soccer Legend is a new, free-to-play sports game on Poki. It’s got 3D graphics that look good on every computer—even on budget laptops. The gameplay is fun, and you only need to press one button to play. What’s not to love? From what I’ve experienced, Pelé: Soccer Legend is nothing short of amazing.

The Athletic Premise
Pelé is a hero to millions of soccer fans. Even those who didn’t watch him in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s know of his greatness. In Pelé: Soccer Legend, your kids can experience the early days of Pelé’s career. That’s because this game actually takes place on the streets of Brazil! Instead of competing on a typical soccer pitch, players get to score goals in back-alley “arenas.” This is a fresh way of reinventing the soccer genre, because it looks different than every other game. And it feels quite different, too. When kicking towards the goal, you can bounce the ball off of anything nearby! It’s really fun to aim at the wall and try to ricochet the soccer ball into the goal. There’s also a car behind the net, which you can aim at for funny surprises.

So Many Kicks

Ensure Your Kids Safety While Traveling, Using a Family Locator App

Whether it is a simple drive to school, a road trip, hang out with friends, after-school soccer practice or playing in the park, parents worry about their kids the moment they step out of the house. It is natural for parents to worry. There are strangers who can get them, they can get into a trouble or their own adventurous spirit can make them wander to dangerous places. Teenagers, especially, are eager to go to such places and are also willing to sneak off to late night parties and hangouts. The recent “killer clown“ incidents have increased the concern two-fold.


They are just interested in the fun and do not realize the risks. Parents, however, want to be aware of their whereabouts and make sure they are safe. They end up doing two things: either they call their kids every hour or get over stressed sitting at home. Arguments can also arise among independence-hungry teens and worried parents.

All such parents must know about family locator apps among which FamilyTime is a notable name. These apps do not require the parents to call or text their kids all the time, instead, they provide location services.

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With GPS tracking and Geofencing, parents can stay posted about their kids 24/7 and say bye-bye to their worries.

Stay in the loop

It gives you a constant report on your kid’s location. You can view their location history anytime and know where they are or where they have been.


Slink and Slither in

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Multiplayer games come in all shapes and sizes. Today, we’re looking at, which belongs to the “.io” subgenre of browser multiplayer games. If you played an .io game before, you should have a good idea of what to expect: an easy-to-join, hard-to-win battle.

The Gist of It pits all players against one another. There are no teams, guilds, or clans. Team Deathmatch is non-existent; in this game, every worm plays for itself. The objective is simple: kill other worms. That’s the quickest way to grow and clear your surroundings. There’s no final winner, just a temporary leader (i.e. the longest worm). It’s like, but with a bunch of cool bonus features.

Skilled Worms equips players with Super Skills. These come in the form of Acceleration, Stop, and Ghost. Acceleration works identically to the boost feature in—you can activate a temporary speed boost to zoom in front of other players. This allows you to attack others, at the cost of shortening your worm. The other features, Stop and Ghost, and brand-new to the .io genre. Stop allows you to completely halt for up to 5 seconds. This is a great defensive skill, letting you avoid the Acceleration attacks from other worms. The Ghost feature makes your worm transparent, which doubles as invincibility. When you’re a ghost, you can glide through other worms without dying.