Detecting Plumbing Issues that Call for an Emergency Plumber near Me

Picture coming home to a flooded house, or flushing the toilet but then everything begins to rise slowly. There is nothing pleasant about such situations, and all you can do is dial an emergency plumber near me. 

What’s worse is that the signs of the impending disaster were probably there, but you were ignorant of the implications that the funny sounds, the rusted pipes, or weird odors would have.

7 Signs of Situations that Needs an Emergency Plumber near Me

Here are a few things you should never ignore.

1) Unpleasant smell

If there is the slightest hint of sewage or sulfur odor in your house, you should not expect it to go away. It only gets worse. The smell could be a sign of sewage backup, broken vents, or leaking pipes. Contact a plumber to investigate the problem.

2) Change in the speed of water as it drains

You do not have to wait until you have stagnant water on your kitchen or bathroom sinks before calling an emergency plumber near me. As soon as you notice slow draining, contact your plumber. 

3) Change in water pressure

A drop in the water pressure could be a sign of black sludge buildup in the faucet. Cleaning the aerator should solve the problem. If it doesn’t, you could be having a case of a broken pipe or water leakage in the water system.  A plumber can fix it.

4) A gurgling noise

A clogged drain can cause your toilet, dishwasher, or laundry to make gurgling noises as you use it. It could create a backup. Turn the water off and get a professional to fix it ASAP.

5) Wet or colored spots 

Leakage in your water line could cause wet or brown spots on your ceiling, wall, or floor. You can confirm if it is leakage and not someone who accidentally spilled water by checking the meter. If it moves when no water is in use, you have a plumbing problem.

6) Smell of gas

The scent in gas is meant to alert you in case there is a leak. No matter how faint, it is dangerous and could cause an explosion or injury. First, call your gas company and have them shut off your meter. Then contact a plumber to investigate and fix the source of the leak.

7) Sound of water running

A running water sound within your walls when no one is using the water is a sign of hidden leaks that could lead to severe damage and a large water bill.  Contact an emergency plumber.

Important tips

When you detect any of these problems, turn off the main water supply

Plan regular maintenance with your plumbing company; it reduces your chances of facing an emergency. 

Unless you are confident of what you are doing, don’t try to fix the problem. It could lead to a worse situation


Watch out for leaking gas and funny odors. Be keen about a change in water pressure, speed of water draining, or sudden wet spots on the floor, walls, and ceilings. 

Keep an ear out for gurgling or water running through the pipes. And always be quick to contact an emergency plumber near me.