3 Tips on Burglary Deterrence by Locksmith Bradford

A home burglary is costly and unsettling. You can prevent this loss and trauma, by applying these locksmith Bradford security enhancement tips below in your home

The deadbolt did bring a marked decrease in burglaries since its advent in the 60s. These crimes, however, are still uncomfortably common. As a locksmith in Bradford, I have noticed that a large number of these crimes are not forced entries. Sometimes all a burglar needs to do to access your home is crawl in almost as if you left them the front door key. To protect your house you do not need to build a suburban Fort Knox.

You just need to address the common security issues that most property owners and renters neglect. If you are familiar with the most common ways of home protection, you are halfway there.  When a home is burglarized, the loss of property is hurtful and costly. However, some of the stolen items are replaceable.

The high costs of break-ins

The most pervasive loss, nevertheless, is the loss of sense of security and peace you had in your house before the break-in. It can become mentally draining and stressful to live with the fear of a recurrence. There are also the insurance and police reports to address.

As per police data, most burglaries happen around the holidays between November till January. Most of them also occur during the day when everyone is away. Below are some of the best ways of not only controlling access to your home but maintaining your property as well to deter burglars.

The best burglary prevention tips from locksmith Bradford

  1. Lock up
    As obvious as this tip is, the neglect of it is the cause of easy, walk-in crimes. You have probably left home for work, only to come home later to find the door open. When in a hurry it is easy to forget to close that window or lock the door. Security experts say 23% of all break-ins occur through your first-floor windows.  A more substantial part of the burglaries, 34% to be precise, however, happen through the front door. Besides double-checking on the thumb latch and deadbolt locks, ensure that they are also solid. If they are too old, or lack maintenance, invest in robust and pick resistant locks. 
  2. Get a live-in furry friend
    Locksmith Bradford also recommends an alarm system. An 80 pound Bordeaux Mastiff can make a perfect living alarm and friend. While a sophisticated thief will get around an electronic alarm system, a dog is more unpredictable. The burglar might hesitate to get into the house because they do not if the dog will bite or not. Most burglars, therefore, avoid a home with a dog.  You will also be doing a good deed if you adopt from a pet shelter. You should keep it in mind, however, that a dog has its cost and responsibilities, but it pays back with love and security. Alternatively, a wireless alarm kit is much better than nothing at all.
  3. Hide your valuables
    Being a locksmith Bradford, I have to respond to my clients immediately after they discover a break in. Most are usually looking for enhanced door locks. At times all you need to do to keep these thieves out is to hide your valuables better. If your 60-inch flat screen TV is visible from the sidewalk, someone will want it. Use curtains for privacy. Hide the gifts during the holiday season to lower the temptation of a break in.

While this is not a comprehensive list, it is a start to a safer home. Try these tips, and you will not be sorry.

Four Safety Tips to Follow before Leaving the House

away from home

You want to always leave the house with a sense of peace knowing everything is in order even when you are away. Whether you’re off to work or embarking on a summer adventure to a faraway island, check this list of four safety tips before you step out of your home:


Make Sure You Have Your Keys


Your house keys are probably one of the most misplaced items you own. You don’t want to get locked out of your own home, so it’s best that you double-check that you got your keys with you at all times. A simple hack for making sure you do not forget your house keys is to keep them in one dedicated spot, like a decorative tray or bowl set in a place that’s accessible to you. Make it a habit to toss your key into this designated corner as soon as you get home so you’ll always know where to find it. Also this trick makes it easy for you to grab your keys and go when you’re rushing out the door.  If worst case scenario comes that you really can’t remember where you last placed your keys, calling a locksmith or using some nifty lock picking tools will be your friend.


Turn Off the Plumbing


This tip will depend on how long you are staying out of the house and if you have any household appliances that require your plumbing system to be constantly turned on like automatic sprinklers. Otherwise if you are going out of town for a couple of days then you should turn off the main shut-off valve of your home’s plumbing because, among other things, water pressure could unexpectedly surge while you’re gone. You want to keep your water bill under control while you are gone. This will also ensure your different toilet fixtures from your sink to your high quality macerating toilet to be in tiptop condition when you get back. If you will be gone for a few months, request a friend or house-sitter to turn on the water at least once a month to prevent plumbing fixtures from drying up or cracking.


Make Sure Your Pets Are Taken Care Of


It can be quite tricky to go on extended vacations if you have a pet at home. Still you can make arrangements with friends or neighbors to help you care for your fur babies while you are gone. Ask a friend to watch over your pooch or feline in the meantime. You can either leave your pets at your friend’s house or ask the pet-sitter to drop by your home every day. Either way make sure you leave behind a good supply of dog food or cat food and any special vitamins your furry friend is taking. Also, make sure to leave the contact details of your pet’s vet so your friend can easily contact them in case of medical emergencies.


Put Your Mail and Print Subscriptions on Hold


This tip will also depend on how long you will be gone. If you will be out of the house for weeks then you should contact the post office and request them to hold your mail. Do the same for newspaper or any magazine subscriptions that you have. Doing this could save you money and prevent any important mail or packages from getting lost. Last but not the least, this will also keep deliveries from piling on the front door and making it apparent that you are out of the house which can be a very tempting sight for burglars.

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

When we are away from home there can be a touch of anxiety which strikes us.  It comes out of the blue usually when you are just out of the range of I can still turn around and check.  Is the house ok?  No matter how much our significant other tells us otherwise we are positive something bad is happening like a , God forbid, fire.  Who will hear the smoke detector, how long will it take for the fire department to answer the call, what can I do?  All these answers can be answered with a new device called the Leeo.


Leeo is a smart smoke detector sensor/temperature sensor/nightlight/ smart home device that can help you feel more at ease when you leave the house.

The way Leeo works is you set it up to connect to your local wireless network and also sin up for an account with your smart phone, after a few registration steps you are greeted by your new smart temperature gauge for now.  But if a smoke detector alarm goes off, Leeo jumps into action, from the app you can listen to the alarm, dismiss the notification, or contact local 911.  There is also a way to contact someone closer to home when you are away as well, in app, so in an emergency everyone can be notified and disaster can be averted.


What we really like about Leeo is its ease of use, it really is just a matter of plugging it in and going through maybe 5 minutes of settings.  Then your device is already protecting your house.  It also has a sleek fit anywhere design and a color pallet of 18 million options.  So you can actually set the mood of your room with one of its defenders.

The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight is available now at electronic stores and Amazon.  It retails for $99.99, but there is a promotion going on right now where the price is $49.99 on Amazon and Best Buy to act soon.