Road Trip With the 2016 Mazda 6

Over the course of one of our recent excursions, we were given the opportunity to try out the new 2016 Mazda 6.  With tons of bells and whistles as well as a super efficient engine, the 2.5L SKYACTIV-G gasoline engine takes efficiency to a whole new performance level, with better EPA-estimated highway MPG than the competition.


This car is a fun to drive, and the ride is smooth.  From the side front and rear radar, all your sides are covered and as long as you are careful, good driving is easy to do in such a safe environment.  The Mazda 6 also has the added benefit of a stellar safety system.


This includes standard safety featureslike advanced front air bags, front side-impact air bags, side-impact air curtains*, Dynamic Stability Control* with Traction Control System, 4-wheel ABS with Electronic Brake force Distribution and Brake Assist, Available Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Traffic Alert*, Smart City Brake Support*, Smart Brake Support with Collision Warning*, Lane Departure Warning System*, High Beam Control, Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Close Proximity Warning*.

#ExploreMore with the 2016 Ford Explorer

Just recently, I had the opportunity to drive from Montana to Wyoming in the new 2016 Ford Explorer. It was a beautiful car, with plenty of room and a smooth ride.  We had a pleasant trip through some very scenic states and areas, and had so much fun getting to take this auto on quite the test drive.


Taking a little break to enjoy the scenery.

The new Ford Explorer has lots of updates and improvements, but the most noticeable thing about the new Explorer is its ease to drive and fun to get behind the wheel.  From an ecologically minded engine, to many places to plug in your devices and music players, to all the “extras”, there is so much that will make you fall in love with the Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer

The road trip begins! We all get into an Explorer and go exploring. Fairly apt, don’t you think?

The vehicle itself sports new lift gate, new tail lamps, new fascia and new exhaust tips,Redesigned hood, headlamps, grille, fender and fog lamps,Five all-new wheel designs and three new colors, Unique interior and exterior and premium appointments on the new Platinum series,Nirvana Leather with perforated and quilted seats on Platinum model.


Plenty of room for 3 people’s bags and computers with lots of spcace to spare.

The engine is a 280 hp beats which delivers 310 lbs of torque using its twin turbochargers which give the engine faster pickup and enhances acceleration.

The hands free parking is a thing of wonder.  It helps keep the guess work out of weather you are in the spot or not. The Explorer uses its available ultrasonic systems to help you in nearly all parking situations – park out assist, perpendicular parking, and Forward and Side Sensing Systems.  While the car is large, you wont’ feel like you are parking a boat.  It is also really nice to be able to see behind you easily via screen while you are backing up.

Is Your Child in the Right Car Seat? #therightseat

Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for children age 1 to 13 in the USA? In 2013, a child under 13 was involved in a crash every 33 seconds.

During Child Passenger Safety Week, please visit to determine your child is in the right seat for his or her age and size and to locate a car seat inspection event in their area.  Additionally, parents and caregivers can register their child’s car seat with the manufacturer so as to be informed in the event of a recall.
  • If a car seat is not installed correctly, your child’s safety could be compromised. Every car seat has different installation instructions. You can find resources and tips here to help you get “the right fit” on your car seats:
  • Free Car Seat Inspections: During Child Passenger Safety Week, there will be events across the country where Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will inspect car seats and show parents and caregivers how to correctly install and use them. In most cases, this service is free of charge.  Locate a car seat check event here:
  • (more…)

Get Your Kids to Buckle Up #KidsBuckleUp

We all know that getting our kids to listen can be a challenge.  There are times you lose the battle, but as long as you win the war, right?  One of the battles you really can’t afford to lose is the battle to buckle up.  Not only is it a lifesaver in a car crash, but it will keep them safe in all those little “road skirmishes” most of us deal with on a regular basis.  Kids who buckle up as soon as they get in the car, every time, will develop that habit, and it will be one that they won’t break as they get older and start driving on their own- so start young, and never let that one go.

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Parenting a tween involves compromise. But here’s one rule that should not be up for debate – the car doesn’t move until everyone is wearing a seat belt. If you say it, and if parents buckle up themselves, your tween will buckle up. And if they don’t, that’s a fight worth having. It might just save your tween’s life.

pic5Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death for children age 1 to 14 in the USA?  Over the past 5 years, 1,522 kids ages 8-14 died in car, SUV and van crashes. Of those who died, almost half were unbelted.  As children get older they’re less likely to buckle up. The percentage of child passengers who die while riding unrestrained generally increases with age and is most pronounced among 13 and 14-year-olds regardless of seating position.

