Vi-shake by ViSalus: Does it work?


Disclosure- The following is a guest post. All the opinions belong to those of the writer, my own are not reflected. I am in no way agreeing with or confirming these claims, and in fact have never heard of or tried this product.

What is Vi-Shake?

Vi-Shake is a kind of meal replacement shake that is said to taste better than cake. The creators also share a video on their website of how the product is manufactured including how the ingredients were chosen by a scientific advisory board. But can the product really help you lose weight? Let’s find out in this Vi-Shake review.

Vi-Shake Ingredients

In the video presentation Vi-Shake claim that the ingredients were chosen by scientists to be the best in the world. However there are many artificial flavors included in the product, along with mono and diglycerides, and sucralose.

These ingredients are dangerous because sucralose has been shown to cause leukemia in rats, while mono and diglycerides are often derived from animal fats and there’s no telling what is really in an artificial flavor. Given the quality of the ingredients there isn’t any evidence to show that they came from a natural place in the world, especially given that there are artificial ingredients included.

The fiber in Vi-Shake comes from Fibersol. There are positive benefits to this fiber including that it has less than 5 points on the glycemic scale, it doesn’t cause gas and bloating, and it does help you lose weight. There is also a good amount of vitamins and minerals added. There are also problems with the kind of protein included as it is mostly soy, which can be a bigger health risk than people realise.

The Price and Quality

To purchase a 30 serving pouch of Vi-Shake would set you back $49.99. ViSalus recommend using 2 scoops for weight loss and 1 scoop to manage weight, which means that you would get 15 days of the product for $49.99 or $3.32 a day. This price becomes an issue when you realize that you’re paying for a low quality product filled with cheap proteins and artificial flavors. There may some added nutrients to Vi-Shake but there are also many unnecessary ingredients that inflate the price.

Customer Opinions

It’s hard to say for sure which online reviews are genuine because there are so many customer representatives leaving fake reviews. No matter which message board, forum, or review site you can find you can be sure that a representative of the company will be there talking about how great the company and product is. This is because they offer affiliate marketing where people can earn commissions based on recruiting people.

Despite this there are still over 145 critical reviews of the product on Amazon, including people criticizing the company as a whole. Many of these reviews also point out concerns about all the positive reviews and how they were likely left by representatives. Some customers are even worried that the operation as a whole is a scam because they were offered a refund but were denied it when they tried to claim it. They would talk to the company but never receive their refund. There are many bad reviews left on websites dedicated to fighting scams and bad businesses, including the website for the Better Business Bureau.


A product such as this should be help you retain lean muscle mass as you lose weight. This shake supposedly achieves this through three different proteins that provide a mixture of amino acids. There’s a problem however because the main protein used is soy, which has been shown to be ineffective at best and unsafe at the worst.

While the company does employ clever marketing tactics they seem to be more interested in recruiting people than selling their product. Before deciding to purchase the Vi-Shake there are some things you should know;

  • It has the standard amount of protein, fiber, carbs and calories

  • It can be mixed with water or a snack or milk for a full meal

  • It’s a good idea to replace two meals with a shake for weight loss

  • Protein mostly comes from soy

  • The digestive enzymes included are unnecessary unless you need them for a medical condition

  • Despite what the company claims many studies show that soy should not be used by pregnant and nursing women

  • There are very few genuine positive reviews given how many people sell the product for a commission. People will claim that the product works and offer you a referral code so that they can earn money when you buy it yourself.

The main claim that the company makes is that their product can help you lose weight without losing muscle. However they have provided nothing to prove this. This meal replacement shake is pretty run of the mill. It’s become popular through the use of self-motivated sellers looking to make a profit.

They run aggressive campaigns and they make claims about helping other people make money, but at the end of the day ViSalus is more concerned about recruiting sellers and making money than helping people lose weight.

New Merck Manual Consumer App Is Perfect for on the Go Moms @MerckManualHome

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, but the opinions and reviews are completely my own.

