Mynt – Smart Tracker and Bluetooth Remote Control


What is it?

Mynt is a compact (2.5cm wide) Bluetooth device that can be used as a smart tracker for objects, or when paired with a smartphone, used for a variety of remote control actions.

How can it help me?

A Mynt Bluetooth device can be attached to your keys, wallet, purse or bag. You can download a free app to your Smartphone and connect it to your Mynt device(s) to turn it into a smart tracker.

When you activate the device within the app, your Mynt chirps so that you can find it.

A Mynt device has a range of around 150 ft. If you lose an item outside this range, the Mynt app shows you the GPS coordinates of the place the device was seen. So if you leave your rucksack in the pub, Mynt will tell you this.

If you report an item lost within the Mynt app, then the Mynt community springs into action. Each smartphone with Mynt installed can detect a Mynt smart tracker device nearby. So the more Mynt users using the app, the more Mynt smart tracker devices will be detected by the network.

Tips for a Fit and Healthy Summer

By Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA, Olympic runner & VP Worldwide Sports Performance & Fitness for Herbalife

Summer is just around the corner and summer body preparation should start now.  With proper planning, and an early start, you can avoid crash diets that do little for you waistline and even less for your mood. By focusing now on an exercise routine and a balanced nutrition program, you can get your body ready for summer and beyond.  Avoid the extreme crash diets and replace them with a sensible balanced diet and exercise to set yourself up for long-term success.


Below are my top tips to getting fit for summer.


  • Commit to a Fit and Healthy Summer!  Think about increasing the types of activities that work for your lifestyle and that can easily be built into your day. Make it a point to read up on fitness news and information.
  • Perform Simple Stretches.  Ensure you’re moving your muscles and joints through their full range of motion each day.
  • Get Moving!  Increase your daily activity level by taking the stairs, parking in the furthest space from the store, gardening, dancing or playing with your children. If you become more active in your everyday life you’ll get fit faster.
  • Add Regular Walks to Your Day.  You can slowly increase your time until 30-minutes feels comfortable. Then, increase your intensity level by walking faster. Start including varied terrain such as hills, then progress to a jogging or running pace.
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5 Things you need to know about betting online

Online betting, which is a form of gambling, is usually an easy way to get money but very risky. Before starting online gambling, make sure that you have researched and have the required knowledge. Placing of bets over the internet requires some expertise. With the passing of time, many people take part in online gambling. There are different ways of online betting such as casinos games, sports and even politics. Before you start betting online there are a few things you should know:


  • Gambling sites. When choosing a gambling site, it is important to look for one that is legit, trustworthy and can secure your funds. Different gambling sites have different ways of depositing as well as withdrawing the funds. Therefore it is important to choose one that suits you best and can carry out the transactions very fast. Finding the right bookmarkers is also important as they let you get rich through betting, if they are genuine.




  • Strategy. Before deciding to invest your hard earned money, it is important to come up with a smart strategy to avoid losing all your cash. Planning your investment is very important and if possible it is advisable to have a team of sports expert guide you and advise you when it comes to placing the bet. You should also try and think mathematically as the probability of events cannot be predicted. Once you have started betting, you should have a good management strategy, so as to keep your bankroll growing and avoid bankruptcy.
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5 Important points to note before the trip

When you are looking to entertain you need to make sure that you have an amazing menu as well as a comfortable spot to do so. What you are going to cook and serve will depend on the tastes of your guests and the season of the year. One thing is for sure, you want to make sure that you are serving meat unless they are vegetarians because it is something that you will want to have all year long. Whether you are hiding from the cold of winter or are trying to make sure that you have the best summer fare you need to have a great selection.

  1. Choosing Meat: You want to make sure that you are going to choose the right meat for the season. In the winter you may be looking for a heavier red meat. In the summer you are probably looking for white meat which will be paired perfectly with the best choices of sides. White meats would include fish and chicken as well as pork. In terms of red you would be thinking of beef and other forms of red meat that can be paired with almost any sort of meal in the winter.
  2. Preparing your meat: When you are preparing your meat, you may check out the 10 best pellet smoker 2018 for grilling purpose. That means that you will know that you are getting a taste that is smoky as well as one that is going to bring back your guests for more. In addition to thinking about the meat, you also want to think about the preparation. Are you thinking about making it be very sultry and dark or are you thinking smokey and more natural? Whatever the taste you are looking for you will want to find the right accompaniment to go with your meal. When you are looking at meats you need to ensure that you have looked at the flavor and the texture of the meat. You are going to want to use things like citrus juice on white meat and pepper and darker seasonings on red meat.
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How to Address Signs of Aging

Aging is an inevitable natural process, but everyone would like to keep their smooth faces for a longer time. Thanks to science and technology, you can now maintain your good looks well into old age. Of course, you still need to take care of your health since these procedures only reverse the physical aspects of aging. Here are some ways for you to address aging.


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to smoothen the face and help it regain shape. Parts of the face that sink as you age can be filled so that you look a lot younger. The benefit of this procedure is that it is painless and does not have any downtime. This is because no surgery is involved.


Parts of the face that can be rejuvenated using dermal fillers include the nose, lips, cheeks, and chin. The procedure will only take you about 30 minutes, although the actual time would depend on the specific areas being filled. You will have to be put under local anesthesia, and this can be in the form of cream. Then, the dermatologist will administer the treatment using a sterilized needle. You will then be allowed to sit for a while with a cold pack over the treated area.


Once the procedure is over, you can go back to your routine immediately without having to wait for recovery.


