Meeting Kristi Yamaguchi and Finding Alpine Lace’s Perfect Match

Yesterday, I was able to “Dine, dance and discover” with Kristi Yamaguchi, the Alpine Lace Deli Cheese brand spokesperson in New York City.  At this event, we chatted about family life, what matters most to each of us, and the things that make out days that much better.  We also tried out some fun and delicious pairings with Alpine Lace cheese, and learned some dance steps.  Yep- we tore up the dance floor.  OK- maybe there was no actual “Dance Floor”, but life is what you make of it, ay?  We were dancing, it was a dance floor!  🙂

5 07 14 i hop and alpine lace 008

Kristi Yamaguchi (who was on the TV Show “Dancing With the Stars”) even gave us a performance of the Rumba steps to inspire the wallflowers among us.

5 07 14 i hop and alpine lace 013

At the Perfect pairings station, we spoke with the Alpine Lace test kitchen expert, who showed off a variety of food and wine pairings that go great with Alpine Lace Swiss. Some examples are chocolate, strawberries, crackers, cucumbers, and mortadella.
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Interview With Scarlett Johansson #CaptainAmericaEvent

A few weeks ago, I was able to interview Scarlett Johansson about her role as “The Black Widow” in the New Captain America movie.  She came in, all dressed in white, and acted like a normal person, which was pretty cool.  She was as pretty in person as she is on screen, which was pretty annoying  😉 but we can let that slide.  The movie was awesome, and comes out on Friday- make sure you check it out.  Black Widow was a cool character in it, I can’t imagine too many people who won’t like this flick.

Here is an excerpt from the interview. Read on.

scarlett 2

Question- So when are we going to see the Black Widow movie?

Scarlett Johansson: Um, two years… [LAUGHS] don’t print that. The thing about working with Marvel is that how loud the audience voice is. Marvel, and particularly Kevin Feige is such a fan of the source material himself that he understands the fans are kind of what drive this train. If people want a Black Widow film, I’m sure that we can get something together.

Question- In The Winter Soldier, the Black Widow’s like cupid, talking all about love and relationships with Captain America. Why the transition?

Scarlett Johansson: That’s interesting. First of all, when the character is talking to Loki [in Avengers], she’s kind of putting up this front. She’s not, as we come to realize, being completely honest with him. It’s partly for her Widow face that she wears. And in this film, we really get to see a lot more of Natasha. I like to think that Natasha has a romantic side.

You know, she’s been really damaged. I think that she very early on in the past probably learned to not care too much about people because they could be easily taken away from her and used against her. And she probably didn’t want to hurt the people that she loved the most. So she never needs them or never invested too much in them knowing that it would probably put them in danger.

But I think she hopes that for someone like Cap, I think she sees someone who could have his life enriched by sharing it with somebody. She sees someone that kind of yearns for that, but, you know, is also scarred by the series of events that have changed his life. Maybe she kind of sees in Steve [Rogers] a little bit of herself and wants something more for him.
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