Cheap Things to do in Amsterdam

When planning a family vacation, you need to be ready for many expenses like transportation, accommodation, food and drinks, and so on. Holidays are meant to be relaxing and comforting, but not taking expenses into account can ruin your trip and your mood, so plan accordingly. 

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam, you can book cheap vacations in Amsterdam for any length of stay, from 72 hours or two weeks. Enjoy the atmosphere of Amsterdam and discover the amazing museums (like the famous Rijksmuseum, the Dutch National Art Museum), galleries, shops and café by comfortable tram rides. Riding a bicycle on the streets of Amsterdam can give you a very satisfying experience and is a great mode of transportation. You do not have to be a financially broke after visiting Amsterdam. There are plenty of tourism sites which give amazing deals on touring Amsterdam. 

Looking to book your hotel? Amsterdam has the widest selection of accommodations. There are many options to suit every taste and budget. The canal homes and old-world hotels give the travelers the most satisfying holiday experience in Amsterdam.


From Tiny Babies to Big Babies

The following is a guest post. The opinions are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of this site. 

When Trisha got pregnant, she practically freaked out. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know what to eat, how to take care of herself, or what prenatal vitamins to take. She didn’t know if she should keep working. She was a mess.

Trisha really counted on help every step of the way during her first pregnancy. I got a phone call one night from her: she was crying she barely understandable. Her cravings had gotten so bad she was craving her shampoo. She didn’t know why she had this craving. She didn’t eat it, but she was completely freaked out because she really wanted to.

Some women crave strange things during their pregnancies, but Trisha knew this one was one of the strangest. Some shampoos have a type of clay in them that contains a nutrient your body could be lacking, which brings about the craving for the shampoo. For example: if your body is craving calcium you could be craving ice cream, cheese, or milk.

Trisha didn’t know anything when it came to having children, she didn’t know what it was like to be pregnant. She now has a happy healthy beautiful 6-year-old girl with a baby boy on the way.

She is grateful for my help, especially when she learned about low birth weight. Since she was a tiny baby, she wanted to make sure she would have a healthy baby that didn’t have a need to stay in the hospital after the baby was born.

Helping Trisha find the information she needed to avoid a low birth weight was the easy part—there is a lot of information on pregnancy health out there. The hard part was taking care of herself, so she could take care of her baby before it was born to ensure a proper birth weight.

Low Birth Weight

Low birthweight is a term used to describe babies who are born weighing less than 1,500 grams (3 pounds, 4 ounces); only 1.5%, are born this tiny. However, the overall rate of very low birthweight babies in the U.S. is increasing. This is primarily due to greater numbers of multiple birth babies who are more likely to be born early and weigh less.

Babies with very low birthweight look much smaller than other babies of normal birth weight. A very low birthweight baby’s head usually appears to be bigger than the rest of the body and he or she often looks extremely thin, with little body fat. The skin is often quite transparent, allowing the blood vessels to be easily seen.

The primary cause of low birthweight is premature birth, meaning that the baby is born before the 37-week mark. Being born early means a baby has less time in the mother’s uterus to grow and gain weight, and much of a baby’s weight is gained during the last part of pregnancy.

That being said, some reasons for low birth weight just can’t be avoided. Parents who are shorter and weigh less than average may have smaller children. Babies who are of Indian, Asian or black-ethnic origin are generally born smaller.

6 Best Travel Gear For Kids – Keep Them Happy & Safe

Traveling with kids comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to be sure of proper ways to take care of your child as you don’t want him to fall sick while in the middle of your pre-planned vacation. You have to stay prepared beforehand and have all the items listed in your bag before you head towards the long-awaited vacation now. But for that, some research is all that you need to consider.

Best travel gears for you to follow:

Modern technology is improving with every passing day. New and new mechanisms are hitting the market just to make your life a lot easier. So, you can try that out now by addressing some of the best travel gears, designed solely for your kids. There are top 6 gears available quite easily in the market, which are must-have in your holiday list while traveling with kids.