However, the procedure still has some minor side effects. You should expect some redness on the site of the injection. This may be coupled by swelling. These side effects will typically fade within a day or even a few hours. If you fail to follow your dermatologist’s instructions before the day of the filling, you might also experience some bruising. It is important to always get your dermal fillers from a qualified professional.


The results of this treatment will last for between 6 months and two years. If you go for permanent fillers, the results can even last for five years.


Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is meant for people with wrinkles, acne scars, or non-responsive skin, usually resulting from a facelift. It is important to note that the treatment is not recommended for people with acne, dark skin, or stretch marks. Ideally, you should consult your doctor before choosing to go for laser resurfacing.


So how does the procedure work?


The doctor will direct short light rays to the affected areas of your skin, and this will get rid of the skin cells that are damaged on the surface. The procedure will involve carbon dioxide or erbium lasers. Using erbium laser beams results in fewer side effects. If you have dark skin, you would be better off using these rays. This specific treatment also burns the surrounding skin cells less.

Top 7 Advantages of Online Casinos

Online casinos have become very popular these days. Millions of gamblers from around the world log on to online casino sites every day to play, either for fun or for real money. The main reason why online casinos have these huge numbers of players is because of the benefits they present. This has made gaming online more convenient than playing at a physical casino.

So, what are the benefits of playing at an online casino? Here are a few reasons why online casinos have enjoyed such a huge success and you will also learn what gives online gambling an edge.


  • Convenience


This is basically the main advantage of online casinos. Players only need internet connection to access online casinos. They can play any time, whether it is day or night and from the comfort of their homes. You can try your hand on Blackjack or earn some extra cash with a long slots session. You can choose from the many great multiplayer online casino games of play by yourself. You can either focus on the game fully or simply play it as a pastime as you do other things such as watching TV.

Regardless of the method you use to play, it goes without saying that online casinos have made gaming a lot more convenient than before, However, taking this step further, the factor of convenience is boosted when you keep in mind the fact that PCs, mobile phones and tablets now allow you to play your favorite games from anywhere in the world provided you have internet connection.

It’s pretty clear that convenience is the main advantage of online casinos and the reason why many gamblers choose to play online.


  • Free casino games


Another benefit associated with online casinos is free casino games. Today, most online casinos offer a free play version of most games. The good thing about playing free online casino games is that it is 100% risk free. A significant number of people use free games when starting out so that they can understand the basics before playing for real money. With the free version of games, gamblers can play for as long as they want to.

Important Things To Consider While Migrating To The New Jersey

Real Estate Agents: Real Estate Agents: while you are planning to migrate to the NJ, you need to consider the next factor is real estate agents. Daniel Realty is the real estate agent, has been serving in Diamond Beach and Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, for near about 25 years. The most undeniable fact is that Colleen Remmie (Broker/Manager 609-522-7748)  has been providing her excellent real estate services from numbers of years. Customer satisfaction is our motto. She helps her customers to find property according to their need, taste, and budget.

Dance: You can choose that location where a Dance fitness center must be nearby. A dance fitness center is different from the regular exercise that we perform, it is a fun and unique way to get your dream body. It requires you to imply a good amount of strength, this will help you to tone your body. Dancing fitness has become the latest fitness trend, women on the pole can easily mystify you with her strength, grace, and confidence. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, this form of fitness gives a complete and amazing workout to her body thereby, enhancing her beauty. So if you want to be in the perfect shape and inspire all the other women around you, a dance fitness center is a must.

Aerial Gym: Aerial gym is the newest form of the gym. This anti-gravity form of exercise helps you strengthen your core, stretch your muscles and relax your spine. This process involves the full body workout and helps you to improve the overall flexibility of your body. If you want to experience how it feels to fly choose that location where there is a facility of the Aerial Gym. Since everyone these days have become a fitness freak, a gym facility is one of the major factors that have to be considered before buying a property. All girls yearn to have an hourglass figure while all boys dream of having six pack abs, so your dream native place should have facilities to fulfill your desires. Stay fit and woo yourself with confidence.

Get That Bikini Body More Quickly With These Tips!

We all want to look good for our holidays. Looking great in a bikini is often something we need to prep for. So, here are some tips on how to look good.


*Limit your salt intake.


Not controlling your sodium intake daily can cause water retention and make you look bigger. Since that’s not what you’re looking to achieve, make sure that you stick to the recommended sodium intake that is between 1500 and 2000 mg. Unfortunately, most Americans are consuming 3400 mg or more, which can make anyone look bloated.


*Drink plenty of water.


Water is perfect for making your skin stay hydrated and fresh as well as pushing sodium out of your body. In fact, you’ll be happy to learn that you can achieve a bikini body overnight by drinking plenty of water that helps flush out toxins and get rid of cellulite.


*Say no to carbs.


Many staple foods such as pasta, bread, potatoes, and even cereal contain carbs that will often cause your body to store water. By choosing to cut these foods out from your diet before going on your big bikini reveal, and choosing lean proteins, you can reduce your weight and own your new outfit!


*Make a shot of turmeric.


You can reduce swelling and enjoy the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric by grabbing a juicer and mixing ginger, lemon, and fresh turmeric together. Take this mixture as a shot, and not only will you reduce inflammation, but you’ll recognize an instantly better and slimmer you that can fit into smaller pants.


*Find the perfect suit to hide your flaws.


No one has a perfect body, but you can certainly find a flattering bikini that can help hide flaws and look great with your body. For example, choosing a black bathing suit in any style can instantly make you slimmer!


Here’s the quick breakdown of ideas of what you should wear for your body type: