Kia Soul- Review

Kia are making some great vehicles. The Kia Soul fits right in line with their stellar line up of quality vehicles on a budget. The Soul is a crossover car with enough space for 5 people to fit comfortably as well as a hatchback for storage. The Soul has good pickup and will let you zip around at a comfortable pace without using a lot of gas.

kiaThe Kia Soul gets an EPA estimated 25/30 mgp city/highway. This means it does quite well at sipping gas. There is an available ECO driving option that we kept on most of the time, which also helped out a lot without giving up too much in acceleration. Over the course of a week of driving around Orlando, FL, we only filled up before dropping the car off, which is phenomenal considering we were out and about pretty much all day and sometimes well into the night.

In regard to the sound system and the radio of the car, we enjoyed that as well. The Soul has not only a usb port for your music player of choice, but also has an auxiliary port, Blue Tooth, and wheel mounted controls. These are very nice when taking a long car ride, and especially useful are the Blue Tooth and usb port in my opinion. The navigation unit for the car took some getting used to, but after a few hours of tinkering and finding out what all the buttons do, the learning curve was overcome. Also, there is an option to have the speakers light up along with the music which was interesting and a nice little perk (according to my husband).