A Visit to Cooperstown NY

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and MuseumNatural Beauty and our National Pastime!

Baseball fans you have heard the name because Cooperstown NY is home to the The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, but there is so much more to this area for visitors to enjoy. Museums, breweries, farmers markets, and historical locations are all attractions just a few hours drive from NYC. These fun destinations are surrounded by nature that will inspire you to get out and get moving!

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Learn more about the game, the history, and the players all in one place with exciting exhibits, and displays that will capture baseball fans and newbies alike. Then let the action really come to life with the Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum. Stand next you favorite players and see what they look like outside of their baseball cards. Maybe even take in a game at the birthplace of America’s pastime, Abner Doubleday Field.

The Fenimore Art Museum & The Farmers’ Museum

Fenimore Art Museum Court yard

If you are looking for more museum options Cooperstown is loaded with interesting stops to keep your visit filled with learning and culture. The Fenimore Art Museum is a collection of American fine and folk art, Native American art, and photography as well as visiting exhibitions. Considered one of the nation’s premier art institutions this is a must see for everyone from the views on the walls to the lovely grounds of the museum.

A Visit to Catalina Island

It begins with a boat ride…

Located off the coast of Southern California, Catalina Island is a vacation destination and adventure start to finish. From the beautiful vistas to the quaint town of Avalon, Catalina is worthy of its hundred plus years as a travelers’ oasis. To get to the island you have two options, boat or helicopter. Most of the islands visitors go by way of ocean travel which takes a little over an hour.

There are two major towns on the island but Avalon is by far the most popular and iconic. Much of the island is undeveloped and now home to herds of bison, wild foxes, and deer. You can even catch sight of a bald eagle if you head out on one of the nature tours of the island.

JazzTrax Festival. Hearing live music where Hollywood stars of the Golden Age partied is a thrill. Or you can catch a movie downstairs in the art deco theatre. Taking a Casino Tour to learn the building’s history is a great way to get a look at everything as well.

Another adventure on Catalina Island is the underwater activities. Swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling are a big draw.  One option to see the abundant sea life is to get in and get wet, but certain months of the year that is less enticing than others. If you want to get up close and personal while staying dry give the Glass Bottom Boat Tour a try. You can go out and give catching your dinner a try too. The island is known for its great fishing.

The 10 Most Inspirational Art Galleries in the World

Great art is an inspiration to creative thinkers of all types. Masterful paintings and sculptures fill viewers with a sense of wonder and inspire them to dream of things that many people consider to be impossible. The following ten art museums and galleries, curated with the help of Marked By Teachers contain some of the greatest and most inspirational works of art that the world has ever seen.

The Louvre

Located in Paris, the Louvre is the world’s most popular art museum. The museum’s many awe-inspiring galleries display over 35,000 works of art by the greatest masters of all time. Collections include Western European art from the medieval period to the mid 19th century, Islamic art and art and antiquities from ancient civilizations. The Louvre is open every day except Tuesday, and admission to the permanent collection costs €11 ($14.30) for adults. Admission to special exhibits costs €12, and a combined ticket costs €15.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The scale of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is massive, and any art lover will find multiple sources of inspiration in the museum’s many galleries. The extensive collection includes over 2 million works of American, European, African, Asian, Oceanic, Byzantine and Islamic art from various periods. Admission is $25 for adults, and the museum is closed on Mondays.

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

Containing the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyptian art and antiquities, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is a place no art or history lover should miss. By simply walking through the museum’s massive halls, visitors are transported to another time. The museum is open daily, and admission costs 60 Egyptian pounds ($10).