Rules of Vintage Block Game

I am certain that in one way or the other, you have interacted with some kind of block games. At first, the game may seem tricky to understand but, with a few verses of instructions, you are good to go. For example, if you are playing the famous Jenga block game which inspired blockoduko.

Jenga is a block game synonymous with the Savanna of East Africa. The game was introduced by British board game designer Leslie Scott born in Tanganyika, present-day Tanzania. The word Jenga is derived from ‘kujenga’, a Swahili word meaning building.

A few years later, Scott migrated to Ghana with her family, where she founded Jenga. In the early 1970s, Leslie Scott had a simple idea of building stacks of wooden blocks for as high as she could. To materialize her idea, she bought small pieces of wood in a sawmill in Takoradi, Ghana, where she was currently living and used them to build a pillar.

At first, the idea seemed crazy, but when she visualized it and showed it to her family, a cloud of interest descended on the game. In January 1983, Scott launched the game at London Toy Fair, introducing it to the world. She later began selling the game under its iconic brand name Jenga through her Leslie Scott Associates.

One of the earliest forms of the game can be found at the V&A Museum of Childhood. This game has been sitting here since 1982, thanks to Leslie’s revolutionary idea and creativity.

Rules of the game 

Though most of Jenga’s rules are still in play today, there are a few changes that were made to standardize the game. Jenga is played by 54 blocks with minor variations to complicate the stalking process.

Generally, each block measures 0.59 in × 0.98 in × 2.95 in or 1.5 cm × 2.5 cm × 7.5 cm. To start playing the game, a gamer sets up an initial tower build of 18 layers of 3 blocks per layer. However, when building the layers, blocks are placed adjacent to each other and at a right angle with the previous layer. In simple terms, if one layer of three blocks is facing in an east-west direction, the other layer will be facing north-south.

After building the tower, each player is required to remove one block of wood from any of the 18 levels other than the second last layer to the top. The removed block is then placed on the top layer to complete it.

Blocks may be removed from any layer, and the game will end after the tower collapses and the last person to ring it down is obviously the winner. Also, when playing, players are allowed to use only one hand, and each turn lasts for 10 seconds only.

Block games such as Jenga are easy to play. You need to observe key rules such as using one hand in the game and keeping time. But the winner is the last person to bring the stalk down.

Use These Tricks To Enhance Your Workout Routine

Are you struggling to see the results that you hoped for with your workout routine? If so, then it’s important to understand that everyone is different. This means that you might not see the same results with your workout as someone who is taking similar steps. It largely depends on various factors including your metabolism. That’s why it could be worth exploring some tricks to boost your workout performance. Here are the key choices that we recommend.

working out with weights


First, you could think about using supplements as a way to ensure that you can achieve more with your workout routine. There are lots of supplements on the market and they aren’t all equal. So, you do need to make sure that you look at the reviews of the products first. But they can be very helpful. For instance, some people find that CBD products provide the energy that they need to ensure that they can go a lot further with their exercise routine. If you are interested in this possibility, then it’s worth exploring what products like this are available on the market. 


Next, you should consider using music. This could be useful if you are struggling to find the motivation you need to get fit. A lot of people find that the most difficult aspect of working out is always taking those first few steps towards the gym. With the right music, you can give yourself a thumping playlist and ensure that you feel driven to perform. This is why a lot of gyms typically have upbeat music pumping through speakers. It encourages individuals to reach their maximum potential and go further than they did before. 

Fitness Class 

You could also think about joining a fitness class. The big benefit of a fitness class is that it means you can work out with people who are pushing towards similar goals to you which is always going to be great news. It’s going to ensure that you feel more empowered because there will be someone next to you, willing you to move forward. This is exactly what a lot of people need to reach their limit in terms of physical fitness. You might be uncomfortable with working out in public and that’s understandable. A lot of people feel this way. Instead of attending a gym, you could join a remote fitness class and still get the motivation you need. 

Tracking Tech 

Finally, you might want to consider using tracking tech as a way to boost your workout performance. The benefit of using tracking tech is that you will be able to know exactly how much work you are completing and whether you are putting in enough effort. It’s possible that to achieve the right level of progress, you need to be ready to up the pace. Tracking tech will make it far easier to do this. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the ways that you can enhance your workout and ensure that it’s easier for you to achieve your goals. By taking the right steps, you can lose weight and get your body into the right shape without too much pain or stress. 

