A Travel Guide for New York City on a Budget

New York is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. This iconic city is on the wish list of every traveler with interests in the arts, history, culture and nightlife. New York is an attractive destination but the question is, is it ideal for budget travelers as well? Yes, it is and you’d be wrong to assume it to be too pricey a destination to visit. You can plan well in advance and visit the city in an economical manner.

Here are some tips to get a New York City tour on a budget:

Get the trip planning right

First things first, a cost-effective trip of New York requires good planning. You need to research which sights are near each other so that they can be visited together–saving time and money. You also need to find out which days museums offer free admission, this will give you big savings.

Save with bundled tour passes

The easiest way to save on your NYC sightseeing is by purchasing a bundled tour pass, especially when you wish to visit a lot of popular places and attractions in the city. Tour passes bundles various tours and activities thereby offering you a reduced price.You are also spared the inconvenience of paying separately for each tour. The more they offer, the more you save!

Look for discounts & coupons

You can visit websites of several landmarks and attractions and find coupons or discounts. Not all attractions in NYC have an entry fee and you can search to know which are free. Similarly, you can collect coupons and then get discounts on food, shopping, entry to landmarks etc.

Save through inexpensive events and Broadway tickets

New York is a city that offers a lot of free concerts, art exhibits, music shows etc. Want to save money on Broadway theater tickets? Visit one of the TKTS discount theater ticket booths located around town. There are 3 of them: one in Midtown, one at the South Street Seaport and one in Brooklyn. They sell discounted tickets for same day matinee and evening performances.

Be selective about transportation

Buy a MetroCard and get non-stop rides for a week or even longer. A MetroCard pass offers you unlimited trips on both the subway and buses in all 5 NYC boroughs for the duration of the pass. Or purchase a hop-on hop-off bus tour that gives you a guided tour through the city while offering a way to hop-on or hop-off the bus near popular city attractions.

Experience the real New York on foot

New York is a great city explored by foot. Since most of Manhattan is based on a grid system it is hard to get lost. Below Houston Street there is no grid and it is a bit easier to get lost but getting lost is half the fun–you never know what you may find!

Navigate around cycle routes

Biking is also fun. Bikes can be rented for an hour, a day or longer. New York is a bike friendly city and is becoming more so every day! You can bike around town independently or join a bike tour with a guide.

Dine away from upscale market

There are lots of different types of ethnic foods in New York and if you want to save money that is the way to go. It is also a lot of fun to try all the different foods that New York has to offer while saving money at the same time! Be sure to check out bars offering happy hour discounted prices.

Stay outside Manhattan to save on lodging

Don’t book a hotel room in Manhattan when cost is a major consideration. Rather, try one of the outer boroughs where prices are not as steep. Hostels and apartment rentals are great alternatives to pricey Manhattan hotels too.

Shop at a flea market

New York is a shoppers paradise. Try visiting one of the weekend flea markets to find something unique and interesting. Canal Street is a great place to save a lot on purses, jewelry and similar items.

Overall, book your hopon hopoff New York tour and explore the best this metropolis has to offer. Plan well in advance and be sure to return home with lots of memories!