Win HUGE Toy Prize Pack for the Holidays- Disney Dolls, Baby Genuis, Safety 1st, and Rubiks!

Win a huge toy prize pack for the holidays!

Prizes Include…

  • My First Disney Prince — Flynn Rider
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  • Baby Genius — one [Read more…]

Tollytots My First Disney Princess and HUGE PRIZE PACK Review and Giveaway #GiftGuide @Tollytots

This is a co-review by Samantha and Danielle. Danielle reviewed the Disney doll, and Samantha reviewed the toys she saw at Tollytot’s Playdate in the city, which some of you may remember from previous posts. Thank you, and please feel free to enter this fantastic giveaway 🙂

With an 8 month old and a 2 year old, I definitely need some tools under my sleeve to help them put themselves to sleep. Luckily, both of my girls are pretty good at putting themselves to sleep! Ava has just recently learned this skill, and I can definitely say that My first Disney Princess Lights & Lullaby Bedtime Baby Aurora has made Ava’s job much easier.

About Lights & Lullaby Bedtime Baby Aurora

Naptime is a dream with this Lights and Lullaby Bedtime Baby Aurora doll. Made for hugging, this charming 12-inch doll has a soft, snuggly body that will soothe and comfort your little sleepyhead with a gently glowing light and magical music. Choose normal mode for lights and music or night-light mode for a soft light that automatically turns off after three minutes.

Normal Mode: You push the tummy once to activate lights, again to activate music, again to turn lights and music off. The doll will automatically enter sleep mode once music has looped four times.

Night Light Mode: Push the doll’s tummy to activate soft light, (the light will not change colors in night light mode). The light will remain on for 5 minutes, then light will turn off and doll will enter sleep mode. If you want to turn light off sooner, press doll’s tummy once.

My Thoughts:

This is definitely the go to doll for your younger children. Both of my daughters were huge fans of it, but I did intend for this doll to be more for the baby than for my older daughter.

Ava & Ella both greatly enjoy playing with baby. Ella is always playing with a baby, so Ava is very happy to have her own baby to play with. She also has quickly become attached the baby and likes to drag her along wherever we might be going.

I love how we can pick and choose which mode we want. We use one mode at nap time and one mode at bedtime to help her to better know which time it really is.

I think that this would be a great doll for any young girl you have on your list, I’m sure that they would love [Read more…]