Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter

tidy cats lightweight cat litter


I am pretty picky about cat litter and I have tried all kinds. From the recycled newspaper type, to corn, to clay. I can honestly say none of it has made me very happy. I also have a child who is asthmatic, so any type that has dust is really not good around here.

One of the biggest things I dread about buying cat litter is lugging it around into my apartment. I live on the third story and there is only stairs.  This usually means I go buy litter and then drive around with it in my car for a few days, too lazy to lug it upstairs and not remembering to nag my husband to run down to the car to get it.

Tidy Cats cat litter has found a solution to my third story lugging problem. I was sent a container of their Lightweight Cat Litter to test out and see how well it did. I must say, it really is a lot lighter. The container was the same size as a 20 lb one, but weighed a mere 8.5 lbs. What a difference!
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