Merck Consumer App

When you travel, particularly this time of year, it can be hard to avoid the inevitable illness. Whether it’s just a minor sniffle or a stomach virus, traveling when you’re sick can be a real bummer. What’s worse, when you’re away from home, it can be hard to know where to turn for medical advice. The Merck Manual Consumer app can take a lot of the worry out of travel—particularly with sick kids.

The Merck Manual Consumer App can be an invaluable resource for you. Interactive quizzes, symptom checkers, and medical advice can all be found quickly and easily by navigating through the free app interface and put many of your worries to rest. Know when to contact a doctor or when to treat symptoms while on the go.

The free app is also a great way of staying in charge of your own and your family’s healthcare needs—particularly if you are managing an already diagnosed health condition. FAQs, types of tests, symptoms, medications, and side effects are discussed for a wide range of health concerns. There’s no reason to put your life and travels on hold when you can have access to a wide range of health-related questions and answers at your fingertips.

There’s no doubt about it—there are few things as awful as trying to manage traveling and globetrotting while you’re sick—except maybe having a kiddo who’s sick while on the go. Travel and exposure to other cultures are one of the most important things you can give your child. Experiences are lessons they will take with them the rest of their lives. However, being sick can put a damper on those experiences, and worrying about your kids while you are away from home and away from your pediatrician can turn a magical experience into a nightmare. The Merck Manual Consumer app takes a lot of the guesswork out of managing an illness while on the road. Whether it is a chronic illness or the nasty flu bug going around, you can have up-to-date answers with the app right on your device.

Sometimes it can be hard explaining to your kiddo what is going to happen during a particular test or procedure. The super awesome free Merck Manual Consumer app has some videos available. How neat is it that you can show your kid what happens during an X-ray? It takes a lot of the fear and stress out of it when they know what to expect and can watch it firsthand. Granted, the videos are simulated images, so they look sort of like cartoons. Then again, for a lot of kids, I know that is a definite plus.

Merck Consumer App

There are a lot of great things about this app, but one of the best is the symptom checker. Picture this: you’re sitting in a cramped airplane, and the guy next to you is hacking up a lung. With a few quick pieces of info, you can determine if he has asthma or if he has the plague. Then you can easily share that information with him by text or email. You can also easily share it with your healthcare professional too!

You can download the app for FREE! There’s no registration required, and the app does not gather or use any personal information. For Android users, visit the Google Play store and download the app here. iPhone users can visit the iTunes App Store and download it here. You can also find more information about it on their website.

Don’t let a little cold or flu keep you and your family from setting out to discover the world. Find your next adventure, wherever it may be.  Also, did I mention the app is FREE? Yep, my favorite price. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Don’t know whether that sniffle is allergies or needs medical attention while traveling? The Merck Manual Consumer App can help you decide whether to keep those travel plans or make an appt. ASAP!

Keeping the Kids Occupied

“Are we there yet?” The age-old plaintive cry of traveling children. I can easily imagine this happening throughout the entire 40-year trek in the wilderness by the Israelites. Fortunately, modern parents have a few more diversionary tools available to them. Hopefully, this provides relief, however temporary, to the beleaguered parents’ frayed nerves.


Although we can be loath to let our tablet or smartphone out of our grasp, sometimes the better part of valor is to give it up and pass it to the backseat. Maybe it’s because the young one wants to be like mommy or daddy, maybe it’s just that the pictures and sounds are way cool or maybe it’s a bit of “you have it, I want it.” Whatever the reason, it provides a much-needed distraction.

There are some things the tech savvy parent on the go needs to keep in mind in all this. Thinking ahead can save a lot of time, money and bottles of headache relief medicines.

Data Usage—I suffer from what my family calls OCFP, Obsessively Compulsive about Fine Print. I will frequently hit rewind while watching TV to go back and look at all the teeny tiny words at the bottom of commercials. Not for something I own, nor even something I’m contemplating buying, but just because.

All of that to say that I’ve learned unlimited data plans may not be quite so “unlimited” as they’re made out to be and that cars with “built-in Wi-Fi” still need a connection to the internet (often times at additional cost). An unexpected bill is never a pleasant surprise, so paying attention to the fine print can be important.

