Chicago, for people who want something different

Why visit Chicago? For a start, it’s called Chica-GO, not Chica-DON’T-GO. Booo… I know. Terrible joke. Nevertheless, ever since the arrival of the first non-indigenous settlers in the 1780s, people have been attracted to the city on the shores of Lake Michigan for multiple reasons, and the population has grown from literally a handful of people who probably knew each other by name, to an estimated 10 million people now living in the wider Chicago metropolitan area. That’s not bad going. 

We’re going to go into the reasons to visit Chicago in just a moment, but first a friendly reminder that travellers to big cities may run into issues over car accidents and personal injury (due to the hustle and bustle of such packed streets). That’s why, before you travel, you should take note of what to do if you run into such difficulties. For example, check out a PI lawyer who has offices in Chicago

And now we’re going to get to some of the reasons to visit Chicago for people who want something different from their trip. 

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is a natural history museum that was founded in 1857, and the attractions and exhibits have only improved and become more exciting since then – although some of the original exhibits are still in operation, including the City Science house, Butterfly Haven, Water Lab, and Wilderness Walk. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most talked about attraction is the butterfly house, with over 200 species of butterfly peacefully flip-flapping around visitors as they stroll. Admittedly, if you have a fear of butterflies, this could be just about the last thing on earth on which you’d wish to spend your time, but for everyone else it’s like something out of a surreal movie. 

Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo is also known as the Chicago Zoological Park. Spanning 216 acres and housing over 450 animals, the zoo is one of the city’s iconic attractions that finds its way onto most tourists’ to-do lists. 

This state of the art zoo was the first in America to house a Giant Panda, and current exhibits are nothing short of ‘must-see’. There’s big cats, rhinos, giraffes, and croc’s, for example. But the two things that make the zoo perhaps that little bit more special than most zoos is the dolphin exhibit and the gorilla enclosure. You certainly don’t get gorillas and dolphins at every zoo!

Chicago is a city of multiple attractions for all ages. From museums and zoos to much much more (including beaches!), this is one city you won’t want to miss out on your tour of the good ole US of A.

5 Good Reasons Why Estate Planning is essential for you

Making a plan for your estate is among the most valuable things you will do for your loved ones. Nonetheless, it is a job that all of us fear and put off coping with later in life. Going to decide who will inherit your estate is a tough decision and a critical component of life planning when it comes down to this. Proper estate planning helps support families of small children and helps the descendants prevent tax overpayments.

What is an estate plan?

An estate plan is a series of official documentation that details how you want your properties to be allocated when you pass away, and how you want people to make health and financial choices if you are unable to do so for yourself in your life. If estate planning was once deemed anything involving only wealthy individuals, it has changed.

A detailed estate plan will make you feel more secure about the future, understanding that it will take care of your loved ones, and that the legacy you leave behind is the one you want.

Protect your Family

If you have kids, you have to be ready for such a tragedy. Mainly, this will entail creating a will, which is just a part of planning the estate. In your will, you must decide how to take good care of any children as young as 18, and what things in your estate they must inherit when they come of age. Without a will, the state does not only determine who gets your assets but also who raises your kids. If you care who should be your children’s guardian if you carry, you must make such an implementation in your will.

It protects your Family Fights

Those scary stories we’ve all heard. Someone who has money ends up dead, and the war between members of the family starts. One brother may think they deserve better than another, or one sister may believe they should be in charge of the assets even though they’re notorious for debt rolling.


For the best estate planning, you would be needing a good lawyer who can help you in solving all your queries and also with your paperwork. Attorneys in estate planning have the skills and expertise to help you achieve harmony by planning and Bulverde estate planning attorneys are a very good option to consider.

Guard your assets from unexpected lenders

Protecting your properties with your solicitor is a significant component of estate planning. In the case that a lawsuit comes up in the future, this will help secure your assets. This is particularly useful if you are working at the company that often experiences lawsuits, such as advertising or residential property or the medical sector. Against shareholders it comes in useful.

