5 Places you can get Sun in the USA Now

As winter has taken hold, many people consider travelling the world in search of a spot of winter sun. The blue skies, burning sun and time to relax can help to recharge the batteries during the winter months, especially at a time where the days are short and all there seems to be is darkness.

Winter sun can rejuvenate and help blow away the winter blues, therefore, the following five places in the USA will enable you to grab the winter sun that you need.

Miami and Key West

Miami and Key West is known for its subtropical climate. Wildlife from Northern US and Canada flock there to bask in the warm temperatures which can reach as high as 79F during the day during the winter months while dropping to 60F at night. For those who enjoy the sun during the day and a good nightlife, Miami has it all. Stunning beaches can be enjoyed in the comfort of the warm sun while Key West is the southernmost point in the US where the laid-back style of life accompanies the beautiful sunshine.


Orlando is known to the playground of Florida as it is home to the likes of Disney Land and Universal Studios. However, during the summer months the heat can be almost unbearable as well as there being a risk of thunderstorms on an almost daily basis. Therefore, during the winter months, the temperature is pleasant and certainly an improvement on the winter weather in the UK. On average, the temperatures in Orlando are around 75 degrees during the winter months.

Baldwin County MLS

Here you can find the stunning Gulf Shores and mile upon mile of sandy white beaches. The average temperature here is around 66F which is warm enough to take walks along the beach or enjoy the many different activities on offer such as dolphin spotting or deep-sea fishing. Regardless of what you choose to do when you are visiting Baldwin County MLS, you can be sure that the weather, especially during winter, will be kind to you.

San Diego and Palm Springs

Southern California is the place that conjures up images of long days in the sun, vast beaches and people keeping fit. It is not only the summer where the sun shines because here, there is sun all-year round. The temperatures during the day reach an average of 66F which is perfect for getting out and about and taking in the sights without having to wrap up warm.

Palm Springs offers the warm desert air just east of Los Angeles and many golf courses, architecture and hotels to enjoy.


Hawaii is on-par or comes a close second to the sunshine state of Florida when it comes to Winter sunshine. This is a real winter-sun playground with a wide range of resorts where temperatures reach around 77F during the day. Hawaii is littered with stunning beaches and amazing scenery all of which is topped off with incredible winter sun.

4 Tips to Saving Money While Growing Your Blog

Mommy blogging can be fun, rewarding, and a great way to share your story with others across the globe.

Maybe you’re just getting into the blogging world, or maybe you’ve been around for some time. Whatever the case, you probably want to make it grow.

Growth usually means more traffic, and traffic isn’t always the easiest thing to produce.

Many moms, much like myself, rush into paid ads and promotions to bring more visitors to their website.

I’m here to tell you that there are easier ways to acquire traffic, and ones that will save you a ton of money.

Below are 4 tips to help you save money while growing your mommy blog.

Implement a Basic SEO Strategy

Think about the last time you logged onto your computer. Many times, the first thing you’d do is open your web browser, and then what pops up? Google.

And guess what? You aren’t the only one that operates this way. Google, and other search engines, are often the first place many people begin their computer time.

It makes sense then that you’d want your mommy blog to show up when people search for related terms. That’s the beauty of a sound Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Start by using a free SEO checker to find out where your website currently ranks for target keywords.

Don’t have any? No problem. Check out your competition first instead. Find out what keywords they rank for, then start producing more content that uses those exact words and phrases.

Before long, your website will start moving up the search engine rankings, and you’ll see for traffic numbers grow…all without spending a dime.

Start Guest Blogging

I know, I know. Creating content for your website is hard enough. Why would you want to do it for others?

Boatloads of free, highly targeted traffic…that’s why.

Guest blogging is a great way to boost your traffic numbers, gain followers from others within your niche, and build authority.

All you have to do is browse around other mommy blogs, write an awesome post specifically for them and their audience, then reach out and see if they will publish it.

Most will be more than happy to. They need content, and you need traffic. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Blogging for other websites is completely free and almost always worth the extra time spent creating content. Many other bloggers, especially newer ones, have generated tons of free traffic alone through this strategy.