Physical Damage—We all drop things, ding things and break things. Human beings are imperfect and these things happen. So, what are we to do? Many service providers offer insurance that allow us to replace a smartphone that takes a dip in the toilet bowl. Also, to protect against dents, dings and scratches there are a variety of model-specific Android and iPhone cases and faceplate protectors. For any smartwatch, smartphone or tablet on the market there are products made to protect them.

Privacy Protection—By and large, we want to have an open relationship with our children. We don’t want to seem to be hiding things from them. But, it is a fact of life that a responsible parent must put some barriers between us and our children. A randomly pushed series of buttons and Junior can forward just the wrong email to just the wrong person, initiate a phone call with the V.P. of sales in the middle of a huge meeting or play the YouTube video of the distinctly 18-years and up comedian. Make sure everything that should be locked down is locked down.


Children can have a remarkably varied interest in what they find enjoyable to pass the time. Some of them are, amazingly, things we may have enjoyed in our younger days. Maybe not so amazing when the brain trust on Madison Avenue gets factored in.  Consider these franchises that have current game tie-ins for the most recent portable gaming systems:

Star Wars—The original movie debuted in 1977

Mario Brothers—Mario and Luigi first lit up video arcades in 1983

Pokemon—The first Pikachu was dealt onto a table in 1996

Books are also a viable alternative. I remember the back of our cars always had a couple of books the kids could look through. And while they do still print books out (honest!), there are stand-alone eBook readers available as well.

By whatever means, keeping children occupied is a much better option then letting them become a distraction. One study by an Australian based university found that children in the car are twelve times more distracting than talking on a mobile phone. And that is no joke.

How to Travel and Still Advance Your Career

Going on an extended trip and exploring the world doesn’t have to mean putting the rest of your life on hold. A lot of avid travelers I know actually have a strong career or a successful business they run while traveling. Thanks to the internet and today’s best mobile devices, there are actually a lot of things you can do while traveling.

In this article, however, we’re going to talk about how you can still advance your career and enjoy an extended trip to amazing places. Here are a few things you can do to achieve this.

Rack Up Experiences

Just because you’re away, doesn’t mean you can’t still work. Some companies now allow employees to work from remote locations. If you happen to be working for a company or a startup that allows remote working, spending a few hours every day to catch up on work-related tasks can always be done no matter where you are.

You can also seek freelance projects or switch to an online job completely. These projects can be added to your CV – and your LinkedIn profile – which means you will be able to find a better position to fill when you get back thanks to the wealth of experiences you bring home.

Lastly, consider offering consultation services in a field you’re really good at. For example, you can consult for online businesses if you know your way around internet marketing and content creation. You can even use the trips you’re on as a selling point and produce awesome content along the way.

Pursue a Higher Degree

Another cool thing you can do while you’re away is pursue a higher degree. Thanks to distance learning programs from top universities, you can now get a master’s in various fields without actually attending physical classes or becoming a full time student. Online courses offer the same accredited degrees as their offline counterparts, which means you can take a program that suits you and be qualified for mid- to top-level management positions when you’re done.

Some degrees have more potential than the others. Be sure to check out the market and find degrees that are in high demand before choosing a course to take. The future for those with an online healthcare administration degree is particularly bright because the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing today. Those with MBAs and other degrees will also find the market to be particularly promising.

Work Overseas

Of course, you can also enjoy relaxing weekends at exotic destinations when you work for a European or Asian company. Some US-based companies also have branches overseas, allowing you to apply for a lucrative position in great areas and have more opportunities to travel.

Working overseas may not mean being able to travel or relax every day, but it is still a nice compromise between exploring the world and boosting your career. Once you’re happy with the experiences you gather, you can relocate back home without having to start over with your career.

Do you have other tips and stories about boosting your career while traveling the world? Be sure to share them in the comments section below.

