Are You Looking to Travel To The Places Where Edibles Are Legal? Here’s a list of some places

Edible weed is beverages and food infused with weed. It can take any shape or form like pizza sauce, potato chips, candy, brownies, and so on. The food edible foundation is some type of fat that has been infused with THC. It has been noticed that THC binds to various fats and which ultimately look like coconut oil, butter, or other identical fatty substances, that can be used to cook and bake. This is how it becomes edible and they are legal in many places. 

Cannabis-infused foods can take virtually any shape or form, from brownies and cookies to pizza sauce, to candy, to potato chips, and so on. If this is exciting you and an urge to fly to the places where they are available in knocking your mind exists, then below is a list of the places where it’s legal. 

  1. Portugal

Adjacent Spain this country was basically the first one in the world to legitimize drugs. So, it’s not just weed that you can enjoy freely in Portugal but any drug. You will be amazed to know that after legalizing it the country has noticed a no increase in cannabis utilization among the residents of the country.   

  1. Canada

Do we even need to mention Canada? This is the most famous country with legal weed, you can travel anywhere in this country with weed in your bag. Surprisingly you are under the legal rights to do so in Canada and not only this but in this country you get all sorts of edible weed online, that’s legal too. You can consume it in public, buy it at a dispensary, travel it with you — it’s all fine in Canada.

  1. Uruguay

In 2013, legalization of pot was done in this South American country for everyone who are above the age of 18. And you will find the most relaxed law related to weed and cannabis. Commercially in Uruguay every citizen can now buy weed and while visiting this country, you can check out the marijuana clubs.

  1. South Africa

South Africa’s courts decided to legalize cannabis in September of 2018. That means for private use possess marijuana is allowed. In South Africa, even growing weed is legal. So plan a visit to Cape Town and pop an edible, when you are there. Everything related to weed, marijuana and cannabis is legal in South Africa. 

Final Words

There are plenty of countries where cannabis edible is legal and if you are planning to visit anyone of them that are mentioned above then make sure to experience aspects of countries, from landscape to edibles and local markets. Make sure you know beforehand how weed is consumed and consult your medical representative without consuming it in any country. 



Cancer Treatment: Everything A Cancer Patient Need to Know

If you or a loved one has just been diagnosed with cancer, one of the most important things in the process following the diagnosis is understanding the different cancer treatment available. Additionally, it will benefit you to understand how to manage your emotional and mental well-being throughout the process. Let’s dive into the different cancer treatments that are available and how to deal with the process as you go through it.

  1. Surgery

One common way of treating cancer is through surgical procedures. Depending on where the cancer is and where it is determined to spread to, surgery is often a viable option for treatment. There are many different types of surgical procedures depending on where the cancer is located and how far it has spread. Typically surgery can be stressful and difficult to recover from. 

There are different types of surgical procedures such as cryosurgery, laser surgery, and photodynamic therapy, which are all used under different circumstances with the cancer patient.

  1. Radiation therapy

This type of therapy for cancer, otherwise known as radiotherapy, is known to be applicable in cases where tumors need to be reduced and cancer cells need to be targeted in specific areas. The way that this therapy works is that it slows the growth of the cells over time by damaging the cells that are cancerous. Someone may be prescribed external or internal radiation therapy depending on the doctor recommendation. 

External means that it comes from a machine and sends radiation to the body and internal is when liquid or solid is injected into the body which treats cancer from the inside.

  1. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy, otherwise known as “chemo”, is another form of cancer treatment that uses drugs to fight cancer within someone’s body. Chemo is used with cancer patients through pills, and IV, injection, topically, intrathecal, etc. This treatment can shrink tumours, destroy cancer cells, and also help other cancer treatments work better. Chemotherapy is known to cause some intense side effects as it is known to make the patient’s hair fall out rapidly and cause severe fatigue in many people. 

  1. Immunotherapy

This type of cancer treatment works by helping the cancer patient fight the disease through their immune system. This type of treatment is a kind of biological therapy that takes living cells to treat cancer using the power of antibodies, modulators, and cell transfer methods. 

The immune system is known to fight off infections and other things that threaten the body’s safety. Although this type of treatment has been approved for multiple types of cancer, this type of treatment is not as widely used as other treatments. 

  1. Hormone therapy 

Hormone therapy as a treatment for cancer is a way to stop or slow the growth of the disease by the use of hormones. This type of treatment is also known as endocrine therapy. 

Typically used in breast cancer or prostate cancer, this type of treatment can use the body’s natural hormones to manipulate the cancer cells to decrease and the tumours to shrink. There can be different side effects of this treatment from hot flashes to nausea and fatigue.

