John Deere Trucks Review and Giveaway

New Trucks, Hooray! These are really cute John Deere trucks and tractors, which my son loves. Makes him feel like a farmer. TOMY has a whole line of John Deere licensed farm and construction equipment, like tractors, trucks, dump trucks, and bulldozers. All these toys are classic fun, for anyone who enjoys little cars or really likes farms. Our Little likes both- so we are golden. They are brightly colored and come in almost every variety you can think of, and definitely some you haven’t. For kids of all ages- all the way down to infant level.

We have the pleasure of trying out the new Lights ‘n Sounds Monster Treads line. The trucks from this line are quite fun, they includes lights, sounds and some super bouncy tires, that give it a nice bounced when pushed off a table, instead of crashed to pieces. These trucks are built to take a beating and keep going- this includes the lights, which are LED and therefore a whole lot harder to break then most. These trucks are really fun and continue in the line of great quality, fun toys. Little Man loves farms and cars/trucks so these are perfect. Another good quality of these toys is they are available everywhere, including Walmart and Toys R Us. The price point is around $10 which is good for a gift or a decent size surprise for good behavior. Hey, sometimes we have to bribe….