Phenocal Review – The Best Weight Loss Pill in the Market

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Losing weight can be tricky. Dropping even ten pounds can take a toll on someone physically, mentally, and emotionally. When the results that one expects don’t come through, it makes it five times harder. If only there were a quick solution or a magical way to drop excess fat. But unfortunately, there isn’t.

Through your weight loss journey, you may be wondering why you aren’t losing weight at the rate you want. Is it your diet? Do you need to change your workout routine? Maybe it’s just that your metabolism needs a bit of a kick. Phenocal is one of many best weight loss pills that may be a solution for your slow metabolism.

How Does it Work?

Phenocal is different from some of the weight loss supplements out there. Instead of utilizing pharmaceutical drugs or stimulants to aid with weight loss, this pill takes a different approach. Phenocal uses natural ingredients to give your body the nutrients it needs to burn fat and reduce new fat formation.

Apart from the latter, Phenocal’s goal is to suppress hunger to reduce cravings one has throughout the day. By keeping users of Phenocal fuller longer, they are less likely to eat or consume sweets emotionally. In turn, this may help people to focus more on consuming well-balanced meals. Quick weight loss may even be a result of this.

This pill additionally increases the metabolism and even boosts energy to make it easier to stay active. The fact that Phenocal speeds the metabolism is important. Research suggests that the metabolism is key when losing weight. One reason some struggle to lose weight, to begin with maybe because they genetically have a slower metabolic rate.

Key Ingredients:

The ingredients in any weight loss pill are important to look at. Knowing what Phenocal can give you an idea of what it may do for you. That said, let’s talk about the main ingredients of Phenocal and what they are claimed to do:

  • Vitamin B1 – Turns starches and sugars into a usable form of energy, allowing it to be burned during physical activity
  • Vitamin B2 – Helps burn fat and boost energy levels in the body
  • Vitamin B5 – Assist the body in breaking down proteins, carbs, and fats. In turn, it can aid with the weight loss process. May also help with stress
  • Vitamin B6 – Plays a key role in regulating the metabolism, thus, helping eliminate excess fat
  • Vitamin B12 – Boosts energy levels, allowing one to stay more physically active throughout the day
  • Biotin (vitamin H) – Breaks down food so that it can be used as energy
  • Folic acid – Helps create usable energy from stored fat
  • Glucomannan – Source of fiber. Makes one feel fuller, eat less, and drop weight. Also has the potential for lowering blood glucose and fat in the blood. May additionally provide better bowel function
  • Chromium – Assists with cravings, binge eating, and hunger – even for those who have emotional eating
  • Fucoxanthin – Slightly raises the body’s temperature to boost the metabolism
  • (more…)

6 Cruises with An Active Twist

For some people, the thought of cruising from one destination to another is heaven, while for others the thought of being stuck on a boat for a week is hell. But maybe there is the option to please both.


I’m a very active guy. For a long time I was definitely one of those types that viewed cruise ships more like prisons than getaways. Yet after being cajoled into taking an expedition cruise to Antarctica, I was hooked!


So why was I hooked? The main reason was the type of cruise itself. It was an expedition-style cruise which is far different from standard mega cruise itineraries you would find on Royal Caribbean or P&O. Expedition cruises have a sharper focus on wildlife and active pursuits which I explain in this article.


For active people searching for the perfect getaway, these 6 cruises are sure to get your juices flowing.


Antarctica Basecamp Itinerary


I’ll start with my favourite. Antarctica is an alien landscape where icebergs the size of small cities dwarf your ship. The Basecamp itinerary has a particular focus on activities. During the cruise you’ll camp out on the ice for one night, go sea kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking and much more. You’ll see plenty of penguins, seals and whales along the way. If you want, you can also choose to do the ‘Polar Plunge’ and jump into the icy waters from your boat – cold but epic!


Galapagos Dive Cruise


The Galapagos Islands really need no introduction. The unique wildlife and landscapes make this archipelago completely captivating. Nothing can really prepare you for the close wildlife encounters. On almost every cruise itinerary you’ll swim with seals, sea turtles, sharks and marine iguanas. Special dive-focused cruises give passengers the chance to dive each day and also take regular snorkelling trips. This is a very active trip and you’ll be exhausted in your bed each night – well worth it though.