  1. Stem cell transplant

This type of treatment is where stem cells are placed in people with cancer in order to regrow cells and treat certain types of cancer. This treatment is typically more expensive than others because it has been newly tested and takes a lot of research to fund. 

Throughout this process, it will be hard to manage your emotional and mental well-being, but this is a vital component of healing in addition to receiving treatment. Make sure that you take the proper actions to maintain your nutrition and talk to your family and friends often to maintain a strong support system. Throughout this process please maintain faith that you are strong through this journey and that you will be okay.


Benefits of Marriage and Community Property Laws

If you are married, you have already known the benefits of marriage as you have experienced them. There are two ways in which people have had an experience when it comes to marriage. You might have had the best experience with marriage, and until now, you are still married. The other case is when you have tried your marriage to work, but all your efforts don’t pay off.


Reasons Why Marriage Is Important

  • Marriage is the beginning. Marriage is meant to be the beginning of a family. Marriage allows you to grow selflessness as you take care of your family
  • Bring oneness. When a man and a woman decide to get married, the two become one. Marriage gives you a life partner and a friend who will help you face life’s challenges together
  • Purity. Since you have already decided to be one, you can avoid all temptations like being unfaithful to your partner
  • Parenting. Children come as added gifts in marriages. By a family being complete, you can perform all your parenting roles with ease
  • Love. The important thing in marriage is love. Love will help you tackle problems that may arise in the union

Common law is used to determine who owns property in marriage. This is to mean property acquired during the marriage. Community property states say that couples have equal rights regarding property acquired during the marriage. This law is mostly used when divorce is on the table. If one of the spouses decides to lease one of the properties, then he/she should get consent from the other spouse. In case one of the spouses notices that one spouse is misusing the property, they can sign a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement to protect the assets in case of divorce or marriage dissolution.

We have seen what marital property is, now let’s look at other terms used in community law. Separate property is the property that was acquired before marriage and is solely owned by that original owner. However, the owner can decide to gift his/her partner part of the asset, and by doing so, the property automatically becomes community property.

Even though one can manage half of his/her property, you cannot sell, destroy or alter the property without the other’s consent.

Examples of Separate Property

  • Property inherited by one spouse before marriage
  • Property bought before marriage
  • Assets gifted to one spouse before marriage

What Happens When Death Occurs or Separation?

Technically, when one spouse dies, his/her half of the property automatically becomes the surviving spouse’s property. Their separate properties can be given to anyone as per the will left. If the couple had title deeds of their home or piece of land and one dies, the property is given to the other spouse, thus avoiding court proceedings.

When divorce is on the table, the property must be divided in half. You cannot divide a vacation house in half, so one spouse is wholly given the house while the other is given other properties that sum up the house’s economic value.

Exceptions of Equal Division

There are special occasions where the properties cannot be divided by half. Here are the most common ones.

  • If one spouse misuses the community property before and during the divorce
  • When one spouse has acquired educational debts, when reconciling is out of topic, the debt owner takes themselves. The debt is separate
  • If one spouse has gotten tort liability that does not benefit the marital community
  • If one spouse has gotten the personal injury award when in marriage, the award is given to the injured spouse during separation
  • In case the debts and liabilities incurred during the marriage are more than the value of the available assets, the main focus is to know how the debt will be cleared as protecting the creditors becomes the main priority

When you get married, so many things change, like sir names for women and what is attained during the marriage become one and there are laws in place to help protect them. The properties help in raising a happy family.

Decoding The Hacks For Baking The Perfect Cannabis Recipe

With cannabis growing in popularity, a wide variety of products are also gaining momentum. Besides, vape oils, dabs, tinctures, topicals, edibles have become a user’s delight in a less time frame. 

It’s a great option if you don’t like smoking cannabis. And if you get bored, you can even go for home-made cannabis-infused delicacies. However, not everyone is well-versed with the right practices of cooking or baking cannabis edibles, that they are unable to relish the final products. 

Here is the guide to baking the perfect cannabis recipe. Let’s start!

The First Step to Cooking The Best Cannabis Recipe

Whether you want to cook or bake a cannabis recipe, the first step would always be decarboxylation. It simply means heating cannabis to activate the cannabinoids present in the herb, such as THC or CBD. 

Experts suggest doing it at a lower temperature so that you don’t lose out on the plant’s essential ingredients. 


How to measure the dosage?