First stop is baby humidifiers:

It is always an essential addition to your travel bag, especially when you have a little baby to take care of. The main aim of these humidifiers is to avoid dry skin, irritation and even covering some of the best respiratory issues by improving the quality of air in the bedroom. So, carrying this will ensure that your kid is within a safe circle even while staying in hotel rooms.

Most of these humidifiers work on ultrasonic technology or by using the evaporative action. It helps in boosting the moisture content of room. Some of the models are further designed to alter ambient temperature for creating that artificial micro-climate suitable for matching the little one’s needs well.

Portable travel crib:

Being a responsible parent, it is your duty to research and check out with some parenting expert advice to follow while you are actually trying to enjoy a proper vacation and family time.

This is another interesting travel gear, designed solely for babies. It is hard for your babies to sleep on rock-solid bed as the hotel beds are not as soft as those baby cribs. Moreover, as babies are trained to sleep inside cribs, so making them sleep on bed won’t work that well. It will give rise to sleepless nights, resulting in bad and worn out mood in the morning bot baby and parents too. So carrying those light in weight baby cribs is the perfect alternative option.

Electronic Travel Authorization in USA and Canada

Amid security concerns majorly relating to terrorism, the Canadian government formulated a project known as border security plan in 2011 to curb the menace. This development leads to the engineering of an effective method known as electronic travel authorization. The idea was first conceptualized and executed by the United States of America naming it Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

In 2015 August the Canadian government fully enacted the Electronic Travel authorization program it a requirement before visiting the country either on business, tourism through air or sea. In both countries the document allows you to move freely in the country for a specified period. The application for visa USA and visa Canada can be completed online before the designated day of travel. The process is pretty straightforward, below is the overview of what applying for e-visa USA and Canada visa in both USA and Canada entail

Online application of visa

In the event, one seeks to travel to either the USA or Canada using the Canada ETA Travel, he/she has to first log into the device USA andevisa Canada websites to perform the application process. To complete the process one thing is paramount, and that’s a passport. The details required for the visa include passport number, date of issue and expiry, year of birth, a city of birth. Apart from that one is also necessary to state his employment status, marital status, and purpose of visit. Generally, personal information is of great interest.

This part is compassionate, and one should not avail wrong or crude details. Such attempts lead to automatic disqualification. In the case of the USA, one is qualified for application is if only he/she has a valid passport from countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program. Dual citizenship holders in Canada is an exemption from applying for evisa when entering the country. Some reasons are well stipulated and are used to determine whether one has an exception from using evisa document as a rite of passage into Canada. Immediately after filling the required form it’s submitted for processing. In the process of application, one must have a credit or debit card to pay for the service and also a valid email address for communication purpose once validation is over.

Validation period

In the event, an interested party submits the application he/she has to wait for some time before the request is approved. For instance, for the case of USA when one applies for evisa, the results come after 72 hours or less. The validation results depend solely depends on the track record of the individual applying for the evisa. A criminal record is a minus since and is intolerable. The individuals applying for evisa should have an ethical code of conduct. It is advisable to the evisa application early since some applications take long for review and a verdict on then paused. Regarding time made to be approved evisa is more efficient than the traditional visa application that would take months before one gets feedback of his/her fate. Upon approval, the journey can be made to your desired country. The individual will be required to produce the document when encountered with any difficulties. Temporally accommodation will be granted to the individual and a permit issued depending on the reason as to why he/she has traveled to the country. It could be for tour or visiting, education, work or any other issue.  

How Fintech is Creating Financially Stable Families

In today’s economy, many families struggle to make ends meet. Paychecks go just far enough to meet expenses, leaving little cushion for events that can break a budget, such as an expensive car- or home repair or loss of income. In fact, according to a survey by JP Morgan Chase Institute of one million Chase customers, 50 percent experienced a monthly income swing of 30 percent or more between 2012 and 2015. For lower income Chase customers, the percentage rose to 50.

