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by Ryan T. Higgins

In stores November 24

About the Book

Bruce the bear likes to keep to himself. That, and eat eggs. But when his hard-boiled goose eggs turn out to be real, live goslings, he starts to lose his appetite. And even worse, the goslings are convinced he’s their mother. Bruce tries to get the geese to go south, but he can’t seem to rid himself of his new companions. What’s a bear to do?

About the Author

Ryan T. Higgins is an author/illustrator residing in Southern Maine. He lives with his three dogs, three cats, two geckos, one tortoise, one son, one daughter, and one wife. He has wanted to be a cartoonist since as far back as he can remember. (Actually, that’s not entirely true—he wanted to be a tiger until he was three, but, sadly, that didn’t really pan out.) Ryan’s first picture book, Wilfred, was named a 2013 Wanda Gág Read Aloud Honor Book. Visit Ryan online at ryanthiggins.com.

When I’m Feeling Kind – Childrens Book


By Trace Moroney

Helping people, listening to your friends, feeling good about yourself—feeling kind is all of these things and more. When I’m Feeling Kind (Insight Editions / $9.99 / March 2015) teaches young children about being kind and how to develop skills to identify and understand their feelings.

Each of the books in this series has been carefully designed to help children better understand their feelings, and in doing so, develop confidence and self-esteem as they grow. Talking about feelings teaches children that it is normal to feel sad or angry or scared at times. With greater tolerance of challenging feelings, children become free to enjoy their world, to feel secure in their abilities, and to be happy.

The When I’m Feeling series has been a worldwide success, translated into sixteen languages with more than 2 million copies sold. Each book includes notes for parents and caregivers explaining positive thinking and sharing simple examples of how to foster it.

About the Author:

Trace Moroney is an internationally acclaimed children’s author and illustrator. More than 3 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide, and they are translated into 16 languages. Her best-selling When I’m Feeling series and the phenomenally successful The Things I Love About series have been met with extraordinary enthusiasm. Focused on creating “books with a conscience,” Trace Moroney embraces the principles of positive psychology. She lives in New Zealand.

About Insight Editions:

Insight Editions is a publisher focused on creating superlative illustrated books on photography, music, and popular culture. Lavishly produced and visually stimulating, every volume from Insight is dedicated to the skillful interplay of word and image. The books produced are unique works that combine the highest quality print production values with time-honored traditions of publishing and rich subject matter. Elegant and informative, books from Insight showcase the best of art and photography in exquisite presentations of the bookmaker’s craft. For more information, visit www.insighteditions.com.

Kids Book- The Things I Love About Friends


By Trace Moroney

The Things I Love About Friends celebrates the everyday events that make up your child’s experiences, while emphasizing the importance of sharing ideas, interests, goals, and feelings with others.

There are so many things to love about friends — sharing ideas, interests, feelings, and fun times. It’s important to learn how to be a good friend. This book in The Things I Love series by Trace Moroney celebrates the everyday situations that form the basis of our children’s experiences. Spending time with your children and giving them love and care helps them to celebrate who they are, building resilience and self-respect.

This beautifully produced series shows examples of creating positive thought. It has been carefully designed to help children feel loved, nurtured, accepted, and safe, ultimately increasing their confidence and self-esteem.


My Thoughts

My son loved this sweet book, the illustrations and story are adorable.   It focuses on what good friends do and what makes a good friend.  Kids want to have great friendships, but can sometimes have a hard time making or keeping friends.  Maybe the child is bullied or feels bad about themselves.  This cute book gives positive images, thoughts, and ideas on friends and friendship.   This book would be good for children up to about 2nd grade.

You can grab this book on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and more.

Nickerbacher-The Funniest Dragon- Great Book

Disclosure: The Nickerbacher- The Funniest Dragon was provided for me in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

Being a teacher as well as a mom of young children, I am a huge fan of childrens’ books. I am always on the lookout for new great books. I must say that Nickerbacher did not disappoint.

