Travel In Style- Pack Light With Kohl’s

As most of you know, I travel often.  As airlines have gotten stingier and more impossible with baggage (they are now even making it next to impossible to take both “allowable” pieces with you as carry on), you want to make what you take with you count.  That’s why I love garments that transition easily, wash well, and don’t wrinkle.  Yes, that’s a lot to ask of an article of clothing, but not really.  I expect the same from my 6 year old  🙂

pic7You don’t need to shop at a fancy store or buy expensive travel gear to get clothes that wear well when you travel (or when you are home, for that matter).  Just head to your local Kohl’s.

You can find great deals for the whole family in one place, not to mention you can coordinate a whole outfit that travels well for less then the cost of one dress from other retailers.  For example, this entire outfit, shoes, bracelet, and dress, cost less then $100.  Yes, totally read that right.  By the way- please forgive the photos- they were taken by my 6 year old, who did his very best.  We were traveling alone, so there was no one else to take them, LOL.  I also included some photos of the items that the store provided, so you can see them in another light as well  🙂
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Eagle Creek – Great Travel Gear

Baggage comes in different shapes and sizes, but the most fun form of baggage is the kind you pack up and go on a trip with.  Lets take a look at some of the new bags from Eagle Creek.


Check out the latest bag by Eagle Creek, the Tarmac AWD 22.  The Tarmac sports 360 degree dynamic wheels which are strong and sturdy.  The bag itself is well built and comes with a warranty that covers everything.  No matter the cause, the bag will be replaced to repairs by the manufacturer.

07 22 13 066

The bag has a ton of extras with it.  Some of the features are a coat keeper, porter key bottle opener and attached piggyback clip.  The coat keeper is a very good idea.  On most trips, a sweater or jacket should be brought along just in case the flight is chilly or your destination is a big cooler then expected.  This clip helps keep your hands free and your jacket with you all the way to your destination instead of left on a bench or in the back of a taxi.
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EatSmart TravelWise 3 Piece Packing Cube Set

pic 1

As you all know, we travel a lot, so it’s always great to find products that make packing easier, quicker and more organized.
EatSmart has just released the TravelWise 3 piece packing cube set, which is great for organization and keeping things where they belong.  This is helpful during the packing stage, but more so during the “finding” stage when you are at your location and you need to find your child’s underpants, STAT, or in the morning when you need your vitamins.  They always, always fall to the bottom of the bag.  (The small bag is so good for vitamins, medications, and toiletries, and makes finding them fast and easy.)
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Top 5 Tips for Taking a Family RV Vacation

RV vacations are great times for family bonding and fun outdoors. Whether you’re planning a
camping excursion, a road trip, or any other kind of break from daily life, the RV is a great way to go.
However, there are a few things you should know before heading out. Make the best possible vacation
for you and your family by following these 5 tips.

packing a suitcase

  1. Pack Only What You NeedAs big as an RV may look from the outside, once you fill it up with your family and all their luggage
    you’re going to realize quickly that space is tight. Living in such close quarters does carry the risk of
    causing tension between family members, so don’t contribute to the problem by loading up the RV
    with unnecessary bags. Every bit of space is precious–pack only the essentials and help the rest of your
    family to do the same.
  2. Bring Lots of MusicAn RV vacation means lots of time on the road, and no road trip is complete without a soundtrack.
    Today, with the advances made in MP3 player technology, we can carry thousands of songs in the palms
    of our hands. Now that there is no need to take up space with CDs or cassettes, there’s [Read more…]