Affordable Breaks to… Anywhere

When it comes to going away, sometimes it can feel like your holiday fund just won’t stretch any further. So how do you enjoy a sun-drenched escape without bankrupting yourself in the process?

vacation anywhere

Thankfully there are plenty of little tips and tricks out there to help you enjoy a cheap holiday. Look out for late deals on package holidays departing within the next six weeks or so, when prices are often slashed to sell off those last few places. Or you can book super-early in order to take advantage of early bird offers and incentives, such as free child places on family holidays.

Package holidays often reflect high value for money as most of your travel essentials are already included in the upfront price.   For instance, check out the range of package holidays with The Co-Operative Travel. You’ll find that your break includes return flights, nightly accommodation, local resort transfers to and from the hotel, and the services of a locally based travel rep.
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5 Tips for Selecting a Family Tour Package for Your Next Vacation

IMG_0041A lot goes into planning a family vacation, from ordering airline tickets and booking rooms to arranging for transportation once you’re there. And it all gets more complicated when you’ve got kids in tow. It’s no longer enough to book any old room, you need to find a hotel that is reputable and clean and you have to make sure to get a non-smoking room on a non-smoking floor, not to mention enough beds to accommodate the whole family, or perhaps even adjoining rooms. And all the hassles of travel can definitely be exacerbated by having to keep track of a pack of little ones in addition to yourself. But you probably still want to play the tourist game in order to get the most out of your time away from home and work, and setting up tour packages is a great way to reduce the stress and headaches associated with seeing the sights. Here are a few tips to help you select the right ones for your family.

  1. Kid-friendly accommodations. You’re no doubt familiar with the double-decker tour buses designed to show you the skyscrapers of Times Square or the homes of Hollywood stars. But these types of open-air transport with nary a seatbelt in sight may not appeal to parents who have the safety of their children to consider. [Read more…]

Why Choose An All-Inclusive Holiday in 2013?

Sometimes you want an adventure-filled getaway, packed with activity and spontaneity
– but then other times, you just want to relax. If the latter is what you’re looking for
on your next holiday, you might want to consider booking an all-inclusive package, and
there are plenty of reasons why. Here’s what makes an all-inclusive holiday with low-
cost specialists like Jet2holidays a great option in 2013.

Everything’s Taken Care Of

All-inclusive holidays are perhaps most popular among families, and for a very simple
reason – everything, from poolside drinks to the evening’s entertainment, is covered
in the price. From the moment you arrive at your hotel you’re free to enjoy yourselves
without having to pay a penny extra, no matter how many afternoon ice creams you
want to treat yourself to! Clearly this is a huge bonus for parents who want to have
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Top 5 Tips for Traveling With a Special Needs Child

Family vacations always create a lifetime worth of memories, but also bring with
them more than a fair amount of stress. Sure, it’s always great to reconnect with your
family and spend time with the kids away from the worries of your everyday life. But
your best laid plans can go horribly wrong, and even under ideal circumstances you’re
going to do battle with grumpy and hungry kids, traffic, and unexpected changes in your
itinerary. Now if you are traveling with a special needs child, you’ve got another level of
worry to manage. There’s no reason why you and your special needs kids can’t have the
same kind of fantastic trip that other families enjoy, as long as you do the proper amount
of planning. Here are five of the top tips to help you travel with your special needs

First of all, make sure you seriously research your chosen destination. You don’t
necessarily have to have every minute of the trip laid out, but if you’re not at least
aware of the possible pitfalls, you could end up dealing with something unexpected
that really ruins things. The key is handling all of the preparation without making your
child feel awkward or different. Reach out to all of the companies assisting you with
travel, the hotels you will stay with, and any other aspects of your trip to insure they
are prepared to handle any of your child’s special requirements. That way any medical,
physical or dietary needs will be covered, and you can rest easy and actually enjoy your
trip. But pull together a list of top contacts, so you know where all the pharmacies are
around your destination, and be clear before you leave that all of your chosen spots are
accessible for your child if he or she has any physical limitations.

Whether you are traveling by plane, car, train or horseback, chances are there will
be a moment when your child’s patience wanes. Since you would probably prefer to
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