Design the Royal Gown in Princess Fashion Dress Up

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One of my favorite ways to have fun with my daughters is playing games. When my husband and I had our first child, there weren’t many free kids’ games available on the Web. These days, there’s a seemingly endless supply of titles in every genre. One of the most child-centric gaming spots, and my personal favorite, is Poki. They recently released Princess Fashion Dress Up, and that’s what I’m reviewing today.

If you haven’t played dress-up games before, I recommend you start with this one. Much like clothes in the real world, dress-up games come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Princess Fashion Dress Up from Poki is a straightforward game that’s easy to learn. Newbies to the genre and experienced fashionistas will feel right at home.

Instead of showcasing a disorganized closet filled with mismatched threads, this game lays out every clothing item very clearly. By pressing a button, you can view every dress, cape, or necklace. There are no menus to scroll through, no disappearing items, and not a single ugly item in the closet. Poki has streamlined the dress-up process, presenting only the 10 best choices in every category. If you want to really delve into the world of fashion design, you can modify nearly every item with custom colors.

Fighting is Fun in


If you liked playing, you probably also enjoyed After those two, you might’ve tried and But, is that enough .io games? After playing, I don’t think so. is a new type of .io game, one that provides a much deeper, more immersive experience. The current alpha stage includes one game mode—KingDM, an ongoing deathmatch between anyone brave enough to compete. The leader (i.e. the King) gets a strength boost to further dominate the desert. It sounds simple enough, but there’s much more to Tank Wars than meets the eye.

Special abilities are among the most important features of the game. In, players mustn’t resort to firing the same supply of ammo in every direction. Instead, you can plant mines across the battlefield. Deadly explosives are effective, but they’re not the only special ability at your disposal. The Air Strafe calls a computer-controlled plane to decimate a certain section of the war zone. This is extremely useful when being cornered by multiple tanks (or if you simply want to wreak havoc on others). Other special abilities are defensive, like the Shield, which surrounds your tank with a glowing force field. Your bullets can get out, but no one else’s ammo can get in.

The Daily Jigsaw Puzzle


In the morning, to get their brains to wake up, many people grab a cup of coffee or tea.  But this really just stimulates your body and revs up your brain with caffeine or hot liquids.  What if instead you could really rev up your mind with a new puzzle every day?  One such place to get your daily puzzle fix is where you can work on a brand new jigsaw puzzle everyday, in addition to a plethora of other puzzles as well.

One of the coolest aspects of this site is the competitive puzzle solving, where if you get one of the top ten quickest times in solving the puzzle, your name will show up for all to see.  Each puzzle is available in 9 pieces, 16 pieces, and up to 144 pieces and 225 pieces as well.

Frustration-Free, Cost-Free Soccer Gaming


It seems that every year, our kids want the newest soccer game. To me, the new $60 FIFA title looks exactly the same as last year’s version. Even my husband, an avid football fan, often says that we don’t need to buy it. Usually we give in, shelling out too much money for what seems like the same game. This year, I might’ve found the perfect solution: a soccer video game that doesn’t cost any money!

Heads Arena: Euro Soccer is a kid-friendly, easy-to-play browser game. It works in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc. Because it is on Poki, there’s nothing to download—no apps, special permissions, or payment information required. All of these factors are what initially turned me on to the title. Can a free Internet game be as good as a best-selling console series? After playing, I really think so.

I must admit that I’m not a hardcore gamer. Even so, I was able to compete against the computer in Heads Arena: Euro Soccer within a minute. The menu is simple to navigate, with big buttons that let you choose between Tournament mode (more on that later), Party mode, and one- or two-player matchups. I opted for a solo game in Party mode, which is also called Normal mode. Then, it was time to choose teams and players. There are 12 teams in the game, all of which have two different athletes. The players look pretty silly, with funny expressions and exaggerated facial features. To me, each player looks like a cartoon. My husband insists that they’re based on real athletes, and I’m inclined to believe him. As the name of the game suggests, every team hails from Europe. There are pairs of caricatured superstars from Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the UK.