What’s The Best Form of Debt Relief?

You’ve decided on debt relief as a financial strategy to help you emerge from what has become a suffocating situation. There are, however, multiple ways to use the approach. So, what’s the best form of debt relief? Well, it depends on your circumstances. Let’s look closer.

What is Debt Relief?

It’s a way to decrease or erase credit card debt. It can be done through negotiated lower rates, refinanced homes, or even a budget that can keep you on the right track.

Credit Counseling

These services are usually offered for free – or a small fee — by nonprofit organizations. With this approach, certified counselors help you gain the skills to lower your debt and handle a doable budget, which they’ll help you create. They often offer financial literature and other resources such as workshops. Overall, credit counseling offers a clear-eyed view of your financial situation as well as available options.

Make sure you do your research or ask for referrals from family or friends, so that you get a reputable agency that will likely be a good fit. You’re also going to need patience and persistence; don’t drop out, as too many do.

Debt Management Plan

If your situation will take more than a new budget, your credit counselors may suggest a debt management plan, commonly known as a DMP. The aim is to erase debt via lowered interest rates and fees, while yielding a decreased monthly payment. With this solution, you pledge to repay the total amount due over time.

How it works is, you make a singly monthly payment on your consolidated obligations, streamlining your finances. The program does take three to five years, though, and there are fees. Also, if you leave the program, your rate will increase, and you may have to make late payments.

Debt Settlement

Here, you can get credit relief by hiring a debt settlement company such as Freedom Debt Relief to go to your creditors to see whether they’ll let you pay just a portion of what you owe to settle each of your unsecured debts. Creditors usually agree to negotiate since they understand that if you file bankruptcy – your likely next step – they stand a good chance of getting zero.

Rather than pay your creditors directly, you’ll deposit funds monthly into a savings-type account that you control. Once each settlement is reached — and you sign off on it – the creditor is paid from your account, which will be marked as “settled” on your credit report.

Debt Consolidation

With this strategy, you roll your unsecured debts – monthly credit cards – into a single payment, hopefully at a reduced rate. This makes bill paying easier, since rather than having multiple bills to deal with of various amounts and due dates, you have just one bill to concern yourself with.

The key is to get a loan that has an interest rate that’s lower than what you’re paying in the aggregate on your current debt. Otherwise, the strategy doesn’t make sense. You’ll need good credit to get a good rate, however.

You can consolidate your debt using a personal loan or a 0%-interest balance transfer card. With the latter, you shift your high-interest credit debt onto the new card. The proviso is that you must pay the transfer card off before the promotional period ends and your interest rate goes back up.

So, what’s the best form of debt relief? It does depend on your case. However, the good news is that you have several options. Choose carefully and get going.

Dogs That Make The Best Roadtrip Companions

dog on roadtrip

There is nothing better than packing up your car or truck and heading out on a Road Trip for a couple of days on the open road. And there is no better way to spend that time than with your best furry friend. 

Dogs are amazing companions and are man’s best friend, and they will provide you with constant friendship as well as entertainment during your trip. 

But which breeds of dog make the best road trip buddies? There are so many dog breeds out there to choose from, but we have rounded up which ones we think are the best to bring along with you on the open road this year. 

Labrador Retrievers 

The top choice and absolutely the best companion to bring with you on a road trip has to be a Labrador. Labrador retrievers are the most stunning and friendly dog breed around, and they are the ideal companion on the road. Their patience as well as their goofiness makes them ideal for long car rides because they will likely either fall asleep or pop their head out of the window and enjoy the breeze! If you have a Labrador, now is the time to find a Sierra for sale and head out on the open road for a good time. 

Springer Spaniels 

English springer spaniels are one of the most entertaining dog breeds of all. Their incessant tail wagging and hopping through long grass is enough to make anyone laugh, and they are also full of energy that will carry on long after you have given up for the day. As a Road Trip buddy, springer spaniels will keep you motivated and when you do go for walks and hikes, they will pull you along even when your legs get tired. These friendly and sociable dogs will keep you feeling motivated and alert even when all of your energy has drained. 