It spares you from tax

It is vital for estate planning to transfer wealth with an eye to descendants to create the lowest tax burden feasible for them. And with only a bit of planning for the estate, couples can minimize most or even more of their federal and provincial property taxes and state estate taxes, which can get very costly.

If you want to protect your money and your family members when you can’t do it anymore, you’ll need an estate plan. So don’t delay it and start preparing, NOW

Why do the Jewish People dip the challah bread in salt during Sabbath meal

If you have ever attended a Sabbath ceremony, you must have noticed that before serving the challah bread, Jews first dip it in the salt. You may have thought that as salt is a natural taste enhancer, that’s why they dip the bread in the salt. But your guess is not correct and there is even a deeper significance behind this practice which we will tell you in this post. 

Why it is important to keep a silver salt cellar full of salt on the Sabbath table?

In addition to the dipping ritual, it is also important to keep a silver salt cellar full of salt on the Sabbath table. At first, before having our meal, we wash our hands, sit on the Sabbath table quietly and wait for others to do the same. As per the direction mentioned in Midrash, while we wait between washing and blessing over the bread, a person should not speak. During this time, the satan or the prosecuting angel attempts to draw our attention, and the presence of salt on the Sabbath table keeps us protected. 

This presence of salt is also named as ‘Covenant of salt’. But why it is called by such name? It is because salt is a natural preservative that does not spoil or decay. Due to this uniqueness of salt, it acts as an ideal metaphor for G-d’s everlasting covenant with the believers of the Jewish religion.

A mythological explanation behind this practice:

As per the Kabbalah, bread, which represents life, is the symbol of divine kindness. On the other side, salt, which is bitter, is the symbol of sacred harshness. In the Hebrew language, salt is called as ‘melach’, and the name of bread is ‘lechem’. So, both the names consist of similar letters. In addition, we must overrule the harshness of salt with the divine kindness of bread. That is why, the general Jewish custom states not to sprinkle the salt over the bread, but to dip the bread in the salt, which means kindness in the top of harshness.

In addition, often religious Jews follow a custom where they dunk the bread three times in the salt kept in a silver salt cellar. One possible explanation is that the numerical value of salt is 78. When you divide it by 3, it becomes equals to 26, which is the numerical value of the name of G-d ( Tetragrammaton).

The process of dipping bread into the salt:

The ’breaking of bread’ ritual contains several steps. First, you need to cover the challah bread with a cloth and when everyone is ready, you should uncover it. Then the person who would read the blessings chooses a challah which he would cut first. Then he makes a gentle knife scratch over the challah with the help of a knife. After that, he chants the blessings over the challah raising challot. Then before distributing the challah to everyone, he dips the marked challah into the salt. 

X Qualities That Make Gizmogo Better Than Online Marketplaces And Trade In Programs

Selling old electronics can have a range of benefits. For starters, selling off electronics that you no longer use can help you earn a few extra bucks. 

Moreover, if your old electronics are simply collecting dust in a drawer somewhere in your home, selling them off will help you declutter, which in turn has several benefits related to reduced stress and improved productivity.

Whatever your reason may be, getting rid of old electronics can turn out to be a tricky process. From finding the right buyer to ensuring you get the best value for your electronics, what may start as a cleanup project or a part time side hustle, can easily turn into a full time headache.

Thankfully, selling your electronics is now easier than ever with Gizmogo.

However, with new online peer to peer marketplaces and trade in programs popping up everyday, there are a number of other options you can consider.

So what makes Gizmogo better than these options? Here are five qualities:

Social Distancing Friendly

Social distancing has become the new norm and has made selling anything offline a dangerous task. While you cannot hold a garage sale or call your friends over to check out the items you are trying to sell, you can always sell them online.

With Gizmogo, you can get the quote online and the payment transferred to you digitally. All you are required to do is to pack the item you are selling and drop it off at the nearest UPS or USPS office.

Lucrative Evaluation Of Your Device

Gizmogo offers the highest price guarantee that ensures you get the maximum possible value for your electronic devices. 

While selling to brick and mortar stores is another easy option to sell your electronics offline, Gizmogo pays an average of 10% to 20% more than such local stores.

