House Cleaning


Spring is upon us- or rather, should be upon us soon if these darn snow storms would stop already and mother nature would get the hint and take a break.  Anyway Spring is around the corner, and also around that corner is the first day you can crack open those windows and air out the house finally.  Get out the dust and the funk that has been building for months now.

As Spring comes, so does Spring cleaning and as such there are a 3 places people generally clean

1) The carpet – By either hiring a carpet cleaner or doing it yourself either way going green is in.  So if possible use Earth friendly carpet shampoo or hire a Green Choice Carpet Cleaning company.

2) The windows – inside and out all those wonderful windows used to let in a lot more light so be sure to hit both inside and out.  Inside is easy as long as you can reach them with your cleaner of choice and paper towels or fabric remnants.  Outside is a bit tricky, we tend to go with the garden hose attachment made specifically for outdoor window cleaning.  Just be sure all windows are closed tightly, trust me on this one.
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