Fibond- A Hair Solution

Baldness is an unfortunate part of getting older for many. This is not only an issue for men but also women. There are many options out there to help with baldness. Be it transplant, toupee, or other coverup of some kind your options are endless. But what if you want something temporary and natural? Unheard of? Yes. Impossible? Not at all.


Fibond is here to fill in this niche. It is natural, temporary and pain free. Fibond is made up of plant fibers which are statically charged to bond to existing hair. No adhesives or thick paints, just a natural fibrous materials. It is quite interesting to see. Fibond comes in six different colors including blonde, black, light brown, dark brown, brown, and medium brown. Fibond says it lasts until the next time you shampoo it out, claiming to stand up to wind, sweat and even rain. We did not have this experience, my husband running his hand through [Read more…]