Annie Collection from Just Pretend Kids

Disclosure: The Annic Collection Costume/Dress Up Outfit from Just Pretend Kids mentioned below was provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information. 

My girls absolutely love playing dress up. They even got a huge dress up dresser with tons of dress up clothes for their birthdays. They were so very excited to add the Annie Collection from Just Pretend Kids to their dress up collection.

About Just Pretend Kids:

Wyla Inc. (the parent company of JustPretend and has been designing, producing, and supplying tulle, lace, and novelty fabrics for over forty years. They take special care to make the finest quality fabrics at affordable prices. Because they have experience with their own children and grandchildren they know how important it is to produce fabrics that are comfortable and safe to wear while at the same time being beautiful and magical.

They believe that Pretending is a human way of practicing for real life. In many cases, they believe that it helps people decide what we want to do or not want to be when we grow up. They want their costumes to make your children feel like princesses, pirates, dragons, and lady bugs, and to inspire them to dream, laugh, imagine, and explore.

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Valley Of The Dolls


Got a special girl at home?  Maybe a niece or granddaughter who you are soon to be shopping for.  So many girls love dolls- but there is more to the genre then the cuddly babydoll or Barbie. Take a look at some of the most interesting dolls available today.

Doc Mc Stuffins, star of her own TV show of the same name, has a bevvy of adorable toys for your tot to play with.

The “Doc Is In Clinic” is a fantastic playhouse that comes with all that you need to play- right away.  You don’t need to go buy more “things” for the set, it’s ready as soon as you open it.  Decorate the house/clinic with included stickers, place the furniture about, and get to work treating sick stuffed toys, STAT!  Comes with Doc, 2 “stuffed” (plastic) toys that talk when used with the clinic table, and all the furnishings for Doc’s room as well as her Doctor’s area. Retails at about$50.

doc mc stuffins houseThe “Magic Talkin’ Doc and Friends” playset has larger toys for smaller hands, or for kids who like their toys a little bigger then action figures.  This set comes with Doc, her doctor’s bag and instruments, as well as check up table and Stuffie and Lambie.  Doc, Stuffie and Lambie talk and sing.  Retails for about $45.

doc mc stuffins

The Doctor’s Dress Up Set provides everything your child will need to pretend she is Doc herself.  From the white coat to sparkly headband and even the striped shirt underneath (which I thought was quite thorough), as well as “doctor essentials” like a stethoscope and name tag- this is a great doctor kit for girls and a great way to dress up as her favorite doctor.  Retails at about $20.
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Anytime Costumes-Review and #Contest Get Ready for Halloween

I just LOVE Anytime Costumes! The customer service is fantastic, the costumes are really great (I personally have yet to see even the slightest snag in any of them, and my last winner emailed me raving about how wonderful her Cinderella costume is!) and take the abuse that kids dish out, and they come super fast. After you place your order, you get a confirmation email, and then a shipping confirmation as well. I love that! Before you know it, your costume will be at your door. And if you order now, you will be sure to get the costume you (and more importantly, your little ones!) covet for Halloween. We all know what happens if you wait too long!

You get to the costume store or try to order it- only to find out that it is totally sold out, and you are stuck with the generic princess or cowboy or something totally lame-o. My thoughts? Don’t wait! If you know what your kid(s) want now, order now. No need for a disappointed buggar on the coolest holiday ever! 😛

The last costume we ordered I brought to the Pre-K for the boys to use as dress-up/pretend play clothes. They are still loving the Green Lantern outfit! It is so hard to find boys dress up. For girls, it’s easy, but not so much for boys- they want to be superheros, policemen, and firemen- and besides a few awful, and easy to break plastic hats there is never any variety. I was so happy to bring them some costumes! 🙂
(The name says it all- Anytime Costumes- great for dress-up play year round!)

I got a costume for me to use- I wanted one that I can use for the Pre-K party. Nothing revealing or skimpy, and mommas, you know how hard that can be to find. My advice to any plus sized or large breasted women in particular is to ALWAYS order online. It is the best way to get what you want, at a good price, where you won’t end up looking trashy or like you are wearing a bag. You can still look good- with the variety available online at Anytime Costumes, you will be THRILLED and bookmark the site for use again and again.

For me, I have the issue (and always have, ugh) of having a large chest, and it pulls the costume up, making skirts shorter and the tops pull and look funny. I always order plus sized, and it works out well. Can I do that in some costume store? No, I wind up with some off-the-rack, cheap, whatever-I-can find thing. But why settle? Now that I know about online shopping and Anytime Costumes, I will never, ever settle for store shopping again. (Plus I don’t have to leave the house- BONUS!)

You can buy all your accessories, makeup, and trick-or-treating carry-alls as well- how easy is that? (AND the price is right, too!)
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