It is no surprise that huskies are on this list, since they are built to be sled dogs and made for the great outdoors. A husky can be your motivation as well as your best friend on an adventure, and as well as this they will provide some unique music for you in the car journey! 

French Bulldogs 

If you want a dog who will be the ideal companion for a laid back road trip, a french bulldog is a great choice. This tiny little sacks of dynamite are always happy and peppy, and they will provide you with the perfect cuddly companion on the road. Frenchies love to stick their head out of the car window and they are also patient meaning the long car journeys won’t bother them at all. 


Collies, particularly Border Collies, are one of the smartest dog breeds of all and this makes them ideal for joining you on an adventure. Collies love to work and love to be in new situations, and this means every new place you visit will be like a new playground for your collie. Plus, they are incredibly obedient meaning letting them off the lead will not be a problem no matter how far from home you travel. 


7 Ways To Naturally Improve Your Libido

cute couple

Several factors could affect your libidos (or sex drive), such as relationship issues, health challenges, and aging. While low libido isn’t a problem, it can harm a person’s relationships and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are safe and easy ways of improving your sexual hormonal imbalances to create healthy libido levels. This article looks into some of the most effective natural approaches for men and women to enhance their libido.


  • Regulate anxiety 


When you’re stressed, it’s challenging to feel and reciprocate sexual desire. Anxiety has been shown to exacerbate sexual dysfunction. Anxiety disorders come in a variety of forms, and each person responds to them in different ways. If you suffer from anxiety and are also concerned about your sexuality, it might feel like a double-edged blade, affecting your libido even more. You can deal with anxiety by choosing from an array of treatments such as anti-anxiety medication or natural techniques such as meditation and yoga. You can also listen to music, get a massage, or do an activity that keeps you relaxed and in a good mood.


  • Use herbal remedies 


Although some natural therapies may boost your libido levels, many are not as effective. The risks outweigh the benefits for some of these therapies, while others may be successful and have adverse side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to use herbal remedies. Several natural herbs and adaptogens (substances that have been found to relieve depression and fatigue) have been shown to increase the production of various hormones, from those responsible for libido to virility and fertility. A commonly known and effective herb is Maca, which is exclusive to Peru. This adaptogenic herb is known to increase endurance, vitality, increased fertility, and increased libido. You can read more about it here- Maca: top benefits of this amazing adaptogenic herb. Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba are two other herbs that can help you. However, if you want to explore other herb remedies, it is important to research to get the results you hope to achieve. 


  • Get good sleep


Poor sleep can cause low libido and sexual dysfunction. This is because the body’s internal clock regulates hormone secretion, and sleep patterns are thought to aid the body’s determination of when to produce sex-related hormones. Feeling weary when you get into bed saps your libido. As a result, obtaining enough sleep can help mood, energy levels, and libido. If you have a sleep disorder, talk to your doctor about treatment options. You might try strategies to enhance your sleep habits if you have a smaller problem, such as insomnia from time to time or racing thoughts while you try to sleep.


  • Eat balanced and nutritious diets


Your sex drive can be boosted by eating a balanced diet that promotes good circulation and heart health while avoiding foods that can lower libido. Physical, sexual function might be affected by metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. The polycystic ovarian syndrome can also impact hormone levels, which can cause libido problems. Eating a diet rich in veggies, low in sugar, and high in lean meats will help you prevent libido issues.


  • Regular exercising 


Physical activity has many benefits for our bodies, but you can also add a higher sex drive to the list. Increasing libido through exercise has been shown. Positive body self-image, improved cardiovascular health, mood, higher sympathetic nervous system activity, and improved endocrine system activity are just a few ways physical activity might help raise sexual desire. There are no rules regarding what fitness-increasing activities one should undertake if they are exercising to improve their sex drive, just as there are no laws about which forms of exercise are better than none.


  • Improving the quality of your relationship


The longer you’ve been in a relationship, the more likely it is that you and your spouse or partners’ sexual chemistry has waned. It may be tough to get into the mood to be intimate with your spouse if you don’t feel sexual or thrilled about them. Working on your relationship as a couple can help you resolve this. You can attempt sex therapy, couples counseling, date nights, vacations, or more intentional touching as a pair. You’re more likely to desire to be sexual with your partner if your relationship is emotionally satisfying to you.