5 awesome Gifts a New Dad will love

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Most new dads are always excited about their new role of parenting. However, the role can be accompanied by fatigue and lack of sleep. Without a proper support system, new dads can easily breakdown. That is why it is crucial for family and friends to shower new dads with gifts once in a while as a way to show them that they are valued. If you are not sure on the kind of gift to offer a friend or relative who just had a baby, then here is a list.

1. Baby carrier

Previously, it would be hard to find a man carrying a baby in a carrier. However, things have changed and it looks super cool to find a dad carrying a baby in a carrier and walking majestically in the mall. As you make a choice on the best carrier to purchase, ensure that it is classy for a man and that it is sturdy enough to offer proper back support. Of course, you don’t want the new dad to start complaining of backaches. The colors should also be neutral so that the dad feels comfortable using it.

2. A Parenting Guide Book

You may think that a new dad has it all together but he is just acting strong. Most likely he does not have a clue about what to do with the baby or even how to support the mother. A book with loads of information regarding babies would be helpful. It should be comprehensive such that he can refer to it whenever he has doubts about anything. It will encourage and also teach the new dad ways of being a supportive husband and a loving dad.

Best Personalized Valentine’s Gifts for Your Beloved Partner


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Love is a deep sense of emotions among lovers. Everyone feels happy to be in a genuine relationship with their partners. Valentine’s day is an occasion to refresh some commitments of love and affection with the beloved partner. It is also an excellent opportunity for lovers to make it a memorable celebration together. If you are in love with whom you are living for a long time, then delight her by dedicating some personalized Valentine’s gifts on this special occasion. The gifts can be some beautiful items and food hampers that you can present her. It can be helpful to win her heart and creating some romantic memories of the day.


Following are the most elegant customized gifts for your loving partner.


Photo Cake for Her:


A delicious cake is the best dessert to commemorate any occasion at home. It is a spongy, sweet, and mouthwatering food item to make the recipient feel special. The best idea is to order a photo Valentine cake online to show your affection for her. It can be a delectable treat to give that personal touch on this lovers day. You can quickly get a photo made on the cake and a heartfelt message on the toppings to surprise your beloved partner on this Valentine’s day. It will be a beautiful food gift like no other from your side.

Awesome 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

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A father is always a pillar of the family so his 60th birthday it should be very special for him to be getting into his second phase of life. 

A life journal   

With age men do have various experiences which sometimes quite hard to share. So this 60th birthday why not add some happy and valuable thing in your dad’s life.


Gift him a life journal where he can pen down his experiences of life and the happy and sad moments and how and what they learnt from them. This way you would be encouraging them to write and this journal would not only be their asset but precious for you too as it would help you to understand and bond more close with him.

A fitbit wireless wristband  

60 is an age when not only one grows old slowly but the body too starts weakening, so this 60th birthday bring fitness in your father’s life by gifting him some healthy gift. Go for a wireless fitbit wristband which would help him in checking his body and its fitness.


These fitbit bands help with the accurate reading of the physical fitness, the heartbeat and even can help in checking the pressure. So this way he would be able to check on his own health and follow a fit regime with walks and exercises. This will be one of the best 60th birthday gift ideas for dad.

A power bank pen  

Technology is surely enhancing with time, so on the occasion of the 60th birthday of your beloved dad why not gift him some latest technology which would surely be useful for him.


Smartphones are now very common in use, and surely your dad too uses one of them, and the most common factor is charging them when you are outside, so the powerbank pen would the best solution for charging wherever he would be.  

Cheap Things to do in Amsterdam

When planning a family vacation, you need to be ready for many expenses like transportation, accommodation, food and drinks, and so on. Holidays are meant to be relaxing and comforting, but not taking expenses into account can ruin your trip and your mood, so plan accordingly. 

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam, you can book cheap vacations in Amsterdam for any length of stay, from 72 hours or two weeks. Enjoy the atmosphere of Amsterdam and discover the amazing museums (like the famous Rijksmuseum, the Dutch National Art Museum), galleries, shops and café by comfortable tram rides. Riding a bicycle on the streets of Amsterdam can give you a very satisfying experience and is a great mode of transportation. You do not have to be a financially broke after visiting Amsterdam. There are plenty of tourism sites which give amazing deals on touring Amsterdam. 