Use Social Media as Much as Possible

Billions of people throughout the world use social media. If you’re not using it to promote your mommy blog, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

Social sharing has become the norm in today’s society. People love to share unique, inspiring, helpful, or funny content with their friends and family.

If you’re looking for another great, free way to increase your traffic, search no further than social media.

Create a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other type of account. Then start sharing any updates from your mommy blog. Begin with family and friends – those most likely to share and want you to succeed.

Once you get rolling with social media, it has the power to snowball into massive amounts of free traffic to your site.

Putting It All Together

Growing your mommy blog doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Follow the tips I’ve provided above to increase your traffic while saving your hard earned cash.

Romantic getaway: Europe’s 8 most amorous cities

Valentine’s Day marks the time of year you can put aside everything else and focus on you and your loved one – at least if you’re lucky enough! In which case, why not really indulge you and your partner by booking a city-break overseas in one of Europe’s most romantic metropolises? But which one to choose…?


Nicknamed the ‘City of Love’, Paris is pretty much the obvious, nay essential place to kick-off a list of this ilk. Blessed with so many delightful sights – from the Eiffel Tower to the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe to the Latin Quarter and the cobbled streets of the bohemian Montmartre to all those bridges over the Seine – it may be a cliché to say Paris is the ideal city for lovers to visit, but its romanticism is absolutely unquestioned.


As far as this blogger’s concerned, Venice may just be the most romantic city in the entire world. Built on an island lying in a lagoon, it contains villas, opera houses, canals and nary a road to be seen. Much of it dates from the Renaissance, including so many of the timeless artworks to be discovered in its multitude of churches. Beautiful and utterly unique in equal measure.


Speaking of the Renaissance, you absolutely can’t overlook its birthplace as a possible Valentine’s destination. Brimming with spellbinding architecture and stunning statues, it’s also blessed with that awe-inspiring Tuscan sun, gorgeous gelato and all those utterly delicious food dishes. The one problem with the place perhaps is that it’s so beautiful you may never want to leave!


A world-renowned Iberian institution, the Catalan capital is Spain’s most popular tourist destination – and for good reason. Offering up all those magnificently shaped Gaudi structures, incredible cuisine, supreme nightlife and, for culture vultures, a fascinating history and arts scene, it’s a metropolis to absolutely explore (so best pack those comfy but great-for-walking women’s brogue shoes from Mr Shoes) while on a romantic getaway.


Waltzes, Ferris wheels, pastries, horse-drawn carriages, royal residences, opera and exquisite Imperial architecture; yes, this Central European capital that’s oozing historical resonance has it all. Easily one of the most elegant cities you could care to visit, why not take a Viennese whirl in one of those Hell Bunny skirts in the Austrian capital? Why not, indeed!

The Dutch capital’s another city blessed with the beauty that a cornucopia of canals can bring, yet – unlike one or two others on this list – it’s far from the mega metropolis; to visit Amsterdam is to take in a charmingly and very charismatically compact city. And, frankly, who couldn’t feel amorous here, with all its cafés and restaurants and bicycles and echoes of the Dutch masters?


A perennial destination for stag and hen dos it may be, but this relatively recently discovered tourist-trap of a European capital also makes for a fine Valentine’s short-break location. Why? Because, once again, the architecture is breath-taking in its old fashioned beauty, while its restaurants and café culture are topped off by its plethora of cosy bars in which you and your loved one can sample and sup from an unparalleled choice of fine beers – or a bottle or two of red, of course!

Finally, who could overlook the picture-postcard beauty of this little bit of heaven in the Aegean Ocean. In actual fact, this destination’s an entire island (one of the Cyclades) as much as it’s a city, but with its rugged landscape, whitewashed cubiform houses and, of course, that blue, blue Mediterranean water, it’s simply an irresistible locale to while away a few loved up days with your special someone.


