Fall Flavors

New fall flavors from some of our favorite brands are here. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a sucker for “seasonal flavors”- I’m not sure if it’s because I know I can only have them once a year, or that it’s because it enhances the season for me in some way, but I really look forward to and enjoy the flavor changes that come seasonally.

If you are in the mood for chocoloate, Godiva has some fun options, including the NEW GODIVA Limited-Edition Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice G CUBE.  These square boxes are full of individually wrapped GODIVA truffles, in the festive “pumpkin spice” flavor that so many people look forward to- or look forward to making fun of, while they consume it in secret. Haters. Want to get a few boxes? Besides pumpkin spice (which is delightful) you can also get  Dark Chocolate Vanilla, White Chocolate Coffee, Dark Chocolate Mint, and other options. $11.95 for a 22 piece box.  You can also get a Signature GODIVA Pumpkin Spice Truffle Flight which is super cute- truffles wrapped to look like little pumpkins. $15.00 for a 5 piece set.

pumpkin spice

For an indulgent yogurt, good enough to be a dessert, try NEW noosa Pumpkin Spice MatesThese new (made in limited batch) pumpkin spice noosa mates are made with noosa’s signature rich and creamy yoghurt, with real pumpkin and spices, then topped with Purely Elizabeth brand granola, white chocolate chips and pumpkin seeds. It’s noosa’s take on a fall classic, and it’s fantastic. The kids love it, and so do mom and dad. The textures are a delight, and the flavors are perfect. You will find yourself scraping the cup for the last bits. $2.49 retail price, product finder on noosayoghurt.com.

Fitting the Flavors of Fall into Your Dog’s Treats

Sometimes the only way to get your dog to behave is old-fashioned bribery. When it comes to teaching
an old dog new tricks, or getting a new dog to learn any tricks, positive reinforcement using praise and
treats is the best way to quickly teach your pup what you want from them. Sure, you can use store-
bought treats to reward your dog, but there are also some simple homemade treats that are sure you
keep your pet’s tail wagging this fall. Looking for some cooking inspiration? Here are some recipes for
tasty, healthy treats you can make for your dog.

Apple Treats

Fall is a great time for us two-legged folks to go apple picking, so why not use some of those fresh apples
and create some homemade, gourmet treats? Made from whole wheat flour, cornmeal, apples, eggs,
vegetable oil, brown sugar, and water, this apple dog treat recipe will be good enough for humans and
dogs alike.

Bacon-flavored Biscuits

Does your dog have a preference for meat instead of fall fruits and veggies? For those carnivorous
canines, consider serving up some bacon-flavored dog biscuits. This is a perfect treat to create after
serving up a big breakfast for those human members of your family. First, preheat your oven to 350