How to Choose Children’s Clothing

Today we have Emma to write a guest post for us. Emma is the CEO at Kimi Dog, the wholesale children’s clothing company. She knows everything about children’s clothing.

Hi, I’m Emma Today I’m going to talk about how to choose children’s clothing.

When you have a baby, it seems that your baby is the most important thing in your life. You need to feed your baby, change your baby’s diapers, and your baby doesn’t seem to have a break for 24 hours. For many years to come, your child may be the most important thing in your life. Also, you need to buy a lot of things for your child. One of them is children’s clothing.

Your children’s clothes are different from your own, so you need to know how to choose clothes for your children.

You’ll know how to choose and how to save money on children’s clothing after reading this article. 

Let’s get started!

Comfort is the most important

For Kids, comfort is the priority. Your children will look great in slim shirts, but they also suffer from stiff collars. When choosing clothes for your children, choose loose casual clothes or activewear. These clothes not only comfortable but also meet the needs of children’s activities. Leggings are also a good choice for girls. They are tight but comfortable. 

What fabric should you choose

Choosing the right fabrics is not only about comfort but also about durability. Most kids love activities or sports. So think about what fabrics to choose for them to wear during activities and games. Parents all like natural fabrics, there is no problem with it. However, I wouldn’t say the synthetic fabric is a bad choice. What natural fabrics are suitable for children’s clothing? Cotton, linen, wool, and so on. These fabrics are natural and comfortable. If you want something more natural, you can go organic, but it’s also more expensive. Sometimes, though, synthetic fabrics are a good choice. Synthetic fabrics have many advantages that natural materials don’t have. So for some clothes such as hardshell jackets and jerseys, synthetic fabrics must be the better choice. Blended fabrics are also something you need to know. They are the best of both worlds. For example, Cotton/Polyester blends. With the breathability of cotton and the durability of polyester. And because of polyester is blended, it’s cheaper. In short, choose different fabrics for different purposes.

Buy a size up

The speed with which children grow can surprise and sometimes catch us off guard, and last year’s clothes probably didn’t fit. If you want everything to last longer, buy clothes that are bigger for your kids. But one size too big is enough, two sizes too big, children wear uncomfortable.

Don’t forget to consider quality 

Quality is an essential factor when choosing children’s clothing. When children play and do activities, they will inevitably pull clothes, and if the quality is not good enough, other children may break their clothes. How do you know if a piece of clothing is of good quality? One is the fabric, and the other is the stitching. Yohe clothes, generally speaking, excellent fabrics are soft and strong. It’s easy to judge the quality by stitching. High-quality clothes have eave and dense stitches, and the stitches must be straight.

Choose good styles to make your kids happy

Is style important when choosing children’s clothes? Of course, it matters. Who doesn’t want their kids to be cute? If you have older kids, you can even let your kids pick out their clothes. However, comfort is the most important, if a piece of clothing looks good but not comfortable enough, then forget it.