No Haggling Involved

Online peer to peer marketplaces like Swappa and Facebook Marketplace have recently gained a lot of popularity. There is no doubt that these platforms are working hard and have introduced some cutting edge innovations to make selling on their platforms easier and safer.

Be that as it may, the truth remains that on these platforms, you are mostly dealing with strangers. Moreover, these strangers are not businesses with legal liabilities, these are unknown individuals that can even use fake accounts to reach out to you.

Even if you ignore the safety factor, you will be required to talk to and negotiate with potential buyers that would all be looking to haggle with you. While there is still a good chance that you can get a decent price for your products, the investment of time in the process is going to be considerable.

Instant And Convenient Payments

Another advantage of selling on Gizmogo is instant payments. Once the experts at Gizmogo receive your product, your payment will be released within 24 hours.

If your product’s condition turns out to be better than what you described, you will be given a revised (possibly higher) quote. Similarly, if your product’s condition is not as good as you described earlier, the revised quote will be shared with you.

If you accept, the payment will be sent to you within 24 hours. 

The best part is, you can complete control over how you want to be paid. Unlike online trade in programs, Gizmogo does not pay you in gift cards (although, that is an option).  

Besides Amazon gift cards, you can choose to get your payment in your bank account or through Paypal or through the good old fashioned cheque.

Not to forget, trade in programs have a bad rep of paying rock bottom prices for used electronics.


These are just a few of the many, many things that make Gizmogo the best option to sell your electronics. 

But don’t take our word for it, log on to our website and see for yourself!

5 Strategies to Motivate your Child to learn

Young children actually love to learn, unfortunately, this desire often fades as they grow older. Of course, learning is essential to life, not just at school but in everyday situations. Constant learning keeps your mind sharp and allows you to seize any opportunity that you encounter. 

That’s why it’s important to take steps to encourage your child to learn.

Early Learning Education

An obvious place to start is a reputable center for early learning Bendigo, or wherever you live. Simply going to the place every day creates a habit. This is accompanied by a mixture of play and dedicated learning sessions, all of which reinforce the idea of learning being both essential and fun.

The sooner your child starts early learning the better for their future. Simply having the ability to sit in a classroom and listen is a huge step toward being good at learning.

Read Together

Although the world is increasingly digital, curling up with your child and a good book still remains an important part of any learning habit. Books are essential to glean new facts and encourage the use of the imagination.

Reading together is a great way to instill the motivation of learning, over time this will progress to them reading to you and, eventually, to themselves.

In fact, letting your child lead these sessions as much as possible will help to motivate them to learn. It’s simply a matter of enjoying the experience.


You can lead by example. All you have to do is talk to your child at the end of the day about what you’ve done that day and what you’ve learned. Even better, you can explain how you learned the new information. 

If you wish you can follow it with an open-ended question to encourage communication. However, simply telling your child about your day will illustrate that you never stop learning, you will inspire them even if they don’t realize it.

Consider Their Interests

The best way to build the habit of learning is to encourage your child to share what interests them. You can then focus on learning about that subject with them.  For example, if they like dinosaurs find some dinosaur books and go through them with your child. They’ll appreciate it.

Play Games

Games are an excellent way of doing some family bonding and learning. This is especially true if the game is new and you’re trying to figure out how to play it. They will concentrate completely on the game, learning the necessary techniques. Without realizing it they’ll be building a habit of learning and a motivation to keep learning.

Learning Over Performance

The key to motivating your child to learn is to focus on what they are learning. Get them to tell you about it and share what they liked most about it. You don’t need to see their grade or how well they are doing in a particular subject. This adds pressure which destroys the fun and motivation of learning. 

Keep the activity focused on your child and they will do well.

Be Aware of the Rising Number of Car Accidents as You Travel This Summer

All 50 states began some process of reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic caused the country to enter lockdown in March and April. Even while several states have begun to impose restrictions again, as you travel the country this summer, you will notice that the rate of car accidents is on the rise.

This expected rise in car accidents comes after reports of relatively low numbers of car accidents during the coronavirus lockdowns. As many states begin to resume operations, officials predict that there will be a sharp rise in car accidents and injuries over the next few summer months.

