Getting Your Game On

Looking to add on to your world of gaming?  Check out these fun playthings that will keep your little one (OK, you too) entertained through the long winter months.

pic4Got a little gamer?  The cute 7.5 inch plush from Nintendo are soft and great for bedtime cuddles (or anytime).  You can find them in characters like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Link, Red Pinkmin, and Yellow Pinkmin for about $8 in stores like Target and Toys R Us.

Again, good for the younger gamers among us (and some of the bigger players who are young at heart) is JAKKS Pacific’s Hero Portal.  The latest additions of the Plug It In and Play TV Games come in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers (each console comes with 2 heroes). These are simple to use-  since the games are built into the controller, there is no additional gaming console needed. The Hero Portal just plugs into the A/V jacks of any standard TV and contains all games with no additional consoles, wires, or software needed.  Just pick your Hero, place him or her on the portal, and begin battling your way through 6 stages and 18 missions in each game.  You can also unlock secret missions and characters with booster packs. Available for $40 at stores like Amazon.  Additional characters and consoles sold separately.


Angry Birds Telepods are a lot of fun for any fan of the game- and by now, we are guessing that’s nearly everyone.  The latest sets come in Transformers or Stella (the pink lady bird) variety.  There are so many options of sets and characters available, that we will focus on the Telepods as wholes rather then any one set.  With many price points and sized sets (some even have play houses) available, there is one that is right for every budget and every fan.
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Ted Reader- Cooking with this Canadian! #Interview

Coffee With Sam: Chef Ted Reader Speaks On Grilling

I recently had the opportunity to have a virtual cup of coffee and chat with Ted Reader, chef, barbecue guru, and cookbook author extraordinaire. Ted has set the world record for the largest hamburger ever grilled and is the celebrity spokesperson for food companies like McCain and TGI [Read more…]

Growing Up and Getting Out

KFC and Comedy Central launched the “Growing Up and Getting Out” original content web series and contest this week. Aimed at the millennial “Basement Generation,” the series—featuring top Comedy Central talent and written and produced exclusively for KFC—celebrates the grown-up taste of KFC’s new Original Recipe Bites, which just hit KFC menus on July 9.

Fact: According to Pew Research, one in four Millennials have moved home in the recession but for almost half of the 18 to 24 year-olds who are still living at their parents’ house, the economy did not drive them back. In fact, many would have never moved out in the first place.

To give this “Basement Generation” the push they need to set out on their own, highlights of the “Growing Up and Getting Out” original digital series and contest include:

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