  • Manage your stresses proficiently 


There is nothing more unattractive than a stressed-out body. It’s critical to have a grasp on your stress levels when dealing with low libido. It’s easier to enjoy a sexual experience when we’re relaxed and easygoing. Making lifestyle modifications that lessen stress in your life may be beneficial. You can also try adopting some stress-relieving hobbies, such as regular massages, adequate exercise, and meditation.

5 Ways That Motherhood Takes Its Toll On You

When you start having kids, people try to warn you how tough it can be but we don’t think anyone really warns enough. Yes, we love our kids unconditionally but there is a real toll that it takes on us mothers. Here are some ways that it can take its toll that you might not realize.


Your back

During your pregnancy, your back is one of the places that gets it the most, especially at the end. Your back is one of the most important areas of your body and it gets a lot of issues as your pregnancy goes along. In the years that follow, you might need to see a Chiropractor to ensure there is no lasting damage. Plus, lifting your babies is one of the toughest workouts that your back can get and sometimes they can wriggle and hurt your back. 

It can age you

We sometimes wonder if having kids ages us because we feel so tired but it turns out, having kids actually ages you. And we mean this literally. Researchers have discovered that each pregnancy ages a woman’s cells by two years. So, when you are feeling drained after a long day, it’s not in your head, you have actually aged with every pregnancy. With this in mind, you need to get those super fruits into your diet.

Childbirth is painful

This is one of those things that people do try and warn you about but they don’t do a good job of explaining how painful it is. Yes, it is painful but manageable. However, in the days and weeks that follow, you will still feel sore. It is rare that you will be able to skip about like a spring lamb after giving birth. I some cases, you can still feel the pain from stitches years later. It is a good idea to keep an eye on these pains and niggles in case they develop into something else.

It can be lonely

Getting out of the house to see anyone can be tough. And if you are the first of your friends to have a baby, they will not understand what you are dealing with. Over time, you might discover that your friends drift away as you are busy with parenting stuff. We would like to point out, this can be lonely at first but over time, you will make new mom friends. Or your friends will start to join the parenting club too. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other moms if you a feeling the strain of motherhood.

It is expensive

If there is one place that gets hit hard, it is your wallet. Having kids is expensive and at some point, the cost might stop you from having any more. From the medical bills to the stuff that you need for them as a baby, to the items they need for school and their clubs. Having kids is one way to ensure that your savings get a pounding. There are some places that estimate the cost of a child can be as much as $10,000 per year, every year until they are 18 years old. 

8 Things To Teach Your Toddler Before Kindergarden

Preschoolers can be pretty savvy, and their ingenuity can be surprising to some. However, when they are preparing to go to kindergarten for the first time, many parents will inevitably worry about coping with being outside the home for the day.

children's books

Children are more amenable than they are often given credit for; however, it can be helpful to teach your child a few skills before they head off to school for the first time, not only to put your mind at ease but to give them the skills to cope in a world where they are away from their parents for long periods.

Their Name and Address

Most children will be familiar with their local area and can find their way home using regular routes if they are close by. If they become lost, they need to know essential details such as their name, parents’ names, and where they live. The chances of being reunited in an emergency can be increased if they know some minor details about their home life.

Emergency Services

Toddlers these days are super tech-savvy. Teach your child how to call for emergency services if you have an accident at any time but especially when you are alone. Discuss with them about not talking or going with strangers and that the police and emergency services are there to help them if they need it. This way, if there is an issue, they will be comfortable going with police or paramedics should they need to.

Basic Math

Simple math problems and number recognition can boost them when they go to school and help them become accustomed to learning in an educational environment. Remember, young children learn better through play, so making it fun will help them retain what you are teaching them.

Check out these 8 Preschool Math Activities And Ideas For Emerging Learners to help you encourage a love for learning and support their ongoing development.


Your child will likely be able to form whole sentences or at least four to five-word phrases by the time they’re three years old. Three-year-olds should be able to articulate a vocabulary of at least 250-500 words.

