Traveling with the Kia Soul

When is a sporty fun car a bit more- when its got Soul, of course. The Kia Soul has just that, especially the new version of them.

20140726_111204The newest Kia Soul is built upon the concept design from Kia for the Trick’ster concept which first showed up at the Chicago 2012 auto show. The concept packed more power and all wheel drive traction into a nifty design showing promise of things to come. The new Soul is the next iteration toward that future with a sportier exterior closer to that of the Trick’ster.

20140728_072826Driving wise, the car is a dream. It is smooth and has pick up, but is not as sporty as the previous Soul. But something keep in mind is with the toned down engine from 6500 rpm’s to 6200 rpm’s, you do get a more automatic friendly vehicle.  It does very well on gas, only making me tank up roughly 4 times to Virginia and back to NJ.

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Save Money On Gas – Sign Up Today

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Fuel Rewards Network – Save Money On Gas


The Fuel Rewards Network™ program is a free loyalty program that helps you save money on fuel. You’ll earn Fuel Rewards® savings for doing things you already do every day, and you can redeem your rewards at the pump to watch your price drop.

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Fuel Rewards Network program – which, for a limited time, new Members of the Fuels Rewards Network program receive a 25c/gal New Member Bonus when they link their Master Card

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If you’d like to earn Fuel Rewards savings through the MasterCard Grocery Bonus, you’ll need to have a valid MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid card(s) and a participating FRN program grocer’s rewards card linked to your FRN Account. When you shop at a participating FRN program grocery store and use your linked grocer’s rewards card and MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid card(s) as credit, you’ll earn an additional 3¢/gal for every $100 you spend.
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Cars, Accidents, and Safety

Cars are wonderful inventions, it’s hard to imagine being without  one.  With roads everywhere, street signs, GPS and online Map sites, getting around has never been easier (if you don’t count traffic. Or gas prices). If you have a plan in mind, the ride can be less stressful  Unless you live in the NY Area like me, then, wave hello to the endless traffic of the NY/Metro area.  Yes, be very jealous.  There is another down side to owning a car, of course.  Other drivers.  Sure, you can try your best to be safe and drive courteously and cautiously, but unfortunately accidents happen.  Below are a few simple steps to take when in an accident, all of which are important to help you stay safe, calm, and get claim in.  But the most important tip is this:  Be Safe.  You never know what this odd world has in store for us, so try your best to keep yourselves in one piece and avoid shady drivers as well.
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Auto Safety in October

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pep Boys for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today we are going to talk about auto safety in the month of October. Now we might not think October is not that big of a deal for auto safety issues, at least not more then another month. Suspecting September to be a bigger month for this with schools opening and the influx of children walking about in the morning and in the afternoon. But October is also a big month to be extra careful. With daylight savings decreasing sun-light driving conditions and the onset of fall right around the corner causing leaves and ice on the roads. And Halloween ending the month with kids roaming every unlit corner of our neighborhood in spooky, dark clothing This month is a perfect time [Read more…]

Tips on Shopping for Your Teen’s First Car

If you were a teen looking for a new car, you’d likely want something loud, fast,
and flashy. Most teens are trying to impress their peers, and this is exactly the attitude
that gets them into trouble behind the wheel. As a parent it is your job to temper your
teen’s desire to act in a foolhardy manner and it starts with the car you allow him to
drive. Although you’re probably fine with putting him behind the wheel of your old-school
minivan, rife with safety features, the truth is that you probably need that car. As a
result, you might be looking at getting your teen driver his own sets of wheels. So here
are just a few tips to help you go about in in the right way.

  1. New vs. used. There are very few cases in which a teen driver should get a
    brand new car. The major exceptions would be advanced safety features, alternative
    fuel options, and hands-free technology, all of which are more readily available on newer
    vehicles. Still, you could look at certified pre-owned options that are only a year or two
    old. The idea here is that your teen is likely to ruin a first car, not only with accidents,
    but from the pure wear and tear that a new driver will heap on his vehicle as he hones
    his driving skills. This isn’t to say that you should cheap out on a car that barely runs,
    but considering how much money you stand to lose, it doesn’t make sense to buy new in
    most cases.
  2. Consider associated costs. Another thing to think about is the additional costs
    that come with buying a car. New cars will have higher registration fees and insurance
    premiums (especially since you have to hold a full coverage policy while paying a loan),
    while used cars may include more maintenance. This is one great reason to check out
    certified pre-owned vehicles; their sticker prices are greatly reduced and most come with
    a partial or even a full warranty.
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John Deere Trucks Review and Giveaway

New Trucks, Hooray! These are really cute John Deere trucks and tractors, which my son loves. Makes him feel like a farmer. TOMY has a whole line of John Deere licensed farm and construction equipment, like tractors, trucks, dump trucks, and bulldozers. All these toys are classic fun, for anyone who enjoys little cars or really likes farms. Our Little likes both- so we are golden. They are brightly colored and come in almost every variety you can think of, and definitely some you haven’t. For kids of all ages- all the way down to infant level.

We have the pleasure of trying out the new Lights ‘n Sounds Monster Treads line. The trucks from this line are quite fun, they includes lights, sounds and some super bouncy tires, that [Read more…]

@Kia – My Favorite Way To Travel

Over the past week I had the extreme pleasure of driving the 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid around Florida. This was my first time driving a hybrid, and I have to admit I am impressed. (This may be the only car I will ever rent again…)

The Kia Optima Hybrid is a very interesting vehicle. This car is a hybrid which means it runs on gasoline and electric. It charges by breaking, and driving. It also saves you gas money and charges by coasting, [Read more…]