Powerpuff Girls: Back and Better Than Ever


The cartoon world’s most fearless female superheroes are back! Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom need your help fighting crime and keeping the city safe. Over at, you can play brand-new and classic games featuring the heroes of Townsville, USA. Below, I’ve highlighted the best parts of Poki’s Powerpuff Girls game collection.

Before we had our first child, my husband and I used to watch a few cartoons. It was part of our pre-parenting process—a fun way to see what we’d be getting into. The Powerpuff Girls debuted on Cartoon Network in 1998. The lively animated series inspired and entertained young ladies (and future moms like me) with 6 seasons of thrilling episodes. Despite a couple of specials, the Powerpuff Girls television series was on hiatus for over a decade. Now it’s back, and with it comes a bunch of great games.

Blossom is the strong-willed leader of the female trio. Over at Poki, you can fly through Townsville and help Blossom defeat supervillains. You might need Buttercup’s help to strike down the hilariously evil Mojo Jojo. In Trail Blazer, you’ll team up with Bubbles to save an entire city. Many of the Powerpuff Girls games on Poki require teamwork and quick thinking. These titles are entertaining and educational, teaching the value of working together to be successful.

Simple, Safe Multiplayer in

Children love playing video games, but not every game provides a positively ideal experience. As parents, we want our kids to have fun, and we want to worry as little as possible. is an easy-to-learn, simple multiplayer game that dodges the many pitfalls of other modern titles.


Enter a nickname, and move your mouse to play. Within a few seconds, you can enter the competitive world of Loosely based on game (which your children might already play), puts all players together in one giant arena. Your snake, which starts out small, will follow the mouse cursor. Simply lead the reptile towards glowing pieces of food, and it will grow. Longer snakes are also bigger and move faster. Basically, the more you eat, the better you are. is a great option for both younger and older kids. There aren’t any complex controls to learn, key combos to memorize, or lengthy instructions to read. When the game begins, your snake will start moving. From there, you can choose to slither in a straight line towards food, or try to trap other players with your tail. Advanced players might use their snake’s length to perform quick moves and knock other players out of the game. Whether you choose to play offensively or defensively, you have an equal chance at earning a spot on the leaderboard.

OurPact – New App For Families


Access-GrantedIn the modern day and age, there are few technological gadgets which have permeated society so fully as the smart phone. Just about every man woman and child has one, and its a model newer then yours. But with smart phones and kids comes a big, scary prospect. The internet, Facebook, Twitter and every scumbag with a computer or smart phone now has a direct line of communication with your little one. What are some ways to properly keep your child safe with a smart phone?

  1. Be honest. Tell them a few horror stories, hit close to home. Talk about kids their age or younger. Make the characters in your story relatable to your little ones.
  2. Software- you need something to help keep your kids online habits in check and keep them from becoming those people who spend more time on their phone then in real life. One such app is OurPact which brings new dynamic to the parents – child smart phone discussion.
  3. (more…)

Scholastic Interactive Apps

Scholastic have long been makers of much loved children’s books. Today we are looking at 2 new apps by Scholastic each of which is based on a classic line of educational fun. One The Magic School bus and the other I-Spy.


The Magic School Bus: Field Trip Frenzy takes players on adventurous multiplayer games where they take trips into the human body, the Amazon rainforest, and outer space to name a few fun locations. Each game features competitive play and is mean to be played on a 10inch or bigger All in One or Two in One devices. The game gets kids interested in science and exploration. The game is set up in a game show type format with bright colors and seamless gameplay, which is both fun and exciting for kids of all ages. If you have a big screen tablet or touchscreen device, you owe it to yourself to grab this game for your little ones. Magic School Bus: Field Trip Frenzy retails on the Windows App Store for $1.49 and is available now.