Amazing Things To Do With The Kids When You Travel To The State Of Wyoming

travel with kids

It’s so hard to fill the holidays with fun things to do with the kids. After all, you might not want to travel abroad for a few days during the cold winter months. But there are so many places you can visit in the US. And one of the most scenic ones is the state of Wyoming. There are a ton of things you can do in the beautiful area which will keep your whole family busy. Therefore, here are some amazing things to do with the kids when you travel to the state of Wyoming.

You need to camp in the Yellowstone National Park
One of the most famous things about Wyoming is its picturesque Yellowstone National Park. The beautiful recreation area is a sight to behold with incredible canyons and beautiful forests. It even has its infamous Old Faithful geyser which sees millions flock there every year. All of this plus the rivers and forests makes it a fantastic place to visit with the kids. You can set up camp and enjoy days exploring the park. If your child loves animals, they will also be in their element here. After all, the park is home to so many different species including wolves and bears! You can read more about why Yellowstone is great for kids in this article. And don’t forget to take your little ones to the Grand Prismatic Spring which is situated here. As we said before, the large hot spring in North America is surrounded by rainbow colors and will leave your little ones impressed.

You need to go skiing in Grand Teton National Park
And Yellowstone National Park is not the only park you should be visiting while in the state of Wyoming. You should also be heading to the Grand Teton National Park which is a hugely popular destination for adventurous families. It’s famous for its rugged peaks, and its gorgeous lakes. If you kids love active sports, they will love all the hiking, camping, and fishing that they can do here. Also, you can also head to the valley of Jackson Hole. Here you can do activities such as rafting and skiing which the kids will love. And here you can find some of the most beautiful lodging in wyoming; perfect for doing some exploring with the kids.

Head to one of the museums like The Wyoming State Museum

It’s always fun for kids to go to a museum. After all, it offers them a fun experience while they are learning at the same time. Therefore, you should consider heading to the Wyoming State Museum. It’s located in Cheyenne and it’s full of history about the wonderful state. And it’s also full of fun exhibits for your kids to get involved in. And there are plenty of grounds for them to have a run around afterward.
And you could also consider taking your little one to a Rodeo. It’s a fun evening, and your kids will love it. Check out the best ones in Wyoming to find the best one to take your kids to.

Don’t Put A Time Limit On Your Makeup: Help It Stay On For Longer With These Great Tips

Ever had that experience where you leave the house with amazing makeup – only to look in a mirror two hours later to find that it’s all but left your face? Yep, this has probably happened to all of us, and it doesn’t ever get less annoying. It can be incredibly disheartening to see your makeup wear off so quickly, especially if you spent ages on it or if you are at a big event. Our makeup can come off our faces for a number of reasons. It could be to do with the weather – wind and rain aren’t exactly a girl’s best friend when it comes to keeping their face intact. It could be to do with face touching or the wearing of glasses, or even wearing scarves around the face. Plus sometimes, it is simply down to the wearer having oily skin. So what exactly can you do if you suffer with makeup that just won’t stay on? Well, read on and try some of these techniques that can help your makeup stay with you well into the night – so you can party until dawn without a care in the world.

longer lasting makeup

Use primer

You may have heard of people using what is known as a primer under their makeup. These products have been used by professional makeup artists for years, but have only hit the highstreet in the past few years. Primers are essentially products which are applied before foundation or concealer and aim to make your makeup last longer. They are now available from many different brands and come in gel, cream and even powder form. In order to apply it, don’t be scared to use your fingers. Yes, we have all been relentlessly told to apply makeup with professional brushes and sponges ONLY. But in the case of primer, actually absorbs into the skin better when you use your hands, due to the generation of heat. There are also types of primer specifically designed for certain parts of the face, such as this base for NYX eyeshadow.

Use a setting spray

Ever clocked sight of yourself in the mirror before you left the house, and gave your face a quick mist of hairspray before leaving just to make sure that makeup stays on? Most of us have done the hairspray trick, as nasty as it is – and not only does it taste and feel awful, it doesn’t really work either! This is why makeup setting sprays were invented, which are essentially a sealing ‘top coat’ for your makeup. You can buy specific ones for various skin types and some even claim to hydrate your skin too.

