Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

toys and nintendo 050Donkey Kong has been around since the early 1980’s in the arcade game Donkey Kong.  Since then Donkey Kong has hopped from good to bad many times.  Then 1994 happened and Donkey Kong Country would solidify Donkey Kong as a Nintendo legend.  This Rare made game brought Donkey Kong to the lime light with a CGI look, new music and Mario-type platforming with his side kick Diddy Kong.  Country is back and on the Wii U with Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.  This game is a fun romp through Donkey Kong and makes for a great game to play with kids.


Tropical Freeze starts with a  birthday party which is interrupted by the evil Snowmad armada.  Once it arrives they proceed to freeze over the tropical landscape.  Out heroes Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Kranky Kong.  When Donkey Kong is teamed up with on of his cohorts the team has new powers.  Diddy Kong has a rocket pack, Dixie has helicopter hair and Kranky has a bounce staff.  These powers open up areas of each level which were previously unreachable.  The player has the option to either do your best to finish or do your best to collect everything.  This may seem difficult but with some thinking and some luck all are reachable.
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Fun Toys For Boys

New Year, New Toys?  If you are like me, yes- definitely!  LOL  Here are a few of my top picks for boys.

Transformers Rescue Bots Beam Box

There is a surge of video game themed toys recently.  Not only are they video game themed, but they take your toy and bring them into the game.  Hasbro has joined the fray with Transformers Rescue Bots Beam Box.  This new game/toy is meant for the younger crowd but is still fun and will keep everyone entertained.

Rescue Bots are one of the newest lines of Transformers, created for smaller hands, and with less intricate parts.  The unit comes with a controller and one figure, Optimus Prime. When put inside the system, Optimus is your main character in the game.  There are five games to play as Optimus, all of which are easy to control and have simple control schemes.  These games are meant for 3 to 7 year olds

The starter set containing Optimus and the console itself retails for 49.99, with additional figures retailing at 6.99.  Both are available in just about every toy store and online- batteries required.

farting dog toy

The Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet

My son’s new favorite toy is completely gross- on purpose.  But really, it’s disgusting- and my husband (and every male that has seen it (whether he is 5, 35, or 85) has enjoyed it a little too much, laughing as if they were watching Comedy Central. I’m not in any way exaggerating. “The Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet” is all about bodily functions and the noises they make- it burps and passes gas. How can it get any better, you ask?  Well, your child (spouse, father, whatever) can control the timber of said gas as well as manipulate the sounds and decide how long it will create this sound (in 30 varieties) for your auditory pleasure with the “warp feature” on it’s collar.  For added insanity, it will ring like a telephone or buzz like a bee at random. Why, you ask? Because boys think it’s funny.  Also- it’s a hand puppet, which all kids love. $35, Toys R Us.
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Pokemon X Pokemon Y VideoGames

dancing pikachu

Pokemon have been around since 1996, with each game building upon the familiar role playing game elements of leveling up and exploring a vast territory while weaving a grand story line. It also pairs with the fun of collecting cute little critters who sometimes end up being your most kick butt vine entangled turtle. This main concept is seen throughout the new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y but now with more Pokemon, more varied battle, new mega evolution and tons more features. All of which make this the definitive Pokemon game for the 3DS/2DS game.
The game starts out with the player picking a character to play as, boy or girl, then soon after you pick your starter Pokemon. Your choices are Chespin, a grass type, Fennekin, a fire type, Froakie, a water type. The choice is difficult but Chespin was our pick. Little Man likes to pick the cutest. But at least he gave it a tough name, iloveu. We couldn’t fit I Love You Pokemon.
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