Tips to Increase Your Child’s Safety in the Car

Having a child no longer means you have to be tied at home until he or she is able to take care of themselves in various situations. Nowadays you and the new baby can enjoy a trip, you can have a nice family day outside in the park, or you can simply take them grocery shopping.

All these are possible because we now have safer cars, better roads, and ways to make sure the baby will be safe in the car. Here is where the car seat comes in, and even though some adults don’t seem to believe its amazing powers, this device will make your life easier.

This is true because the baby is securely strapped in the seat, which is tightly attached to the car’s regular seat, creating a protective cocoon from which your vivacious kid can’t escape by mistake. Furthermore, the seat will protect your fragile child in the case of an accident, keeping their head, neck and spine in alignment.

These aspects are very important, especially for a baby, and you can learn more about how a special car seat can protect your beloved children by taking a look at this amazingly detailed infographic below:

car seat info

SeatPets – Adorable Travel Buddies Review and GIVE it AWAY

I don’t know about you but my son just adores his seat belt. (Cough….Who doesn’t, right? Hmmm…) He puts it on all the time without fail, never fighting even a little bit. (Cough…) Well, now he does. You see very recently we were able to install his favorite accessory of the car. The fun, new SeatPet. This wonderful invention takes the idea of a a seat belt cover and adds a few upgrades- It is a seat belt cover, a stuffed animal, and a handy storage container for the car (and a very useful nap pillow).

Watching him nap without anything just makes my neck hurt, and leads to the “car shuffle” to find his small pillow. But with the SeatPet he always has a pillow to pass out onto/with. The critter is so soft and cuddly, you can even get away with bringing him inside at your destination as your little ones plush of choice for bed. There are so many possibilities, it is great. The part I am most impressed with are the pockets. Instead of just having a big stuffed animal seatbelt cover, a great idea unto itself, there are pockets! Lots of them, some zippered some open [Read more…]

The Right Car Seat Could Save Your Child’s Life

Sadly, children under 12 years of age die because of car accidents, daily. Automobile accidents are the number one cause, and many of these tragedies are preventable. By choosing the right car seat and using it correctly, every single time, parents give their children the best gift of all: a future.

Anyone who drives a vehicle with children onboard needs to ensure these three things: the right car seat is chosen, it is correctly used and it is in use every time. While there are no national regulations for car seat safety, each state sets their own laws about their use. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) makes recommendations, and along with, these two resources provide a wealth of knowledge for drivers.

Picking The Right Size Car Seat

Babies and children up to age 12 need their own child seat, which attaches to the vehicle using the car’s factory seat belt. Different makes of cars require slightly different shapes of child seats; the child seat must be able to sit flush and secure against the vehicle’s back seat. Back seats are far safer than front seats so are always preferable.

Rear-facing infant seats are designed for newborns and up to the age [Read more…]