How to Survive a Flight With Your Young Child

Flying with your baby or toddler can be hectic, especially during long flights. Not only do you have to make sure you and your child are comfortable, you have to make sure that everyone else around you is not disturbed by your child. It’s definitely hard work.

If you have small children and are planning to take them on a flight with you soon, here are a few tips that will help you survive a long flight with them.

flying with kids

Booking Seats Around Sleeping Schedules

It’s no surprise that kids get antsy during long flights. When they get antsy, there’s a higher risk they’ll cry or throw a tantrum. Instead of booking flights during the day, why not book your flight so that it synchronizes with their sleeping schedules? For example, if you know that your children usually take naps at 2 p.m., it may be best to book a flight at around that time in order to have them sleep throughout the flight. Overnight flights may also work.

What Should You Pack

If you’re traveling with a child, always be sure to bring toys or activities to keep your child occupied throughout the flight. Also, be sure to bring an ample amount of snacks just in case they get fussy and need a snack during the flight. Blake Zimmerman, veteran travel guru, advises parents to take their kids on a tour of the aircraft as well, which will help keep them stimulated and occupied.