Wuzzits Kids’ Game

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We are all about playing fun games in this family. We’re not completely consistent about  having weekly game nights, but we have them at least every week. We were very excited to add this awesome game to our game night collection. Wuzzits is a great games for our kids and my husband and I enjoy playing it as well.

About WuzzIts:

  • Ages 6 and Up
  • 2-4 Players
  • Game Time is about 20 minutes

Enter the wacky world of WuzzIts and watch to see what they morph into next! Clever choices and a sharp eye are rewarded in this fun monster match up. The WuzzIt population is divided in five families, but the mischievous WuzzIts like to combine with each other to create a confusing cast of characters. The right moves will help you match up the monsters. On each turn, players choose one of their top or bottom cards to exchange for a surprise card. Playing is easy, but victory is tricky. Round up the most WuzzIts to win!
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