Experts recommend starting low and slow with the cannabis dosage. It’s because you don’t have any idea initially what will hit you. For instance, you can go for 1 cup of butter with the same amount of ground cannabis. You can also go for lower amounts if you are unsure of the entire preparation. 

Expert suggestion: Make sure to write the ratio of cannabis to copy the same when making the recipe the next time. This will also help you when finding recipes for how to make marijuana candies or how to make cannabis lollipops. Remember, use only the amount that does not make you tipsy or couch-locked. 

What Type of Equipment do You Require to Make Edibles?

Baking edibles is like any other cooking method. You need an oven, mixing bowl, measuring cups. You have to whisk like any other recipe. The only difference is that you are adding cannabis to the recipe. That’s all!

How to Store Cannabis Edibles?

Does everyone wonder how long a marijuana recipe can last? Or do home-made edibles stay fresh? Well, like any other dish, marijuana recipes can go stale after some time. However, if you want to extend the timeline, you can seal them in a container or a bag or preserve them in a fridge to prolong their life. 

Wrapping up

Cannabis edibles are absolutely relishing. There is no doubt about that. However, if you are a novice cannabis user, going overboard with cannabis edible might impact you. That’s why it’s advisable to go low and slow when it comes to consuming this particular cannabis form. 

Also, they have long-lasting effects but are a bit slow in kicking off. Hence, you must never go on munching thinking that it’s not effective. Give yourself a timeline of around two hours, and even if it doesn’t feel like it, you can consume some more. 

So, next time you prepare a favorite cannabis dish for yourself or your friends/family, keep in mind these hacks and enjoy delicious edibles without stepping out of your comfort. Won’t that be great?

CBD Wellness 101- What Every Beginner Needs To Know

When cannabis became legal a few years ago, its derivatives gained acceptance and gradually earned widespread popularity. CBD, in particular, has established itself as a leading wellness and beauty trend. Medical research indicates much about its therapeutic benefits, and there is a lot more you will find about it in the wellness circles. There are magazine and news articles that validate the scientific evidence, celebrity testimonials that endorse CBD, and wellness practitioners who recommend products for a host of health conditions. Before you integrate CBD into your daily routine, you must know and understand some facts. 

CBD heals the body and mind

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in cannabis plants, so you can embrace it without worrying about getting high. The healing potential of this cannabinoid is immense as it works on your body and mind. It can relieve chronic pain, fine-tune digestive processes, regulate sleep patterns, and boost immune responses. Beyond treating physical health issues, it can alleviate stress and anxiety and balance your mood. The best part about using it as a wellness therapy is that it is safe and natural while being effective. It can help you steer clear of the side effects of painkillers, sleeping pills, and anti-depressants.

Many options to explore 

Beginners looking to switch to CBD-based wellness have access to many options in products and methods of consumption. You may order cbd tinctures and oils, soft gels, and topical products. There is a wide range in edibles too, from baked goodies to gummies, chocolates, candies, and more. Alternatively, you can try cooking edibles or brewing tea or coffee by infusing CBD into your recipes. The choice of products and methods boils down to your preference and expectations. While you can pick the oral options if you want to taste the product, topical creams and lotions are the best for those who do not want to ingest it. 

Making CBD work for you

Incorporating CBD into your ongoing wellness routine is a breeze, and you need not do much to embrace it as a therapy. You can start the morning with a cup of infused beverage, chew a gummy in the middle of a busy day, relish an edible with your evening drinks, or apply a lotion on your skin at bedtime. But making it work for you as a beginner needs some caution and awareness. Start slowly with a small dose to understand how it works on your system. You may seek guidance from a seasoned user or a medical practitioner when you embark on this new journey. Eventually, you will understand what products and doses give you the best results.

Another useful piece of advice for newbies is to always get quality products from a reliable source, even if you have to spend a little more. Consistency is the key to getting the best results with CBD-based wellness, just as with any other alternative therapy. Be regular with your daily dose of CBD wellness, and you can avail its myriad benefits sooner rather than later. 

6 Tips for Driving in Wildfire Smoke

Each year, areas of the world deal with wildfires that consume large amounts of acreage. Visibility is often low on roads covered with a layer of smoke. Experts report that wildfire smoke can rise as much as five miles into the air and then travel thousands of miles depending on winds. 

We can help you drive through the dangerous area with some helpful tips. Of course, the first thing you should know is to slow down. Forget about any appointment you might have, safety is more important. Drive as carefully as you can and follow the advice from below. 

1. Keep Windows Rolled Up

Although the first thing you want to do is slow down when driving through smoke, it is just as important to keep your windows rolled up. Be sure to use the recirculate air option on your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system to be sure the smoke does not enter your car. 