Are You Prepared For Winter Driving?

Driving in winter can be tricky and dangerous, especially if you’re driving on icy roads. It winter requires drivers to take extra precautions to keep themselves and their passengers safe. To stay protected while driving in winter, make sure your vehicle is prepared and is able to adapt to varying road and weather conditions. The last thing you need is a car that breaks down in the middle of a snowstorm! Aside from your regular maintenance tasks, carry out these checks when you feel the icy months coming.


          • Wiper blades – Check your windscreen wiper blades for damage, which often occurs when the blades become frozen to the windscreen glass and you try to free them up. Have replacement wipers handy. You can also purchase winter wiper blades. In line with this, make sure you have enough screenwash in your wiper pump as well.
          • Coolant – Check to see if the coolant is between the maximum and the minimum markers, and if there is enough anti-freeze in it. Anti-freeze prevents damage to the engine during winter months and should be refreshed every two years.
          • Car battery – Make sure your car battery is fully charged before using the car, especially if your car has not been used for a period of time. Better yet, have your entire battery and charging system serviced for optimum performance.
          • Tires – Tread is crucial especially when driving in harsh winter conditions. Check your tires’ condition and make sure there is adequate tread. Scrutinize your tires to check for damage such as bulges and splits, and don’t forget to check the pressure. You can also consider buying tires especially made for driving on icy roads as these give you greater grip, control, and traction on slippery surfaces.
          • (more…)

Safety First with Volvo

When buying a new car what are the top features you look for? Maybe a sleek design, killer stereo? IF you have a family neither of those come before safety. Above all else you should know that your car is one of the safest on the roads and today we are going to look at a few safety features which could set your car a step about he rest and might one day, your deity of choice forbid, save your life.

1) What are the bones of your beast made from? Without a strong frame how can your car hope to survive a collision with a shopping cart let alone anything else on four wheels. The new XC90 from Volvo features over 40 per cent hot formed boron steel which increases strength significantly without adding mass or weight to the vehicle what this means is more zoom less boom.
2) How will your car keep you safe while on the road? Why the new Volvos come with Forward Collision Warning which is an accident avoidance system. It scans all objects within 500 feet in front of your car and if an accident is imminent it warns you and prepares the brakes. It can even brake for you should the situation require it. So instead of keeping you safe in an accident it keep you from getting into them in the first place.

Hertz – Travel Easy, Rent Easy

When starting on a road trip, there are lots of things to factor in. Most important being the mode of transportation being used, of course. Is this a road trip where everyone packs into the old car and zips state to state, checking out the sights and sounds, or more of a long haul where you are going to be doing some serious off roading? If your choice is car, then I would suggest grabbing a rental before taking your regular car with you. Not only will it help keep your car from racking up added miles, but also will give the driver a change of pace. Instead of driving the same care taken to work every day, upgrade to a newer, sleeker car with lots of space for the kids and many entertainment options for all involved. (Just make sure it includes cruise control.)
Hertz to the rescue for your driving needs!  With vehicles ranging from dream cars, prestige, adrenaline, and green travelers there is something for everyone in the fleet.

Traveling with Hertz Rental Cars

Traveling with Hertz Rental Cars

We recently took a 10 day road trip, and rented with Hertz.  We were lucky enough to use a car that was barely used at all- just about a thousand miles on it when we packed our suitcases into it.   Another bonus when you rent with Hertz  is that they will come pick you up at home, so no one needs to drop you off, and you don’t need to leave your car in a parking lot while you are traveling.  (Or alternately, while your car is in the shop, or whatever your needs are.)  Of course, they will drop you off at home when you bring the car back as well- just make sure you arrive back during business hours.

Traveling with the Kia Soul

When is a sporty fun car a bit more- when its got Soul, of course. The Kia Soul has just that, especially the new version of them.

20140726_111204The newest Kia Soul is built upon the concept design from Kia for the Trick’ster concept which first showed up at the Chicago 2012 auto show. The concept packed more power and all wheel drive traction into a nifty design showing promise of things to come. The new Soul is the next iteration toward that future with a sportier exterior closer to that of the Trick’ster.

20140728_072826Driving wise, the car is a dream. It is smooth and has pick up, but is not as sporty as the previous Soul. But something keep in mind is with the toned down engine from 6500 rpm’s to 6200 rpm’s, you do get a more automatic friendly vehicle.  It does very well on gas, only making me tank up roughly 4 times to Virginia and back to NJ.