There are far too many words to compile a complete list, but you should expect your toddler to be able to express and understand the following popular terms, phrases, and concepts:

  • Body parts
  • Animal names
  • Relatives names
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Directions
  • Weather
  • Feelings


By the age of three, your child should have a solid understanding of the notion of “reading” a book. The goal is not to have them read the words but to navigate a book using the skills they already have.

It should be possible for them to comprehend what is going on in the book by examining the images. They should realize that letters and words on the page have specific meanings, but they won’t comprehend them.


Allow your three-year-old to attempt several activities on their own so that they learn, understand, and have the opportunity to make mistakes (within limits, of course).

The only way that a child will learn something is by doing it themselves. While they’re working on the task, lend them a hand. Chances are, your child will already be showing solid signs of independence, and gently guiding them and encouraging this can help them to feel more confident.

At a minimum, your child should be attempting to do the following themselves;

  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Going to the toilet
  • Wiping small messes
  • Tidying toys away
  • Washing their hands


At age three, children will still love to get stuck in and be creative when drawing with different mediums. Art, whether coloring or painting, is a great visual aid for your child to express themselves. Encourage this as much as possible as the control from using different techniques and products can help them master their fine motor skills, which will help them learn to write.


Toddlers love getting out and about and being pretty active. There is no denying they won’t need any encouragement to let off steam at any time of the day or night even!

Helping them to develop their gross motor skills can be hugely beneficial. Try things such as;

  • Throwing and catching a ball
  • Climbing up and down on a jungle gym or climbing frame
  • Hopping/jumping/skipping
  • Balancing

While it is essential to support your child, it is important to remember that all children develop at different rates, and what might be ideal for one child will be wholly unsuitable for someone else. Avoid forcing them to do what you think they should be doing and gently encourage their skills at their pace.

Creating & Maintaining Beautiful Home Exteriors

old house

In the eternal quest to create beautiful and serene lived-in spaces, one could be forgiven for wanting to spend most of our time and financial resources on smartening up the inside of our homes, but we’re all about the holistic nature of things, and that means making sure that the face of our homes is taken care of but also, our gardens.  Now, if you have a million-Pound budget that’s great, we love celebrating with you but even if you don’t there are still a few relatively easily done things that you can do to create that superstar look.


The secret to a beautiful garden is consistency…and time.  You won’t get your hanging gardens of Babylon overnight but you will get them if you’re prepared to invest a bit of time and money and the great thing about gardens is that you can spend as much or as little as you’d like.  The only difference it’s going to make is how much of the work you have to do yourself (or rope in a willing friend or family member).  You could also turn it into a family-based activity by designating tasks and spaces to different members of your tribe, they’ll be more invested in it and feel like they have a special place to go to, too. A gorgeous garden can also make your home more appealing to future buyers.


Just like an artist stretches, wets and prepares a canvas before painting, so to should you give that same attention to your lawn.  You’ll want to feed your lawn 4 times a year (not just in the spring), keep the height in mind when mowing, it’s as important as the height, water your lawn properly taking care not to overwater some areas, and under service others and make sure that you use premium grass seed.  This is an area that requires some patience and dedication but the rewards, oh so gorgeous!

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Those might sound like encouraging words for when one of your brood is the diamond in the rough type, but you don’t necessarily want wees in your garden.  There is a move in more water-scarce and desert areas to embrace these plants but check with a gardener first if it makes sense for you in your location.


This is a super-easy way to instantly spruce up the exterior of your home and it requires very little effort.  Washing down your outside walls and outside spaces including walkways, paved areas, sheds, and garages will give your home a virtual instant facelift.  It’s also going to tell you in pretty much real-time when it’s time for a new coat of paint.


So this speaks more to equipment usage than it does to actual decorating or landscaping, but it gets an “honourable mention” anyway and the reason for this is simple: far too many outdoor projects get left behind or not handled correctly because our outdoor equipment isn’t maintained properly.  We’re also mentioning this here because there are even far greater implications – if necessary maintenance work is not conducted in time and in good order, this could have terrible consequences for your home.  So ensure that your equipment is well maintained and you have the necessary parts to fix your outdoor power equipment.