#ExploreMore with the 2016 Ford Explorer

Just recently, I had the opportunity to drive from Montana to Wyoming in the new 2016 Ford Explorer. It was a beautiful car, with plenty of room and a smooth ride.  We had a pleasant trip through some very scenic states and areas, and had so much fun getting to take this auto on quite the test drive.


Taking a little break to enjoy the scenery.

The new Ford Explorer has lots of updates and improvements, but the most noticeable thing about the new Explorer is its ease to drive and fun to get behind the wheel.  From an ecologically minded engine, to many places to plug in your devices and music players, to all the “extras”, there is so much that will make you fall in love with the Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer

The road trip begins! We all get into an Explorer and go exploring. Fairly apt, don’t you think?

The vehicle itself sports new lift gate, new tail lamps, new fascia and new exhaust tips,Redesigned hood, headlamps, grille, fender and fog lamps,Five all-new wheel designs and three new colors, Unique interior and exterior and premium appointments on the new Platinum series,Nirvana Leather with perforated and quilted seats on Platinum model.


Plenty of room for 3 people’s bags and computers with lots of spcace to spare.

The engine is a 280 hp beats which delivers 310 lbs of torque using its twin turbochargers which give the engine faster pickup and enhances acceleration.

The hands free parking is a thing of wonder.  It helps keep the guess work out of weather you are in the spot or not. The Explorer uses its available ultrasonic systems to help you in nearly all parking situations – park out assist, perpendicular parking, and Forward and Side Sensing Systems.  While the car is large, you wont’ feel like you are parking a boat.  It is also really nice to be able to see behind you easily via screen while you are backing up.


The navigation system was super easy to use, and very accurate. It was even great when we had to take a route we didn’t know, after a road was closed and no “alternate route” was posted at all. No problem!

Available enhanced active park assist adds the ability for Explorer to help you with perpendicular parking. Utilizing the vehicle’s 12 ultrasonic sensors, Explorer will scan for suitable parking spaces and will assist in backing the vehicle into the spot. All you have to do is shift, accelerate and brake, and active park assist will take care of the steering.


 The audio/phone system is also neat its call SYNC and lets you listen to music make a phone call and use voice controls to select apps and tons more.  Including:Hands-Free Calling, Automatic Phone Book Download, Music Search and Control, SYNC® AppLinkTM and No-Extra-Charge 911 Assist.

Gone Exploring…..So much to see! How beautiful is this scenery?


The radio was fun, and had SO MANY options.  It took a hot minute for this not-so-techy chick to figure it out, but it wasn’t too long.  It was fun to explore the stations- there were so many to choose from, which is perfect for a road trip.
The whole “road trip” experience was really enhanced in the Explorer- the seats were comfortable (and had warming options), you could all choose your ideal temperature so no one has to have the heat or AC blasting at you if you are chilly but your partner is not, and there were cup holders galore.  Anyone who has ever taken a family roadtrip can tell you that those are so very necessary, and there are never enough.  Guess what?  There totally were- and there were spots for your keys, sunglasses, and more to be held, too.  Nothing not to love- I was a little too excited about this aspect.  But you know what?  It’s the little things that matter most when it comes to comfort, and I can tell you that I was comfortable the entire time.
Overall the new Ford Explorer is a blast to drive no matter your expertise or comfort level and will be a favorite for everyone in your household.