Keep backup products in your bag

Unfortunately, there are going to be those times where no matter what we do, the makeup still comes off. For these moments, nothing else will do apart from reapplying the makeup that has already come off. But no one wants to cut their evening short by having to go home to re-apply. This is why carrying some mini makeup saviors on your person can be a lifesaver in times of need. You can often buy handbag-sized makeup these days, but most makeup in general will fit into the inside pocket of your bag. Bring only the essentials so you’re not too weighed down – for example, your 16 color eyeshadow palette probably doesn’t need to come with you. Foundation, powder, mascara and lipstick is all you really need, and you’ll be good to go all night.

Foodie Fun and More in Papa’s Sushiria

free apps

Certain games get everything right. Papa’s Sushiria is one of those special titles, representing a winning combination of multiple genres. In Papa’s Sushiria, players will work every job at a sushi restaurant. Taking orders, cooking rice, and preparing desserts has never been this exciting.

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Papa’s Sushiria is the latest installment in a decade-spanning series of restaurant management games. First, there was Papa’s Pizzeria, followed by a dozen other highly specific diners. Where Papa’s Pancakeria and Papa’s Wingeria might’ve struggled, Papa’s Sushiria shines. That’s because there are very many ways to make sushi. And as the head chef, we get to discover all of them.

Playing Papa’s Sushiria on Poki is about so much more than making food. Upon starting a new adventure, players can create their own character. Surprisingly, this game offers more customization than I’ve ever seen. There are literally trillions of possibilities, thanks to hundreds of different hairstyles, facial hair options, glasses, and colours galore. Players can even adjust the eye spacing and mouth height, among other facial features, to create themselves in the game. Earning money opens up a whole new world of outfit possibilities, with different shirts, pants, shoes, hats, belts, and jackets. Basically, there’s an extremely detailed dress-up game within Papa’s Sushiria from POKI!

Once our character is created, it’s time to get to work. There are multiple stations in the restaurant, each of which has its own challenges. Taking orders is the first step in the process, and it’s the simplest. All we have to do is listen to the customer and send their order to the kitchen. Then, we can start the cooking process. As the chef, we’ll start by pouring rice into the rice cooker. Green and yellow markers on the cooker indicate when the rice is half-finished and fully done. If our timing is wrong, the customer won’t be happy!

The build station is where we can complete most of our chef duties. During our first day at the restaurant, we have somewhat limited access to fillings and toppings. There are carrots, salmon, and tuna, among other fresh ingredients. When adding ingredients onto the rice, we must spread them carefully. Real chefs take pride in their work, and we should, too. It takes a steady hand to perform this task perfectly. As such, younger gamers might have a tough time drizzling sauces and slicing the rolls evenly.

After the sushi is made, we’ll craft a drink for our customer. The beverage must include milk, a type of tea, and flavored bubbles. When the drink is complete, our full meal will be ready for the customer.

Each well-prepared meal results in tip money. At the end of each day, players can spend their cash on new items and decorate the restaurant. With so many unlockable items, the end of each workday offers a whole new experience. We can play Foodini’s mini-games for special prizes, collect stickers, and watch a parade with everyone we meet at the restaurant. Let’s make food and much more in Papa’s Sushiria!

7 Benefits of Taking a Cruise

If you are planning to take some time off of work, but are not sure where you are headed, a cruise is always an option you should consider. You might wonder why everyone who is returning from a cruise is so happy and there’s a reason for it. It’s an amazing experience that comes at a great value and something that your whole family can enjoy. They can truly be the perfect vacation.

Is there a better way to relax than to lay under the sun, with a cocktail in your hand, while you sail away? We believe there’s not. However, it’s are not only a great leisure activity. In fact there are numerous benefits of taking a cruise. Here are just seven of them.

