Bialetti Moka- Perfect for Travel or Entertaining

There is a wonderful complexity, yet simplicity to a good cup of coffee. For some it is a flavor or a certain creamer or sweetener, for others the bitter darkness of the coffee. Still others like the roast-y flavor of the coffee, and others just like a cup to wake them up in the morning.

There are just as many ways to make a cup of coffee as there are flavors in the coffee. One of the most enjoyable for me is Italian coffee. A seemingly inconspicuous, small cup of coffee- but upon first sip, there is an explosion of flavor, a concentrated coffee where every note is extended to enjoy the full flavor of the coffee. How can one make a cup of coffee of this caliber? Easy! Bialetti Moka. This wonderful little coffee pot can make up to 12 cups of coffee, depending on the pot bought. And is a lot of fun to make. The coffee goes into the small cup and the water goes into the bottom. Then the coffee pot is screwed together and placed on the stove. After a few minutes the actions starts, water boils and bubbles making a wondrous cup of Espresso. It is very easy and a whole lot of fun.

Just Released! $1.50 off on any ONE (1) bag of Seattles Best Cof

$1.50 off on any ONE (1) bag of Seattles Best Cof