 Expect Summer 2020 to See an Increased Number of Car Accident Fatalities

 Summer often brings an increased number of car accidents. Not only is the weather often more suitable for driving, but people also tend to travel more during long holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Additionally, many holiday celebrations as well as other summer festivities will involve the combination of alcohol and an increased number of vehicles on the road, which will lead to more accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports more car accidents occur daily between July and August than any other time of the year. Some experts even refer to the period between Memorial Day and Labor as the “100 deadliest days” due to the large number of car accidents that occur then. When these factors are combined with antsy drivers eager to hit the roadways once again during the COVID-19 reopening’s, travelers should be aware that the number of deadly car accidents that occur in the U.S. this summer is likely to be higher than ever.

How a Re-Opened Economy Will Lead to More Car Accidents

Many people anxiously await the day when the United States can begin moving past COVID-19 and we can travel the country as freely as we once did. In the interim, however, we are seeing a sharp increase in car travelers this summer, as many are not yet ready to board an airplane.

Tips on Staying Safe While Road Tripping this Summer

Some of the helpful strategies that you can follow to reduce your risk of ending up in an accident while on a road trip this summer include:

  • Routinely check your vehicle’s tire pressure. Well-maintained tires can protect motorists from unexpected breakdowns.
  • Pack safely, which includes not exceeding your vehicle’s payload capacity.
  • Take steps to manage both glare and heat. This could always include keeping sunglasses nearby or using a sun shield beneath your vehicle’s windshield.
  • Rain showers can occur suddenly in the summer. If you find yourself driving through the rain, remember that roads become particularly slippery soon after rainfall.
  • There is often an increased number of bicyclists and motorcyclists on the roads during the summer. Remember to safely share the road with these drivers.

Speak with a Knowledgeable Car Accident Attorney

Even if you try your best to stay safe while traveling this summer, the risk of car accidents is still likely to go up over the next few months. While the moments following a car accident can be overwhelming, it can help greatly to speak with a knowledgeable car accident attorney from the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe. Contact our law office today to schedule a free case evaluation.

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling with Your Pet

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling with Your Pet 

There is nothing better than going on for a vacation. It becomes more joyful if you bring your pet alongside with you also. What could be better than going on vacation? Bring your baby in fur for fun, of course. But before planning your trip with your pet, keep in mind that having an animal by your side can complicate matters. Here’s what you need to know about traveling with pets.

Take your pet on a trip.

It would be best if you made your pet habitual for the road trip, and it is better to take your pet on short car trips to assess how well they drive the car. If they better get used to the car, take them frequently for short distances.

Once you are on the road, it is essential to take breaks. You should always wear a harness and strap before exiting the car for safety reasons. Put a litter box on the floor behind the seats instead of risking getting them out of the car if you travel with a cat.

Always keep windows and sunroof closed when traveling with animals to prevent them from escaping. There is a need for pet seat belts in their vehicles, as some states require pet owners to keep their pets safe in vehicles.

Room with your pet in a hotel

If you are staying at a hotel with your pet, it is essential to book with a pet-friendly hotel that is also affordable. Not all hotels accept pets and those that generally charge extra per night and pet. These charges will depend on the particular hotel.

Staying in hotel with your pet, with this relaxation you can now pay with phone bill bingo Easy as you like.

Even if your hotel accepts pets, pets will not run like they would at home. Understand and follow the rules for pets at your hotel. Pets are often not allowed to be left unattended in the room or must be packed if so.

Keep your pet calm and safe while traveling.

Whichever method you use to travel, you can take a few safety precautions to make sure your pet is always safe.

You should also identify the closest emergency veterinary clinics to your hotel if there is a medical problem that you cannot handle by yourself. You can also contact the hotel concierge for recommendations about identifying a clinic.

To keep your pet relatively calm, there are a few things you can try. Items like a favourite blanket or t-shirt you recently wore can ease travel stress by bringing the scent home for the trip. However, please note that you should only bring these items in the car; Toys, blankets, and other items in your pet’s baby carrier can pose a safety risk during air travel. Heavy jackets provide comfort, like wrapping a baby in blankets.