How to Choose the Best Computer to Play Minecraft

Technically, you can play Minecraft on any computer. However, this game is based on the programming language Java. So you will need a computer capable of running Java programs. All new computers can do this. However, Java takes up significant processing power to function properly. So, even if a computer can run Minecraft, it may not do it well. If the computer you are using lacks enough processing power, Minecraft will lag and run on a low-frame rate.

If you are looking for the ideal computer to play Minecraft, here are some tips:

PCs are the Best

Minecraft can run on PC, Linux, Macs, Xbox, Playstation and even on computers powered by Raspberry Pi. However, PC is the best type of computer play the game on. If you have a good desktop or laptop PC with a powerful graphics card, that’s all you need to play the game. You do not technically need a gaming computer for Minecraft. However, if you also want to play other games, it won’t hurt to buy a low-budget gaming laptop or a desktop.

Framerate Matters

Framerate, or fps (frames per second), is how fast individual images can be displayed on a screen so it looks like the images are moving. You may know this as moving picture, or movie, technology (very fancy). Video games display images similarly to movies. The graphics you want to see on the game will be affected by your computer’s fps. The higher the fps, the better. You can change this setting in-game, but there’s no point in tuning up in-game fps very high if the computer you are using cannot render the fps that fast. The basic frame rate for Minecraft is around 50 fps. Standard computers can manage around 60 fps. Gaming computers usually have double that rate, which will be more than enough to play Minecraft smoothly with great blocky graphics.

Get a Solid Processor

Ultimately, it comes down to the computer’s processor and memory. The Intel Pentium processor is the most basic processor that you can play Minecraft without major issues. You can upgrade to Intel Core i3, but this processor is largely similar to Pentium but costs extra. Ideally, Intel Core i5 with 4GB or 8GB RAM is the best processor for the game at the moment. Of course, you will have to combine the processor with a good graphics card. Core i7 processors are great if you already have one. There is no need to upgrade from i5 to i7, as you won’t get noteworthy perks for the additional cost.

Pair the Processor with a Good Graphics Card

Minecraft’s graphics are meant to be blocky like in arcade machines of the yore. However, a good graphics card will render the images best without lag. You need to pair a solid processor with a good graphics card like Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M or Iris Graphics 6100. Make sure the graphics card comes with at least 4GB of memory. Your computer will need at least 4GB of memory as well.

You can optimize your Minecraft experience further by buying an ergonomic external mouse and perhaps an external keyboard if you are using a laptop.

7 Ways to Save for Your Next Family Vacation

Family vacations are a fun, much-needed time for families to have together. It allows them to get out of the normal routines and just create new experiences in a new destination. The only problem is, depending on the size of your family, going on vacation can be expensive, causing some families to miss out altogether. The good news is there are some ways that you can pull more savings so that you can book that much-needed trip this year. Check them out below:

1.  Don’t Eat Out

Eating out is a ton of fun, but also comes at a hefty price. If you’re going to increase your vacation savings you’re going to want to cut back on eating out. If you’re used to eating out 3 times a week, cut back to once per week and put the money you would have spent on the other days into a savings account.

2.  Keep the Change

A penny saved is a penny earned. When it comes to saving loose change, it can add up pretty quickly. When paying for things, use cash and never give exact change. When the cashier gives you the change, place it into a piggy bank or jar. When the jar fills up, take it to your local bank and have it added to your savings account. You can do this every month until you’re ready to book the trip.

3.  Switch Energy Services

Some of the highest bills in the house are the mortgage and the energy bill. If you’re dealing with a higher energy bill, you may want to look into ways to cut those costs. Aside from taking actions like reducing your energy consumption, you can also check online resources to find out how to switch to a more affordable energy provider.

4.  Withdrawal From Your Bank’s ATM

Have you ever checked your bank statement and added up how much you’ve spent in a month on ATM fees? The number just might surprise you. While it might seem like a $2.00 fee won’t be much, if you’re using the ATM even 5 times in a month, you’re throwing away $10 a month or $120 a year. Not to mention any additional fees your bank might assess because you didn’t use their ATM. The best bet is to withdrawal the funds from your bank’s ATM.

