The Happy’s “Pets” Review and Giveaway

First were the Zhu Zhu Pets the cute cuddly noisy little hamsters, then came Kung Zhu a way for boys and more rough little ones to get into the little hamster craze.  Fast forward to the next Cepia craze to hit the nation, The Happy’s.

2 25 14 toys and aquarium 002The Happy’s are cute little pets which zip around, play, and sin around in circles all while getting everyone in the room to run around and giggle profusely.  Happy’s come in two varieties, dogs and cats.  Both of which are cure and dash around just the same.


The Happy’s work with both a play ball which they push around and jump on and a treat which they will follow around the room with.  To really see The Happy’s in all their glory you should have more then one.  Two or more interacting with one another and playing with your little one makes for a room of laughs and giggles even some.  “No get down” lol.  It is astounding to see Little Man playing with the Happy’s as if they are real pets.  Running around chasing them, everything but the pooing and eating.  The critters available are Mittens the cat, Sport the Goldendoodle, Bentley the Retriever, and Chance the Beagle.
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