Tick-Tock’s Toy Clock- Learning To Tell Time

Telling time with an analog clock can be one of the more difficult activities your child could learn this year in school. Not only is this difficult for kids, but as kids become adults, they can still have a hard time with this. This is only second to splitting the bill after dinner in difficulty for adults. 😛

Whats a good way to get your children interested in keeping time? A cute play clock of course, lol. Take a look at Tick-Tock ‘s Talking Toy Clock. It is a bright, colorful clock adorned with the blue penguin. With Tick-Tock ‘s help, your child will be able to tell time before you know it. This is perfect for those kids who are always asking when to do something or what time it is or how long will this take. (So….all of them.) Within a few play/learning sessions with Tick-Tock, time will be a breeze with your little ones. Just be careful when you say, “give me five minutes”, because they will return in five minutes- unless it is five minutes until bed.

The clock itself works in a very simple manner. You can move the hands of the [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Encourage Your Kids to Play a Musical Instrument

Music is everywhere: you listen to it in your car and your home. It is in the elevator
at work and the department store in the mall. Chances are you often hear music without
even realizing it. Music breaks the barriers of language, race, space and time, and its
benefits for a prosperous life are innumerable. So the next time you catch your child
banging on your $500 set of pots and pans, let him bang away because your budding
drummer’s future is worth even more.

  1. The most obvious advantage of your child learning to play music is that it
    promotes creativity. Music requires using different parts of the brain than analytical
    subjects like math and science. Whether or not your child is a destined virtuoso,
    exercising the creative areas of his or her brain is healthy for your child’s development.
    This artistic outlet provides a positive channel for your children to express themselves.
    They will also find confidence in being able to communicate their emotions more
    effectively and pride in measuring their progress. With music, there are infinite
    opportunities for learning, encouraging your child to constantly strive for improvement.
  2. Just like adults, kids can experience stress. School can be overwhelming for
    a young mind, and playing music can help your child release his frustrations. Regular
    practice provides your child an outlet to relax in a routine.
  3. You will find that the concentration and coordination involved in learning a
    musical instrument will aid your children [Read more…]