Living on tight margins increases stress levels. Worry can become constant when even a minor upset can cause a family to fall behind on essential bills. Often, families resort to credit cards and payday loans, which can make their stresses even more acute in the longer term. Debt is the opposite of what families struggling to make ends meet need. Savings provide the key to relieving financial instability. For the millions of families struggling with financial instability, Fintech has created exciting products that boost savings, reduce debt, and make managing household bills easier.


Even is a three-year-old app that assists customers with fluctuating incomes. Even calculates the family’s average monthly income over past paychecks and advances the difference when paychecks are low. It then collects the advances when higher paychecks arrive. For workers paid on commission, freelancers, and employees dependent on tips, Even can be a lifesaver. Though freelancers, salespeople, and servers may take home huge paychecks, they also get skimpy ones when business slows. Often, savings are depleted and workers wind up with debt, overdraft fees, and late payment fees as a result. Even puts an end to that destructive cycle.

Mynt – Smart Tracker and Bluetooth Remote Control


What is it?

Mynt is a compact (2.5cm wide) Bluetooth device that can be used as a smart tracker for objects, or when paired with a smartphone, used for a variety of remote control actions.

How can it help me?

A Mynt Bluetooth device can be attached to your keys, wallet, purse or bag. You can download a free app to your Smartphone and connect it to your Mynt device(s) to turn it into a smart tracker.

When you activate the device within the app, your Mynt chirps so that you can find it.

A Mynt device has a range of around 150 ft. If you lose an item outside this range, the Mynt app shows you the GPS coordinates of the place the device was seen. So if you leave your rucksack in the pub, Mynt will tell you this.

If you report an item lost within the Mynt app, then the Mynt community springs into action. Each smartphone with Mynt installed can detect a Mynt smart tracker device nearby. So the more Mynt users using the app, the more Mynt smart tracker devices will be detected by the network.

Tips for a Fit and Healthy Summer

By Samantha Clayton, AFAA, ISSA, Olympic runner & VP Worldwide Sports Performance & Fitness for Herbalife

Summer is just around the corner and summer body preparation should start now.  With proper planning, and an early start, you can avoid crash diets that do little for you waistline and even less for your mood. By focusing now on an exercise routine and a balanced nutrition program, you can get your body ready for summer and beyond.  Avoid the extreme crash diets and replace them with a sensible balanced diet and exercise to set yourself up for long-term success.


Below are my top tips to getting fit for summer.


  • Commit to a Fit and Healthy Summer!  Think about increasing the types of activities that work for your lifestyle and that can easily be built into your day. Make it a point to read up on fitness news and information.
  • Perform Simple Stretches.  Ensure you’re moving your muscles and joints through their full range of motion each day.
  • Get Moving!  Increase your daily activity level by taking the stairs, parking in the furthest space from the store, gardening, dancing or playing with your children. If you become more active in your everyday life you’ll get fit faster.
  • Add Regular Walks to Your Day.  You can slowly increase your time until 30-minutes feels comfortable. Then, increase your intensity level by walking faster. Start including varied terrain such as hills, then progress to a jogging or running pace.
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5 Things you need to know about betting online

Online betting, which is a form of gambling, is usually an easy way to get money but very risky. Before starting online gambling, make sure that you have researched and have the required knowledge. Placing of bets over the internet requires some expertise. With the passing of time, many people take part in online gambling. There are different ways of online betting such as casinos games, sports and even politics. Before you start betting online there are a few things you should know:


  • Gambling sites. When choosing a gambling site, it is important to look for one that is legit, trustworthy and can secure your funds. Different gambling sites have different ways of depositing as well as withdrawing the funds. Therefore it is important to choose one that suits you best and can carry out the transactions very fast. Finding the right bookmarkers is also important as they let you get rich through betting, if they are genuine.




  • Strategy. Before deciding to invest your hard earned money, it is important to come up with a smart strategy to avoid losing all your cash. Planning your investment is very important and if possible it is advisable to have a team of sports expert guide you and advise you when it comes to placing the bet. You should also try and think mathematically as the probability of events cannot be predicted. Once you have started betting, you should have a good management strategy, so as to keep your bankroll growing and avoid bankruptcy.
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