It Can Save you a Lot of Money

At first, when looking at the price of a cruise, you might think that they are an expensive treat. However, when you consider the value you are getting, you will actually realize that cruises can save you a lot of money. In fact, some of the best packages come at great prices. In most cases, you‘ll be paying under $100 per night, which is extremely affordable, especially considering that you‘ll be getting a hotel, a dinner, a show and an overall unforgettable experience. Furthermore, if you are traveling to a cheap place, you‘ll be able to save even more. Have kids? On some cruise lines your kids will be able to sail either completely for free or at discount rates, if they are sharing a cabin with you. What’s more, even if you are looking for luxury, you can find the best value on a cruise as well, all with the best alcoholic beverages, shore tours and more.

There is Little to No Planning Involved

Most people dread going on a vacation, simply because of the time it takes to plan one. However, you won’t need to go through the tedious process of planning. Forget about booking different hotels or plane tickets. With a cruise, you‘ll be able to travel the world, while having the comfort you need and there’s isn’t any planning involved. Everything you need to do is simply pick your ship, pack your bags and you‘re good to go. If your family is big, or you are planning a trip for a group, with a cruise you won’t experience any additional hassle in planning. Most cruise lines provide group offers that will not only give you further discounts on your travel, but will help you with the booking of cabins and more.

Getting Out of Your Own Head

One of the hardest things to do in our busy everyday lives is to get out of our own heads. Even when we are on vacation, we often think about the different issues that are currently on our mind. What about my project? What about my work? These are all questions that are on the minds of students and adults who are about to take a vacation. Nevertheless, on a ship you‘ll get a chance to stay away from your work and study life for a while and completely enjoy your free time.

Meeting New People

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, the scientific benefit of meeting new people is a proven fact. On a ship you will be able to meet a lot of new faces. What’s more you can easily find great talking points and things in common, because after all you are all enjoying a nice cruise. Nevertheless, make sure to make the most out of your new interactions. Cruising is also one of the most romantic travel experiences. Whether you are with your other half or are a single who would like to meet someone new, there’s no better place for you than a cruise. What’s more, most lines have special packages for weddings and honeymoons, as well as vow renewals.

Take the Whole Family With You

There aren’t a lot of vacations where you can take your family and be certain that everyone will enjoy their time. With the multitude of activities and the uniqueness of the experience they offer, cruises are fun for each member of the family. What’s more with everything located on a single ship, you‘ll be able to go and do different stuff, without worrying where all of you are. You will all be on the same ship.

Having Fun

We all like to relax, but having fun is also something you need to do. On a cruise you will be able to join in over a dozen of new and exciting activities that will make your vacation even better. In fact, most ships have a bar and a restaurant, where you‘ll be able to enjoy life music and a few drinks. Depending on the ship of your choice, the list of onboard activities may include everything from pottery classes, to yoga, comedy routines, dance workshops, basketball and more. Ships are much like floating cities in the middle of the oceans and have Wi-Fi, cell service and satellite TV, so you won’t need to worry about leaving behind your comfort as well. If scrolling down your smartphone is something you often do, on a cruise you‘ll be able to do so as well, all while enjoying the nice hot sun and the ocean breeze. On a cruise you will also be able to forget all of your cares, as there are always enough lifeboats and doctors aboard to help in an emergency situation and everything you need is always there.

Learning About New Cultures

If you are taking an international cruise, you‘re getting a chance to learn more about new cultures. They are a bit more expensive, but at the end of the day, they can be an unforgettable experience. What’s more you’ll be able to do visit a dozen of new locations and you‘ll need to unpack only once. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of changing hotels, and yet you will be able to wake up on a new location every single day. That’s perfect. Some of the best cruises will let you visit all of the cities that you’ve wanted to visit your entire life and you‘ll be able to do so on a great value price and for a week or a month of your time. There certainly isn’t a better vacation than a cruise, as it lets you enjoy multiple cultures and visit over a dozen of new locations without much hassle or planning.

In a world polluted by productivity and stress, it’s hard to forget the importance of taking a break. Whether you are single or have a family, your lack of energy can not only harm your relationship with others and yourself, but can be relatively unhealthy. Make sure to plan your break and book a cruise, because there’s no better way to relax than to enjoy a nice sea travel.

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