How to prepare your pet for the trip

You need to check in advance for the immigration rules for the countries you are traveling to. If you want to know about the immigration of pets, you can easily find it on Google.

Traveling with a pet by plane

Please note that the Transportation Control Administration has special pet control rules when you arrive at the airport. You will have to remove them from their support just before starting the control process and take them with you,

What Can We Expect from Online Casinos in the Future?

Online casinos have completely transformed the gambling and gaming industry. While land-based casinos remain popular, they’re now more of a way for people to enjoy a special night out with friends, rather than enjoying a game alone. Gaming and casino enthusiasts use a range of online casino platforms like Casino Vibez, supported by a huge number of game software companies, to play a variety of casino classics with modern twists.

From wild themes to crazy extra features and hidden games, online casinos offer an impressive range of games.

So what’s next? With thousands of games available on your mobile phone, it’s hard to imagine that the online casino industry is going to change all that much in the future. However, much as the traditional mechanical slots invented in the late 1800s became electromechanical in the 1960s, and completely electrical in the 1980s, we are expected to see dramatic changes and improves in user experience within just the next few years.

Augmented Reality

Let’s consider augmented reality. This is not the same as virtual reality, in which a user wears goggles or a screen over the eyes to completely block out their natural environment. Augmented reality is different in that it allows a user to overlay imagery over their vision.

Whether this comes in the form of glasses (like Google Glass!) or utilizes a smartphone and the built-in camera, augmented reality allows users to see the world in a different way. As online casinos compete to gain the edge over their competitors, augmented reality will likely find its way into mobile apps. You could soon see roulettes in your living room, using technology you already have in your pocket!

Blockchains and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are all the rage right now. This is a completely different way of managing currency, and it’s likely the way things will be done in the future. It’ll take a while, and for now, cryptocurrency is an intrigue mostly just for investors and enthusiasts, but it is certainly becoming more popular. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, don’t worry. You’ll pick it up as it becomes more unpopular. In short, blockchain refers to a kind of spreadsheet that stores information about transactions made online using cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency is literally just a currency, but not one that you can tangibly hold. It is designed in a way that it can only be stored on a computer, and when it is transferred, it does not leave a copy behind. Cryptocurrency is the most modern form of currency and it has spread beyond Bitcoin into several other variations that online casinos are already beginning to support.

Esports is Coming! 

Esports might be better described as “videogames” for those who have never heard of it. Many countries already enjoy online betting for sports games, but as online videogame tournaments become more popular, esports betting is beginning to appear too.

In fact, you’ll already find online casinos that offer esports betting, but they are usually specialist companies. Some of the biggest online casino companies are looking into incorporate esports into their regular casino offerings. As soon as the big names take it on, other players will pick it up and you’ll find it virtually everywhere that offers regular sports betting.

Virtual Reality

As we’ve mentioned already, the online casino industry has an interest in putting roulette tables and games in your living room using your mobile phone or augmented reality glasses. You might be surprised to hear, however, that virtual reality is actually much closer to coming to fruition.

While augmented reality glasses like Google Glass (and various competing options) are still in early development stages and don’t offer much more than text updates in your line of vision, virtual reality is already real. Multiple video game platforms already use virtual reality headsets, along with virtual reality controllers, to transport you to another world.

That’s why online casino platforms are actively looking into ways to transport players into completely different dimensions…or to famous casinos on the other side of the world! Software developers are already at work creating games that can both load on web pages and be compatible with virtual reality headsets.

We could be just years away from regular online casino players being able to put on their headset, and being transported to the most famous casinos in Las Vegas

You can travel thousands of miles to the most luxurious casino in the world without leaving your sofa.

Better Payment Processing

So this might not be the most exciting option, but it’s still true! Payment processing has gotten much better over the years. While it can still take a few days to receive withdrawals to regular bank accounts, most online casinos make withdrawals accessible within a day if you choose to withdraw to an e-wallet instead.

Expect better payment processing times in the future as banks become more like e-wallets, and casino platforms race to implement instant withdrawals.