Elf Magic- Fun Holiday Traditions

My son loves his Elf Magic Elf, Burke.  Burke was hard to get back to Santa last year, and my little dude was NOT a happy camper.  He made an early return this year, with my son finding him inside of his Trick or Treat pumpkin.

Burke, like us, likes to travel. When we sent our letter to Santa last year, we let him know how much we move around, and asked him to send an elf that would like to see the world as well.  We can’t have an elf that gets car-sick or won’t get on an airplane now, can we?  LOL.  Burke, luckily, is a hardy elf, and enjoys all the new places and spaces we tote him to.

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With Burke in Philly

Last year he joined us for many trips and daily outings, even really exciting things like the supermarket.  I know.  Mind. Blown. Try to contain yourself.  You are a grown up, act like it.

3 by tree

My son was so taken with his Elf Magic elf that he even took him to our Christmas photo session last year.  Yes, that’s us, and Burke.  I’m not telling my then-5-year-old that the elf isn’t part of the family, that’s just mean.
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Elf Magic #HolidayFun

Elves are, of course, just a ton of fun. And Santa’s elves are even more fun. For kids they are a mystery and an answer to all the questions of “how”. How does Santa build all those toys? How can he see all the boys and girls on the planet? How does Santa decorate his tree? How do the doll’s teeth stay straight? And even- What kind of trouble is there at the north pole?

There is a new elf tradition in our house which we started this year. It is called Elf Magic. The fun starts with a letter to Santa asking for a Magic Elf to visit. To help lure the Magic Elf to your house, a cup of water and a cracker must be left out, much like cookies and milk for Santa. Because Elves love the crunch of crackers, much like snow and the water is melted snow flakes, an elf delicacy. Nightly, the little elf goes on wonderful elfcapades and is found in a brand new silly place every time. Little Man loved this, he always has fun with story time, and Elf Magic was like making up stories at wake up time instead of bed time. Every night after being sprinkled with the special snow, paper and easy to clean up by the way. The elf comes to life. [Read more…]