About Nickerbacher:

Dragons are magical. Some are ferocious, some are friendly, and some are silly, but wahtever kind of dragon it is, we love reading about them and their incredible adventures. Nickerbacher is a very special dragon. He wants to make his family proud of him, but he doesn’t want to be like all the other dragons. He’s afraid to tell his papa that there are enough dragons to guard princesses.

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Peace, Bugs and Understanding – Cute New Kids Book

My son loves to be read to, and will hopefully be a big reader like his mom.  He likes pretty much anything, from the classics, to comic books, to “cute” books, and more. I’m glad he likes diversity in reading, hopefully it means he’s open minded. One of the latest books we have read is “Peace, Bugs and Understanding,” the newest children’s book by Gail Silver in her illustrated series beginning with Anh’s Anger.


This books is about finding peace instead of anger, and encourages children to look inward and be calm when they feel anger. It deals with meditation on a child’s level- which I think is pretty cool, and timely for us since my son is about to start kids classes next month.  We both do yoga already, and I meditate, and feel this would be good for him as well.  Like his mother, he has some tendencies that this could help.  (Don’t we all, right?)  Maybe starting younger would be helpful.

This is a cute book, easy to follow, with relatable characters and problems.  We are going to find the first two books of the series as well so that we can read them all.

More About the Book

The newest (and final) installment in the series is “Peace, Bugs, and Understanding: An Adventure in Sibling Harmony.” Emotionally charged siblings experience harmony in lieu of rivalry when they discover Metta, a practice that has helped people transform anger into loving kindness for thousands of years. In addition to being an author, Gail is the founder of Yoga Child, a Philadelphia business that teaches children about yoga and inner peace.
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The Tale of the Proud Chicken – book for kids

The latest book in the Tales of Little Overhill series is now available.  The new book, Tale of the Proud Chicken is a fun read for kids that also gives a moral.  It has a good plot that kids can benefit from, learn from, and enjoy as well.  The images are beautiful, and having animals as the main characters is fun for children.

pic4I first read this to my son, then sent it in with him to his school.  His class really enjoyed the book, and they thought that the chicken was funny and silly.  They liked the chicken’s adventures, and were relived when he went back home.  Being a bunch of 7 year olds, they all pointed out that he wasn’t really a proud chicken, but a proud rooster- which is true, little rats, lol.  After we read the story, we tried to guess what Bible story The Proud Chicken was most like.
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‘Brer Rabbit’ Books Provide Interactive Learning for Children

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My son loves Brer Rabbit, and after a visit to the Brer Rabbit Museum in Georgia recently, his love has only increased.  His enjoyment of the fuzzy scoundrel grew with each story we read, and now these new books just put him over the moon.  He’s not an independent reader yet, so the read along with me version is perfect for him.  The “see and say” pictures are fun and also helpful, and encourage him to read, which is his most difficult subject.  It’s made that much easier with one of his favorite literary characters.


The “Brer Rabbit” series illustrated by Lesly Smith, tells the exciting adventures of Brer Rabbit and his friends.  Each book contains two of Joel Chandler Harris’s classic tales about the wily Brer Rabbit; parents will recognize beloved stories from their own childhood.  Perfect for beginning readers, the books contain specific picture words for children to read out loud, building their recognition and understanding.
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Win a Wuka Educational Toy for your Child

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With little kids and the lives that we live, we are always on the go. It is always good to find some great items that your child can use when you are on the go as well as when they need to be busy and quiet at the same time. A Wuka is the exact thing I was looking for. Not only is it an activity that they can do quietly, but it is also an activity that is very educational.

About Wuka:

Your Wuka is a silent, educational toy that consists of individual squares held together by a binding called a “link”. Each high quality fabric square is designed to quietly entertain children while teaching essential skills, such as buttoning, matching, and typing. After you choose the squares that match your child’s interests, you then link them together to create their own unique Wuka. A wuka can easily be updated by adding, removing, and exchanging squares as your children grown. No two wukas are the same. The Wuka works to quietly educate your child.

Their Mission:

At Wuka, they aim to help parents Quietly Educate the children in their lives. Each of their products helps develop essential life skills while quietly engaging your child’s imagination.
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