Every so often, however, you will want to open your window slightly to release any gases that may have built up inside the car. Carbon dioxide levels can build up quickly when your vents or windows are closed for too long. Just leave the window open for a few minutes and then close it again. 

2. Use Driving in Fog Practices

Driving in smoke is similar to driving in fog. You want to avoid slamming on your brakes and be sure to use your turn signals. Don’t follow the car in front of you too closely. Keep more distance than usual in case they must stop suddenly. If you know traffic signals are coming up, begin slowing some before you reach them to warn cars behind you. 

3. Avoid Using Hazards

Many people believe that if they are driving under the speed limit, turning on their hazard lights will keep someone from hitting them. Actually, in low visibility, it may appear as if you are stopped on the road. When a driver sees that, they may try to go around you, resulting in an accident. If this happened to you, make sure to discuss your car accident case with a lawyer.

Although you do not want to use your hazard lights, you do want to turn on your headlights. Use your low beams and, if your car is equipped with them, fog lights. 

4. Watch Out for Animals

If you are driving in rural areas, keep an eye out for animals. Wildfires and smoke may result in animals escaping from barns, fields, or pens. If this happens, a cow, horse, or other large animals could be in the roadway and you might not see them until it is too late. 

If you notice broken fencing or suspect livestock may have tried to escape the smoke, keep your eye on the road ahead as best you can. 

5. Pull Over

If the conditions are extremely bad, pull over and sit on the side of the road until you feel safe. Be sure to turn your hazard lights on, remain in the car, and call for help. Police may be able to come to your location and drive you out of the smoky area. 

6. Don’t Cause Additional Fires

While driving in a fire-prone area, you don’t want to be the cause of another fire. If you have a flat tire or your brakes are locked, pull over as sparks could cause dry grass to ignite. 

Don’t drive in dry grass as the heat from your exhaust could ignite it. Never throw lit cigarettes out of the car window. Not only can it start a fire in dry conditions, but it is also a hazard to vehicles behind you, especially motorcycles.

Contact a Lawyer

If you were involved in an accident while driving through wildfire smoke, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. You can usually arrange for a no-obligation consultation with many firms. Just call them or fill out the online form on their website.

The Most Beautiful Casino Resorts on the Planet

Online Casinos Still an Option When You Can’t Travel

Travel around the world has been disrupted because of COVID-19. However, we all live in hopes that things will resume soon so we won’t be hounded by any pesky travel bugs. If you’re planning to travel later this year here’s a list of the most beautiful casino resorts on the planet.

Online Casinos and Free Spins

While we all wait for normality to return there are some excellent online gambling alternatives and with great Australia no deposit bonus and free spins codes there’s never been a better time to try them out. It’s safe to start with free spins because there is no risk involved and you can win real money too straight from your mobile. 

7 Top Casino Resorts in the World

Sun City Casino Resort

Sun City Casino Resort in South Africa is the perfect location for gamblers who want to experience the glamour and excitement of Las Vegas blended with the South African bush. There are dozens of gaming tables for fans of blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat, and slots fans will find thousands of top video slots. Outside the resort, there is a private game reserve where you can explore and even ride elephants if you choose.

The Cove Atlantis

Located in the Bahamas, Cove Atlantis casino resort on Paradise Island is the getaway of a lifetime. Outside the hotel, visitors will find lagoons and exotic animals as well as stunning sandy beaches. For gamblers, there are plenty of betting options including sports betting and a dedicated high rollers room called the Sea Glass gaming area.

Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo

Monaco, and Monte Carlo, is synonymous for luxury and wealth and this exclusive casino resort offers exactly this. With 99 room and Michelin star dining opportunities this is the perfect escape for high rollers. The hotel has been used in numerous box office smashing movies including Iron Man 2 and GoldenEye. A visit when the Monaco Grand Prix is taking place is not to be missed.

Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino resort in Singapore is a waterside resort that allows visitors to see the world from above. This luxurious triple tower hotel features an infinity pool with spectacular views as part of its SkyPark, the world’s biggest cantilevered platform. The casino has over 500 gaming tables for card fans and thousands of slot machines. If you’re a fan of Formula 1 racing the views from the hotel’s vantage point in the sky are not to be missed.

The Venetian Macao

Located in Macao, China, the Venetian Macao casino and resort hotel is one of the biggest casinos in the world. It occupies half a million square feet of gaming area with thousands of slots and hundreds of gaming tables for all gamblers to enjoy. The hotel screams luxury and there are plenty of dining options.

