Missy Kissy from JC Toys

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Everyone knows that my girls are definitely all girl. They love anything pink and all the babies that you can possibly find. Missy Kissy did not disappoint the girls in my house.

About JC Toys:

JC Toys Group, INC is the worldwide designer and manufacturer of a wide range of collectible dolls, specialty play items and play dolls and accessories.

They were established in 1993, JC Toys is a family run and operated business that has continued to grow its product line to include many doll categories. Each doll and doll accessory is carefully designed to ensure that the end user is 100% happy. Our goal is to make all of our dolls loveable and to ensure that everyone from a first time baby doll mommy to the most demanding doll collector are completely overjoyed with our quality and superior design.

JC Toys Group, Inc. dolls were first introduced to the US Market in the early 1980’s. At this time the company and product was known by the popular name BERJUSA. These dolls had sizeable impact on the doll market because of their innovative life-like features and adorable, gentle facial sculpts.


Bratz Study Abroad Doll – Yasmin

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My girls absolutely love playing with dolls and barbies. They were incredibly excited to be able to play with Bratz Study Abroad – Yasmin.

About Bratz Dolls:

The iconic pop culture brand Bratz is back!  They are famous for their creative take on girl’s fashion, Bratz has been reimagined to reflect the trends of today and is poised to be every bit as trend-setting as the original collection was back in 2001.

They are taking cues from pop-culture buzz words and trends, the new line includes outfits and accessories themed around Selfies, world travels, winter sports and even emojis. The revamped Bratz dolls will also give girls the chance to create their own outfits with a C.I.Y. Shoppe design tool that provides an immersive and interactive experience to truly express themselves and create their own worlds.

WIN Lum Lums- Light up Dolls

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As I’m sure many of you are fully aware, my girls are in love with babies and dolls. They absolutely love playing with each of the dolls that they have. However, they get very excited when they get something new. Their excitement when they first saw the Lum Lum dollswas incredible. How fun to get an adorable doll that will light up if you hold it.

About Lum Lums:

This brand new collection of sweet and adorable pocket-sized dolls, pets and accessories light up when they work together with the wonderful power of friendship.

When kids hold Lum Lums by both of their hands, they create a special circle of friendship, and all the dolls in the circle magically light up! You can include an unlimited number of Lum Lums dolls and friends into a great circle of friendship.

Girls also get the chance to customize the Lum Lums with interchangeable skirts, boots, and accessories.

The collection features four individual Light-Up dolls including:


Perfect Kids Gift ‘Adora Nursery Time Baby’

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adora baby doll

If you are the mother of a child that absolutely loves babies and playing and taking care of babies, the Adora Nursery Time Baby is definitely the doll for you. My daughter could play with babies all day everyday, and this is now her absolute favorite baby.

About Adora:

Their mission is to create products that elevate spirits and enrich lives. With boundless imagination, they bring artistic treasures into homes around the world.

Their Values:

  • Creativity – Imagine, innovate, inspire
  • Excellence – Rise to every challenge and exceed expectations
  • Teamwork – A commitment to excel as a group through communication and collaboration
  • Integrity – Honor the truth and act ethically in every business situation and personal interaction
  • Enthusiasm – Agree to approach every challenge with a positive attitude.
  • (more…)