5.  Cut Cable

Cable services can cost several hundred dollars per month. While your family may love watching their favorite shows and movies when they get home each day, there are more affordable solutions to get entertainment. Subscribing to streaming services, for instance, allows you to see TV shows and movies instantly. You could also consider getting a library card and checking out movies for free!

6.  Use Coupons and Codes

Coupons have and will always be a great way to save money on things you purchase. You don’t have to be an extreme coupon saver to get the savings either. Simply clipping coupons out of your local newspaper and using them can save you money. You can also use coupon codes and verified codes online to get huge discounts on already affordable internet shopping deals.

7.  Earn Some Cash

If you’re having trouble saving from your current budget you can always increase the amount of income you have. There are plenty of side hustles out there that you could consider to earn some extra cash for your vacation. For instance, having a yard sale and getting rid of all your unwanted belongings can bring in vacation money. Some might consider being an Uber driver and using their car to get some extra money.

Don’t let finances keep you from going out and having a good time with your family. If you’re struggling to find the money to pay for your next vacation, give some of these creative ideas a try. By putting the money you’re saving directly into an interest bearing account, you’ll also allow your vacation savings to increase by just sitting there! With these saving tips and a being financially savvy while on vacation can help you cut back and enjoy creating memories with the ones you love.

Lazy Days on Your Lawn

What is the first thing someone notices driving down your street? Is it your home, or is it your lawn, or both? Most would suggest it is both, and if you have a beautiful well-kept home and your lawn has been neglected it only takes away from the beauty of the landscape.

There is considerable effort required by a homeowner to have the landscape that draws the attention of passerby’s. More importantly, you want your home to be inviting not only to guests but for your family. If you have children, they no doubt love to spend time outside and a well-kept lawn is safer for them.

Let’s assume you have well-kept grass now, and if you don’t it won’t take you long to find a landscaping company who will be happy to assist you in getting the yard healthy. Once your yard is bristling green it is imperative to keep it watered well, and nobody likes to drag around a garden hose.

When a corporation as large as Chase utilizes a sprinkler installation company it behooves the homeowner looking for the same services to investigate. Be sure to check that the company is bonded and insured and employs master plumbers.

With your yard now well-kept and properly watered with your professionally installed sprinkler system, why not consider more shade for those hot summer days. Many homeowners do not recognize the savings that can come to your utilities with properly planted trees and shrubs to provide natural shade.

Trees and shrubs provide so much more for your home then savings on utilities. The aesthetic value of your home will increase immensely, not just for the homeowner and family but also for the neighbors.

Perhaps you may be relocated for work and must sell the house; with the sprinkler system installed and the trees and shrubs planted properly your property value will be higher than a poorly manicured lawn with no natural cover.

Do you enjoy taking something that your significant other said to throw away and creating with it? How about a piece of furniture? An old cooler? Or, what about that tree stump from when the storm rolled in and toppled the 100-year-old tree? What good could that stump possibly bring us?

New creations and so much more for your home landscape! This is another area where you can set your home apart from the norm. By browsing through the ideas of other creative enthusiasts you can turn your possible throwaways into new furniture or decorations.

Are you still pondering what in the world could someone do with a tree stump? Of course you are, I did too! A stump can turn into a table that sits between two pieces of lawn furniture!

Relaxing outdoors on your lawn on a beautiful evening as the sun sets with a cool breeze rustling through your trees and shrubs is so relaxing. There is no reason for you to shortchange yourself and your family on the experiences available by having a well-kept landscape.

Author’s Bio

Curt Price

Title: Super-Connector at OutreachMama

Curt is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Youth Noise NJ who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. He frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses his efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.