Caesar’s Palace

Las Vegas is on most people’s bucket lists and Caesar’s Palace with its Roman-themed architecture is stunning. The luxury spas with Roman baths and mosaics as well as multiple pools are pure relaxation before you hit the gambling tables. There are dozens of fine dining choices as well as a shopping mall. The casino is a bit hit too with craps, blackjack, roulette, and all the best video poker and slot machines.

Crown Casino

Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia is one of the largest casinos in the world. It is famous for its massive selection of video slots (pokies) and also offers a huge selection of games. The complex itself features three hotels as well as two Gordon Ramsay restaurants. It has had negative press recently with Crown Chairman admitting the casino facilitated money laundering, but visitors are still guaranteed a good time.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Casino Gambling

Many Australian casinos and those around the world are currently closed due to the pandemic and with travel severely restricted, many are turning to online casinos for gambling.  For Australian friends, there are numerous options available and there are plenty of no deposit bonus Australia codes to avail of too. Top online casinos exist, and the great thing is these are relatively immune to real-world events, so players from around the world can keep themselves entertained from the comfort of their own homes.

These sites have the same, and sometimes a lot more, of the casino games players love and they are all accessible no matter what time of the day or night it is. You can enjoy slots or table games on your smartphone or desktop and with no deposit bonuses or free spins offers there is no risk involved. While you wait for travel restrictions to be lifted and life to return to normal, there is no need to miss out on your favorite casino games.

February 11: United Nation’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital spotlights women scientists helping find cures and treatments for catastrophic diseases

On the United Nation’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science todaySt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital marks this important recognition today by highlighting a series on women in science and medicine at St. Jude.

The online feature highlights women scientists, doctors and experts whose contributions to the field are leading to advancements in cures and prevention strategies for catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Launched in advance of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the series aims to tell the stories of these extraordinary women and inspire girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and medicine.

“The contributions by women to the field of science and medicine is immeasurable,” said Martine Roussel, Ph.D., a molecular oncologist at St. Jude who has devoted nearly 50 years to scientific exploration. “The extraordinary women who work tirelessly at St. Jude, some of whom are featured in this series, have made groundbreaking and lifelong impacts on advancing treatments and potential cures for some of the world’s most difficult diseases. Too often, women in science and medicine face obstacles in their careers, but nevertheless they persevere and the entire world is better because of their determination. We hope these stories are an inspiration to girls across the globe and help them see that they, too, can choose a career in STEM.”

Roussel, who was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2019 and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2011, has long been an advocate for women in science. In 2019 she was among several female scientists who were part of a groundbreaking “Women in Cancer Research” article in Nature discussing the prevalence of gender inequality in science and the work necessary to level the playing field.

“Female and male scientists have the same drive and passion, but women are subject to implicit bias,” wrote Roussel for Nature. “Although there are now more women scientists, with or without children, who are recognized for career achievements, gender equality has not yet been achieved.” 

St. Jude recognizes contributions of women in science and medicine

Through a one-on-one “question and answer” interview format, the women in science and medicine series will feature every Monday, through the end of March, a story telling the journey of a female St. Jude scientist, doctor or expert via the online St. Jude award-winning magazine, St. Jude ProgressSt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will also promote these features through social media participation with the #womeninscience hashtag.

Already posted features include:

For Erica Kaye, MD, the privilege of caring for a patient and family is sacred

  • Erica Kaye, MDshares her family’s journey to becoming physicians and how meaningful connections have deepened her understanding of her role in caring for patients.

Life-changing experience forged Niki Jurbergs’ career in pediatric oncology

  • Niki Jurbergs, PhD, credits a hematology/oncology rotation as a psychology intern as a pivotal moment that shaped how she cares for patients today.

Robin Mutz’s childhood dream to be a nurse led to becoming the chief nurse executive at St. Jude

  • Robin Mutz, RN, never forgot the compassionate leadership she encountered early in her career.

Deanna Tremblay credits mother with inspiration to pursue scientific career

  • Deanna Tremblay, MSc, credits her mother’s decision to return to school as a key event in shaping a career path in science.

The St. Jude Progress blog will shine the light on the critical work and the personal stories of how these accomplished women are advancing life-saving preventions, treatments and cures for the world’s most challenging diseases. The women scientists, doctors and experts at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital continue to be critical in the development of treatments that have helped increase the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to 80% since the hospital opened more than 50 years ago. Each of these profiles – ranging from personal reflections to professional development – aim to profile the journeys of the women of St. Jude helping the hospital achieve its mission of finding cures and saving children.