Cookie’s Kids Winter Back to School #CBias #CookiesKids

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Winter is upon us in full force, and with winter comes the realization the kids need more clothes. Usually in the form of warmer shirts, long pants, or just a warmer winter jacket (that fits). But one of the often overlooked winter garments are the underthings. That is the undershirts, underwear, socks, tights, anything that can be used to layer your clothes or go underneath the top layer.

French Toast Sweater

French Toast School Uniform Sweater

Cookie’s Kids not only carries a large amount of kids underpants and under-things, but also an extensive amount of winter fashion, prefect for the return to school after winter break. To help find the perfect size for the outfits [Read more…]

Brooklyn Nets and #CookiesKids Helping Kids Recover from Hurricane Sandy

12 20 12 019The Brooklyn Nets might be the new kids on the block, but they are out to make a wonderful first impression. With the help of Cookie’s Kids, The Brooklyn Nets invited some children who where effected by hurricane/ super storm/ destroyer of good Sandy to a special shopping spree. This event was thrown by The Brooklyn Nets Foundation.

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This event took place at the Brooklyn Cookie’s Kids on Fulton Ave and involved quite a few of the Nets- I suspect all of them- including their mascot. Honestly, there were so many families there, I couldn’t tell you if we saw all of them, but we did see quite a few and even got some nice shots with two of the fine gentlemen, [Read more…]