Aluminum Composite Panels

One of the best construction materials mankind has ever come up with, is the Aluminum Composite Material. The Aluminum Composite Material is basically two aluminum sheets joined together to a polyethylene core to make up an Aluminum Composite Panels, or ACP for short. The material itself, because of the said combination, is extremely light (having a polyethylene core, and aluminum which is a very light metal to begin with) and vey durable. Due to this property it is the choice material with various applications in construction and architecture. The material is extremely resistant and is corrosion resistant, and to further kick it up a notch the material is coated with PVDF or Polyester which makes it even more corrosion resistant.


As far as the thickness of the Aluminum Composite Panels is concerned, it depends on different brands and your preference. Having said that, there are a few standard thicknesses available in the market according to which the ACPs are manufactured. They are 3, 4, 5 and 6mm respectively, making sure you have all the lightweight with all the durability and strength of the material.

Features and Uses of the ACP:

As mentioned before, the Aluminum Composite Panels have a huge variety of uses in construction and architecture. They are used in external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, container constructions, etc. Because of its light weight and durability the material is perfect for use in sign boards, and that is why the Aluminum Composite Panels are weather proof in addition to being light and durable, because most sign boards are displayed externally where they have to go through all the weather changes so it makes sense to choose a material which can tolerate that punishment and that’s why we have this material and its panels. Sign Boards are the main use for ACPs, and if you go and visit your nearest mall or even a market, you will see many signs which are displayed both inside and outside made up of the Aluminum Composite Panels. The best thing about the ACM (the material from which the panels are made of), is that its really cheap to produce and will last for a long time, which makes it an excellent investment. Its also used to make bodies for some vehicles as well, as they have to go fast and have to be durable so in the event of a crash, they don’t become a mangled mess of metal.

Though there are many other materials available in the market with similar properties, which can also perform the same functions the Aluminum Composite Panels can, they are either too expensive to produce or they don’t have the same performance the ACPs provide. This is one of the many reasons the ACP remains a favorite among constructors and architects, for many uses they employ it in. Only time will tell, if the ACP will remain or some other material will overtake it.

Aloe Vera Drink: Nature’s Nutritional Powerhouse

Aloe Vera is nothing short of a wonder plant, been used for centuries as a miracle drug for cuts, burns and other external injuries; Aloe Vera in the present day is used as the main ingredient in many skin care products and medicines. But in addition to that, the aloe vera drink is also one of its many uses. Like its external benefits, its internal benefits are even more as it makes for a great internal cleanser, weight loss ingredients and is filled with tons of nutrients and vitamins. If you want to live a healthier life, then an aloe vera drink is your best friend.

Though you can quite easily make an aloe vera drink yourself, there are many readymade options available in the market which come combined with different ingredients to add flavor, color and even more vitamins and minerals. The best thing about and aloe vera drink is that it is completely natural, and that means there are no side effects, and you can have this all natural rejuvenating drink without any fear or worry. An Aloe Vera Drink is extremely easy to make, all you need is some aloe vera juice and then add it to any other fruit juice or shake and drink; though you can have it on its own by adding just the juice and water, but adding fruit juice and shakes makes it much more tasty. But if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require that much of an effort, you can buy a readymade bottled aloe vera drink, right off the shelf of your corner store. Though you will find tons of brands out there that offer them, Okyalo is a brand which produces the highest quality for the fairest of prices.

They have many flavors available and in different sizes too. You can either choose the plain aloe vera drink, with no Preservatives, no GMO, no artificial flavor and no artificial coloring. And the best part is that it only contains 5g sugar/100ml to keep your body fit and healthy. There is the strawberry flavor as well, which adds a bit of Vitamin C (from the Strawberries) into the mix. Then there is the mango flavor, which is one of the most common flavors in the world. In addition to that, pineapple flavor is also available because it is loaded with a potent and unique nutritional profile. No matter for improved digestion, arthritis treatment, or better skin. And finally we have the Lychee and Peach flavors as well.

These drinks are available in 500ml bottles and 1.5L bottles, in all the flavors mentioned before. Whether you wish to make one for yourself, or buy one off the shelf; next time when you need a drink, the aloe vera drink is the thing to get for an all natural, refreshing and rejuvenating drink that is all benefits and zero side effects.