Looking to book your hotel? Amsterdam has the widest selection of accommodations. There are many options to suit every taste and budget. The canal homes and old-world hotels give the travelers the most satisfying holiday experience in Amsterdam.


From Tiny Babies to Big Babies

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When Trisha got pregnant, she practically freaked out. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know what to eat, how to take care of herself, or what prenatal vitamins to take. She didn’t know if she should keep working. She was a mess.

Trisha really counted on help every step of the way during her first pregnancy. I got a phone call one night from her: she was crying she barely understandable. Her cravings had gotten so bad she was craving her shampoo. She didn’t know why she had this craving. She didn’t eat it, but she was completely freaked out because she really wanted to.

Some women crave strange things during their pregnancies, but Trisha knew this one was one of the strangest. Some shampoos have a type of clay in them that contains a nutrient your body could be lacking, which brings about the craving for the shampoo. For example: if your body is craving calcium you could be craving ice cream, cheese, or milk.

Trisha didn’t know anything when it came to having children, she didn’t know what it was like to be pregnant. She now has a happy healthy beautiful 6-year-old girl with a baby boy on the way.

She is grateful for my help, especially when she learned about low birth weight. Since she was a tiny baby, she wanted to make sure she would have a healthy baby that didn’t have a need to stay in the hospital after the baby was born.

Helping Trisha find the information she needed to avoid a low birth weight was the easy part—there is a lot of information on pregnancy health out there. The hard part was taking care of herself, so she could take care of her baby before it was born to ensure a proper birth weight.

Low Birth Weight

Low birthweight is a term used to describe babies who are born weighing less than 1,500 grams (3 pounds, 4 ounces); only 1.5%, are born this tiny. However, the overall rate of very low birthweight babies in the U.S. is increasing. This is primarily due to greater numbers of multiple birth babies who are more likely to be born early and weigh less.

Babies with very low birthweight look much smaller than other babies of normal birth weight. A very low birthweight baby’s head usually appears to be bigger than the rest of the body and he or she often looks extremely thin, with little body fat. The skin is often quite transparent, allowing the blood vessels to be easily seen.

The primary cause of low birthweight is premature birth, meaning that the baby is born before the 37-week mark. Being born early means a baby has less time in the mother’s uterus to grow and gain weight, and much of a baby’s weight is gained during the last part of pregnancy.

That being said, some reasons for low birth weight just can’t be avoided. Parents who are shorter and weigh less than average may have smaller children. Babies who are of Indian, Asian or black-ethnic origin are generally born smaller.

6 Best Travel Gear For Kids – Keep Them Happy & Safe

Traveling with kids comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to be sure of proper ways to take care of your child as you don’t want him to fall sick while in the middle of your pre-planned vacation. You have to stay prepared beforehand and have all the items listed in your bag before you head towards the long-awaited vacation now. But for that, some research is all that you need to consider.

Best travel gears for you to follow:

Modern technology is improving with every passing day. New and new mechanisms are hitting the market just to make your life a lot easier. So, you can try that out now by addressing some of the best travel gears, designed solely for your kids. There are top 6 gears available quite easily in the market, which are must-have in your holiday list while traveling with kids.

First stop is baby humidifiers:

It is always an essential addition to your travel bag, especially when you have a little baby to take care of. The main aim of these humidifiers is to avoid dry skin, irritation and even covering some of the best respiratory issues by improving the quality of air in the bedroom. So, carrying this will ensure that your kid is within a safe circle even while staying in hotel rooms.

Most of these humidifiers work on ultrasonic technology or by using the evaporative action. It helps in boosting the moisture content of room. Some of the models are further designed to alter ambient temperature for creating that artificial micro-climate suitable for matching the little one’s needs well.

Portable travel crib:

Being a responsible parent, it is your duty to research and check out with some parenting expert advice to follow while you are actually trying to enjoy a proper vacation and family time.

This is another interesting travel gear, designed solely for babies. It is hard for your babies to sleep on rock-solid bed as the hotel beds are not as soft as those baby cribs. Moreover, as babies are trained to sleep inside cribs, so making them sleep on bed won’t work that well. It will give rise to sleepless nights, resulting in bad and worn out mood in the morning bot baby and parents too. So carrying those light in weight baby cribs is the perfect alternative option.