Banda Bib Review & Giveaway

Banda Bib

With two small children bibs are definintely a must have item. My oldest still uses them for the occasional meal, but my youngest always has one on. However, my youngest is not always a huge fan of having to wear them. That was until I introduced her to the Banda Bib.

About Banda Bib:

The BandaBib is an Award-Winning bandana style baby bib. It is extremely stylish and functional. It is made of 100% cotton designer print hi-dry cotton backing. It also has a velcro closure.

The Bib comes in a variety of prints and solids so that you can use it with any child.

My Thoughts:

I was extremely impressed with the BandaBib. Both my daughters were huge fans of the BandaBib. They absolutely loved them. Both my youngest and oldest were in love with the prints that they had.